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2 Oct, 2012

Wanted - Dan Burnette - Songs About Pain (File)

Song was released as a surprise hit in South Africa, where the song title had extra impact thanks to Suid Afrika's famous railroad line between Johannesburg and Kaapstad Capetown , die Blou Trein Blue Train. The record charted 2 in July in South Africa and stayed in the top 10 for over 3 months. In Germany the single charted 26 in Chris Baldo , Decca , Radio Luxembourg deejay sang it with German lyrics, but song title not changed.

The song was inspired by Loudermilk's interest in meteorology and especially hurricanes. He would predict where a storm would land and drive to the location and stay with the people at the shelter.

The original sheet music lyrics have 5 verses, but on the recording the bony fossil verse 4 is left out. Siegel, titled "Valentino". Sammy "Oh Julie! But he sure deserved more: he recorded a lot of catchy, good rocking songs. His Italian roots must have given him his great voice.

Leon Schuster , LP Dasiefoutie!! In every and magazine a comic beach story illustrated how it worked: 'Are you tired of getting sand kicked in your face, I promise you new muscles in days! Loudermilk isn't the only one to have made a parody on this. Bernard " Willem " Holtrop, the best cartoonist of the 20th century at least that's how he will be judged in years , made his version in the s, a short story "Monsieur Muscle": Seems to come straight from the lyrics of Bully Of The Beach : Left: A great big bully kicked sand in my baby's face Centre: She left with him arm in arm Right: So I went home and I ordered me a book on how to get to be big and strong!

There's a load of pickers practising "Windy and Warm" on YouTube. Just enter the song title in the YouTube search box and watch the song being done by dozens of amateurs and professionals. Loudermilk has shown an interest in weather phenomenons. I've been told that in the s a guy recorded the song with lyrics added to it. On her album, Eagles Calling, Miriam Allen delivers the song with lyrics. Hear a sample of the song. Lyrics by Don Humphries Well here I sit, caught in the middle, I can't find a dobro, can't play fiddle, been playing this song since I was little trying to play 'Windy and Warm.

Old Doc played it long and strong, and here I sit, longer and longer, trying to play 'Windy and Warm. I gotta get it right, there ain't no bluffing. When I get to heaven and they give me a harp, I hope it's tuned in C , I'll be playing it right from the start, trying to play 'Windy and Warm'. Right the cover of his LP. Chet Atkins Feb. Read in the section below about Jan Sanders, who covered the song in on Internet seemed to give no information at all about the singer.

So I asked for help on the site. I was very glad to get an answer from rockabilly artist Keith O'Connor , who knew Jan Sanders back in the sixties. He wrote: Jan Sanders was from Wabash, Indiana. Real name Jan Hutchens. I knew him; he was more of a producer but wrote and sang.

He was a fan of Loudermilk and thought JDL was a great songwriter and had me to buy his album to study how to write! Jan had a studio in Indy. His name is in the credits on first Ral Donner album he helped with. He sent the demo to California - no interest. A couple of months later the Dick and Dee Dee using his arrangement but not as good, came out.

Yes, ironically they stole the record! I still have a tape of the original produced by Jan! Original version features a very young Charlie McCoy on harmonica, probably his first recording session. The song was released almost simultaneously in 2 versions. The version by the Lennon Sisters was reviewed in Billboard, Aug. The reviewer wrote, "The young gals easily have their best single to date in this cute, bright waxing of the fine John Loudermilk tune.

Smart arrangement helps, too. Watch this one. The author of the review wrote, "This is the original version of the tune and a mighty good version it is. The lass sells it with feeling over good backing.

She had beaten the Lennon Sisters by far: that same week, the version of the Sisters reached its peak, it came no higher than The song was the start of the career of Sue Thompson as a teenage idol. Though Sue was already a 35 years old country music veteran at the time, mother of a teenage kid and in her 3d marriage by then, her voice still sounded like an innocent teenager. Lyrics: He said he had to work so I went to the show alone They turned down the lights and turned the projector on And just as the news of the world started to begin I saw my darling and my best friend walk in Though I was sitting there, they didn't see And so they sat right down in front of me And when he kissed her lips, I almost died And in the middle of the colored cartoon, I started to cry Oh, sad movies always make me cry 2x So I got up and slowly walked on home And mama saw the tears and said, "what's wrong?

The song was a big seller in the Latin world. It was Sakura's debut record. A good version, with an exotic touch of steel guitar.

She also recorded as Gitta Mona a German version. Loudermilk is voor mij een van de meest geniale liedjesschrijvers uit de jaren De humor, het tienerleed, niets was zomaar een liedje. Voor mij is Sad Movies de ultieme tiener-lovesong [zingt met uithaal en grote snik het refrein] maar ook Jimmy's Song is van grote kwaliteit.

Van mij mag hij met die heerlijke stem die liedjes allemaal zelf zingen ". Sylvie Vartan Nov. Dany Fischer Jan. Greetje Mona , Palette , Dutch version "Ik moet altijd huilen om een trieste film". The Peanuts ? A weird cover, Loudermilk's tune hard to make out, if present at all. One of these two Belgians, Rembert De Smet, registered the song as his own composition, though in fact he shamelessly used the French lyrics Georges Aber had written 20 years before for Sylvie Vartan's hit cover, and sticked them to a typical s mechanised disco dance beat.

Baby Jail , translated the song in Swiss German dialect and had a minor radio hit. Original version by Dinning is a boring bel canto ballad.

Nellie Rutherford , a black singer from Tennessee, turned it into a soulful ballad. This was done again by Nina Simone, great laid-back version, later copied by Norah Jones. My hi-fi's waiting for a new tune And my glass is waiting for some fresh ice-cubes. I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come home And turn me on. Mark Dinning's original charted 8 in Hong Kong, Apr. Good cover by Louise Cordet, an ex-convent schoolgirl and related to Prince Philip.

Louise toured with the Beatles in Cordet's single was also released in the US London , Sep. Pic left: France EP release Decca The original lyrics spell it Jimm y 's song, the LP release Jimm ie 's song. Fast, swinging song lyrics with a lot of doo-woppin' pa-pa-depa-pa-pom by Melson who is best known as co-writer for Roy Orbison. Song about a fortune teller: Madam Rosy with the crystal ball, I saw your sign outside, it said you knew it all Teen hit all over the world.

Sue: "I first did not want to record it, my delivery was real slow at that time, and I thought, I can't sing that fast song. But they talked me into it and I loved it afterwards of course. The boys knew the song from the Sue Thompson version and changed the title into 'Norma', singing 'Only girl I love to kiss, is my baby Norma' where Sue sang 'There's a dress that I've got to sew and wear for Norman' , etc.

The band was amazed to hear they unconscious used the song title JDL original had had in mind. The song inspired a number of fun versions. Lyrics changed a little here and there with references to Tony Worsley , Peter Doyle and Mike Furber , other competing Australian singers.

Tony de la Rosa Ideal , instrumental tex-mex polka version on local Houston label. Susan Maughan , cd Bobby's Girl, prev. Lyrics Release climbed no higher than bubbling under Hot Add in Billboard's Apr. Good up-tempo country song. Tommy Zang his real name was a charming singer from Kansas City, with an incredible voice. Tommy had some minor successes but failed to get the big break he deserved. One of Loudermilk most interpreted and performed songs. The song was written in January Loudermilk remembers about first recording the song on dub with Don Gant and Norro Wilson: "Now it was Don Gant who suggested: John, you need to repeat that line 'then it don't work out, then it don't work out And that was a good idea, it sounded good, it was a little hook, you know.

Billboard did not think much of it: mentioned in the section "moderate sales potential", without any review comment added. The 45 did not sell. This Don Cherry is not the famous jazz performer, but a crooner who had a million seller with "Band of Gold" not the Freda Payne song and became a professional golf player in Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Use mdy dates from August Articles with short description Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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Nothing we do will be perfect. Get the Podcast. Explore Our Core Leadership Trainings. Buy Now. Create Account Log in with:. Primary tabs Edit Clone All front pages. I hope my note and hundreds, perhaps thousands of comments will get your attention — you just left the people who go you to the top.

I too am disappointed in your company! You can do that and still give to others also. I respected you for your Christian values over the years. Stood with you when you were boycotted. Now you show true colors you wimps! We intend to send out letters and flyers to everyone that we know and have asked our churches to support our mission. We are greatly disappointed in your compromising and the failure to know right from wrong. We know that our prayers will be answered.

Have you lost your wayyyy Chic fil aaaa??? Tell me how does this company giving to a charitable organization that supports the homeless any of your business. Are you the one sleeping on the street or homeless that need these services? If you enjoy their food go if you dont shut up and dont participate. Stop with your threats and take your business someplace else. You can get second rate food at other restaurants. Cannot tell you how disappointed my family is in hearing the news that you have caved to the sodemite mob!!!

You now decide that money is the most important thing to you???? In the end , you are just like all the rest and that is truly sad. You turn your back on the Salvation Army? Do not be surprised when we turn our backs on you. It is inexplicable to me that you would surrender your principles to the degenerate coalition. Who in your headquarters has taken leave of his or her senses?

The Boycott will be strong. Costly mistake! It simple means that you have a belief in something you think is real. One can value traditional marriage, while still supporting the rights of others, all while disagreeing with their beliefs at the same time.

Do people not think a person has a right to be a Christian even though they disagree with their beliefs? Of course not. Please help. I want to have Chickfilet send my girlfriend a gift card and pretend it is a free reward.

She will not let me buy her anything and this will be the only way I can give her something. I will pay any fee plus the price of the giftcard. When you removed Cole Slaw from your menu I was disappointed and still am.

Pretty sure you said it was not healthy and you replaced it with a Kale Salad. You just added Mac N Cheese to your menu. How is that healthy? Bring back Cole Slaw please. It occurs to me that just about every Sunday, I get this craving for a large twelve count nugget meal with a cheese sauce on the side, from the local Chick-fil-a. Unfortunately, during this time I am saddened as I realize Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays.

I am writing you today in confusion on why Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays. It seems to me that many others out there have the same question. I was wondering what the real story is behind the absence of Chick-fil-A on Sundays. I would like to conclude with a huge thank you for everything you guys do Monday through Saturday and will provide you with my contact information below if there are any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for your time. You confused why they are closed on Sunday? You every heard of church. My the lord forgive you and your hunger for chicken on sunday might want to be replace by God on Sunday. Give to Caesar what is Caesars and give to God what is Gods. I do door dash.. I had an order to pick up for a customer at 9pm.. At first, no issue other than her attitude.. Hello, I am a federal officer and I have been to the chick fil a on 19th street in moore Oklahoma… I always order and show my credentials badge but I am always interrogated about where I work and what my hours are and if I can recieve the law enforcement discount.

Even if I am suited out completely, I am still questioned by your staff. One employee stated that if I was not on duty, I replied that I am federal and I am always ready for duty…. The cashier spoke so loudly about my hours and how I got my job that another customer chimed in and asked about my job…well just thought you should know. Better management and better employees are desperately needed at this location, Rivermont Station in Alpharetta, Georgia.

This location, seems to get our orders wrong often. They got the order wrong again today. When I called to complain and speak to the manager, Brandy, all I got was blowback — no apology — nothing but attitude.

She said the receipt only had two biscuits on it and it was our fault for not checking. Maybe so, but if the order had been filled correctly in the first place, there would have been no complaint, period.

We are used to excellent service at most Chick-fil-a stores and expect that same excellent service at ALL the stores, no exception. I certainly do not expect a manager to blame me for their mistake. Farr, you need to re-assess all your employees! We are not the only ones complaining about the service at this store. I am a very disappointed with Chic Fil A.

Spend so much money within app and new rules this summer about resetting points at anniversary date without any push notifications within the app. I was 2 meals away from Red Status and unannounced to me they set me back to beginning in Silver status!

My bday I received a chocolate chip cookie reward which I didnt redeem but my anniversary date they reset my points to zero? The customer care line has long hold times, gotten through and spoke to customer service that repeats prewritten scripts. Guess I will go to Popeyes!! I hear Chic fil a is getting a lot of flack from gay protesters in Toronto Canada. What people do or should do in their bedrooms should stay there! Hope Chic fil a stands their ground and not back down on their beliefs.

As much as I love this chain I rather see them close their doors in Toronto then give in. Would really love a restraunt in Barstow , Ca. We are in an excellent location where Interstate 15 runs through and Interstate 40 begins. There are multiple truck stops located on the edge of Barstow with the Tanger mall located right along Interstate The only chicken serving restraunt In town is Popeyes located at Barstow Station.

Hello, My name is Mario L Taylor. I like your product, but this location is very popular and busy. When I went in to order my food, the restaurant was very dirty and not within the Chick -Fil-A standard that you teach.

I would like for this location to step it up a little more, and give the customer what we deserve. Is it to hard to ask for a clean facility. When I served my country, I gave my all, and would have given my life if need be. Just give me the service I deserve. I work for Kennestone hospital and I feel as though I got a left over sandwich for 4 dollars and then charged extra for pickles, tomatoes lettuce and cheese that normally would come on your menu item at the price of 3.

I am appalled and feel as though this alone makes your reputation tarnished! Especially knowing you pride yourselves on serving great quality food with great customer service. I personally would not allow a business to even serve my product if they are not able to up hold the same standards that your restaurants have. I believe that Chick fil a is better than that and if I feel this way how many patients do to and just have not said anything.

It has been my Pleasure sharing this with you and I hope this feed back helps you all to do better in choice of who represents your name and serving your product. I visited the Moreno Valley restaurant in California and my only issue is that they didnt have mayonnaise for my sandwich. I love Chick-fil-A and I enjoyed working there as well.

When I moved I wanted to transfer to a different location but the closest one is nearly 20 miles away from me. I would love to be a part of the Chick-fil-A community again and it would be my pleasure to serve many customers. Good evening. My name is Debbie. I want to say I love eating at your stores.

But my concern is I remember walking into your stores and listening to Christian music. I remember because I listen to this music all the time and I would sing along with this music in your stores.

I walked into a store in Glen Burnie and all I heard was inter mental and know words anymore. I wanted to know if they is a reason you business stop playing the songs with the words in them? I come from New Jersey. If I go to a Jewish establishment, by which I mean the business run by Jewish people, they invariably thank me forpatronizing their business.

Same applies if I go to a Japanese business, there is always a very grateful thank you at the end of the Exchange. This has never happened at Chick-fil-A. Yout people Never say thank you to the customer from my experience there.

Your company has an image as a Christian operation. There were already numerous people in line and then we came in to order. The staff was in their toes and got through our kids quickly and efficiently and they were very friendly when the situation could have broken down. A shout out to the young lady who took my order; Rachel was very friendly and I really appreciated her pleasant demeanor and smile. Please be sure this crew finds out they did a fantastic job!

My name is Darren kallio an i would like you to look into having a chick fil a come to my town in Michigan cities name is Sault sainte marie. Our population is around 13,00, asn we are close to the canadian bordeer.

There are quite a lot space to build one here. If you could look into this please an thank you. This is a sad outcome for a company that was so solidly Christian based in the past. I would like to thank you for the lives you change as well as giving us a good, nutritious sandwich.

I admire your giving scholarships to your employees. Team members actually enjoy working in your store. First your employees like the fact that you close on Sunday. Also, your employees are nice to the customers and the customers admire that.

Furthermore, your employees are also nice to each other. In other words its a friendly environment all the way around. Next, your food is nutritious. In my opinion your chicken sandwiches are better than other chicken sandwiches. They come with a large variety of sauces. Lastly, and the most important thing, you have the best pickles! My speech teacher, who is helping me write this letter, has never tried your chicken sandwiches. Thank you for providing us with this amazing fast food place!

A coworker of mine and I came to our regular chic fila on Airway because its closest to our work instead of the Cielo vista location. We ordered our food and our desserts for after our meals. The girl Kayla who brought us our food was very unfriendly to begin with. She rolled her eyes and walked off. Uugghh and I showed her my receipt she says well noone told me, so do u want it? She walked off with her attitude.

When I was finally done eating, I asked another girl for my shake, she came right back with a watery cookies n cream drink. No one at your restaurant says this anymore at this location? Not good service, and makes us think twice of driving farther to another Chic fila. Very disappointed customer!! Janie you sound awful. As someone who worked in the service industry for 4 years in college, I have encountered more than a few self righteous customers myself.

Did you pay extra for your special milkshake service requirement? Did you tip Kayla or any other members of the team there? What makes you think you deserved to get the special treatment that you complain about not getting? Do you think the hourly wage of a fast food employee is high enough to have to put up with your behavior? Think about more than yourself next time you interact with someone in the service industry. I am a loyal customer and I eat Chick Fil A at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Is there anything new coming soon for breakfast. You all should try a chicken and waffle combination. No doubt the Food is great! But the customer service that I had experienced Thursday April 11 at pm was terrible. The cashier was rude and acted like everything was a problem and that all my requests were inconvenient or wrong. And all of my request, I have requested over at least the past 10 years and nobody has ever argued any of it.

I literally ordered the same exact thing the day before and had no issues. I actually had a very nice conversation with the cashier the day before. I made sure to get the license plate number so you know who it is. So i got the sing in the picture too. I love Chic-Fil-A and have never received any bad service. The employees are so nice and I have never seen a location that does not have traffic wrapped around the building.

This establishment is truly blessed by God. Keep the customer first and you will always be blessed. Not sure who the night manger or mangers are, but they DO NOT know how to speak to customers or the employees!!! They talk so loud about how someone does not like this one, how stupid customers are, and about firing employees!!! Who ever is the owner of this branch, needs to check the mangers, simply the most horrible managers I have ever overheard. I felt bad for the employees, seems like they were working hard and were blamed for things going wrong, whether or not it was or was not, managers should of taken employees to a private area where customers can not hear what it going on!!!

They recently remodeled the Chick Fil A around where I live. They got rid of almost the whole sit down part of the store just for two drive thru lanes that is a disaster and always backed up. The parking lot is tiny which fits less than 15 cars! Sad that the values of Chick Fil A are being ruled and trashed by society today.

No reason for the stupid hustle and bustle crap! Now how stupid is that?! You guys should think twice before tearing down a good building. Very dissapointed. I recently visited the same store that treated me badly, on discrimination and talked boldly bad about me in from of my face, left me in tears on three occasions, just to see if I could leave a comment in the comment box. So I have taken pictures of the comment box and wanted to attach the pictures to this website, form store N. Then I will as a valued customer, make sure that the next time I visit chick fil a, and your staff decides to treat me with discrimination.

Then I would perform in going over and beyond the means, of making sure every customer gets treat with the same great customer service no matter what the person is wearing, rather its name brand or not. According to this blurb, it was a youngster of one of the supervisory people in a certain town who wanted to work for Chick-Fil-A but was too young to do so.

The manager or owner of a local rstaurant decided to OPEN on a Sunday just to allow the youngster to come in and work the drive-thru window to assist customers at the drive-thru window. I firmly believe that this event occurred. But, not my friends. If you also know of some other time that CFA did actually open on a Sunday…even if very limited…would you kindly email the info to me so that i can be more accurate with my discussion among friends? Our church group went there and enjoyed dinner and a tour…..

I love eating at the newly opened Fairmont Road facility in Douglasville Georgia. Can you verify? I fell so hard i sprung my wrist, and my knee. When i fell down nobody no one even helped me to get up or check on me. I went to the emergency room on that saturday, and was told that i sprung my wrist, and knee. I am very dissappointed i mentioned to a lady in the drive thru she said manager would call back.

I kept calling to at least get someone attention that in the drivethru line there needs to have some safety that what when someone falls they can assist. I almost hit my head on a truck in the line. I feel the need to let yall know because the store well safety is not important.

Then i called back and left a message with i think a manager. I am very disspointed this happened, and since no one cared i was suprised. I always thought it was religious place. Over the last few weeks, I have thought about this situation over and over and decided to put in a complaint. I was in the drive thru a couple of weeks ago around pm sitting patiently behind another vehicle.

The person was taking forever to order their food. When I finally pulled up to the speaker it was pm. A person came across the speaker stating they were closed. I drove around to the window and asked to speak with a manager. An Asian women came to the window and I explained that I had been sitting in line behind another vehicle for over 5 mins and thought I should be served. I stated, please go and look at the footage and she hesitantly left.

I once again patiently waited for her to return. At that time, she returned and they proceeded to discuss me or the situation as if I was not there. He then turned to me and said we are closed and we close at pm sharp and he could not provide service to me. Again, I said that I was there before 10 and I should be served.

He said everything was turned off and could be turned back on. I asked for a card to whoever was his superior because I wanted to file a complaint. He promptly went and go a card and gave it to me. The problem I have with all of this is that no one asked me what I wanted. All I wanted was a grilled salad that I believe is usually in the frig.

Also, to add insult to injury, as I was driving off, I saw them give the car behind me food. I am so disappointed with this location as I love chick-fil-a especially for their superior service. The service was totally not up to par and I have not been back since that time. I would truly like for someone to reply and explain to me, why did this happen, where was the customer service, and how can this not happen again?

I find myself compelled to write you concerning one of your employees Jesus Estrada. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Estrada on an America Airlines flight from Dallas to Ft. Wayne, IN. As we were traveling, I asked Jesus if he lived in Fort Wayne. I told Jesus how much my family and I loved Chick-fil-A for both their marvelous food and their high Christian standards. Jesus went on to share a number of strategies such as uses of technology and staff training that went into making Chick-fil-A the fabulous efficient restaurant it is.

He told me about a number of outreach programs that Chick-fil-A runs to help troubled youth and special needs individuals. I was so impressed learning more about your corporation. The additional information made me an even more dedicated customer. As Jesus spoke it was very apparent that he had a passion for his work with your fine restaurant. He shared his pride and work ethic and it was impeccable. I asked Jesus what his goal was with your organization.

He determinedly told me he had multiple goals: to own his own store one day, work with corporate in IT, and be involved developing new recipes. Jesus makes it obvious his pride with your corporation and his aspiring goals. As a teacher for over 25 years, I have come to easily identify those of my students who have the drive and resolve to get even the most difficult of tasks done with excellence. I see that drive in Mr. I implore you to not let this one get away. He is Gold to your corporation and will be a huge asset in an advanced position.

I would gladly speak with you in person, if you would like further details and insights that I have on Mr. Hello I am tempted to call the chick-fil-A Corporate Office and very upset. I was beyond upset. I felt like I was taken advantage of in a terrible situation and now I am stuck being charged more than I thought. Visited your Baytown TX location Store Purchased a gallon of diet lemonade, something I do once a week, upon arriving home I poured myself a glass of lemonade only to find out that it had not been sweetened Called the store and spoke to the team leader.

I am very disappointed. I just had the best experience at a Chick-fil-a that I have ever had. I was so impressed by the entire staff and the appearance of this location that I wanted to let the corporation know. The first impression was on how clean and inviting the store was. The staff greeted us and took our order quickly and were very friendly. Our order was delivered promptly and later found out it was by the manager.

The young man, Elmer, who was cleaning the tables; took his job seriously. I have never seen anyone so meticulous at any fast food store cleaning the tables, chairs and floors.

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  4. Oct 23,  · Contacting Chick-Fil-A Headquarters. Chick-Fil-A is a fast food restaurant that serves chicken in place of the traditional burgers. There are no beef products on the menu and the majority of marketing campaigns involve cows attempting to /5(91).
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