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2 Oct, 2012

Various - From The Darkest Depths (Part 1)

With an ever growing party of warriors and mercenaries, they begin to purge the evils within, slowly learning of the dark truth. But even with the hopelessness tearing at both their strength and their sanity, the ragtag band of heroes soon learn to rely on each other just as much as themselves.

And even then, the truth of the estate threatens to tear them all apart. A job gone wrong and now there's an alien parasite in him. Maybe parasite is a bit too strong of a word.

Hi, I'm taking the Darkest Dungeons characters and making shit weird. Like this one! Check it out. El Abuelo is the most notorious of crime bosses, and it falls to Special Agent Reynauld Maurouard to take him down. His only lead: Dismas, an ex-bandit whose outfit was in the mobster's hire. Things go downhill from there. The guilt had become all-consuming tonight. On the most miserable night the hamlet had ever seen, the guilt forced him from his rickety bed, into a deluge from hell, and into the arms of the most repulsive penitence he could ever receive.

For the first time since she arrived, Junia sees snow and just how alive the Hamlet can really be. A fan of my Genesis of the Ancestor story requested that I put the original story back on the website.

Will this ever be updated? PencilPonies Hobbyist General Artist. I'm intrigued Krashface Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Oh no, Outlast memories are coming back. OH GOD! MinecraftXyo Hobbyist General Artist. You have my interest. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Darkest Web , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Online investigative journalism at its finest. The Darkest Web delves deep into the deprave's darkest desires bringing to light heinous acts of cruelty better left in the shadows of humanity. The topical nature of the non-fiction peak-behind-the-curtain account of dark web warriors is not for the squeamish.

The structure of the book leads the reader down a rabbit hole of murderous and unspeakable acts growing progressively darker as the digital depths of disgust unfold. Whilst the subject matter Online investigative journalism at its finest.

Whilst the subject matter isn't for everyone, I really enjoyed The Darkest Web. The writing was easy flowing and the structure of the book gives the reader plenty of 'outs'. Author Eileen Ormsby doesn't shy away from the confronting nature of the book and clearly defines sections of the book which contain the escalating 'darker' material.

If you've got an interest in learning more of the web outside the world we live in, this is for you. Apr 25, Fen'Harel rated it really liked it Shelves: , favourites , reviewed , controversial-books , biography. Really loved this book as it is something new and quite dangerous to write about!

An in-depth look at the dark web from the perspective of a journalist who spends her time trying to take down these websites was invaluable. I would highly recommend this book to people interested in the dark web and the catching of criminals through cyber security.

This novel was set into three parts: Dark, Darker and Darkest. This part of the book was really interesting and a great starting point. I loved Really loved this book as it is something new and quite dangerous to write about! I loved hearing about the drug trade and the slow descent into evil of the owner.

Who goes from making a website for weed selling to suddenly hiring hitmen? While it started off with good intentions, discussing the Silk Road and the drug trade that occurred, it began to hit dull notes when discussing small details of what happened to the men and women after they were caught.

This chapter could have easily been cut in half to maintain interest. But altogether, it was very interesting and I could see how much the author actually began to care for these people and I could see some of her personal opinions leaking through - which I loved! This chapter was when everything became very interesting.

Focusing on the case study of the Allwine murder, we get a look at the types of people looking to hire hitmen online. It was sort of comforting to know that these hitmen sites aren't real at least not the ones the author looked into and it was interesting to see the types of messages that were passed between the owner and potential buyers.

The whole case was fascinating and had me looking into further research - which is when I realised something was missing.

When doing a case study like this, would you not use images? A picture of the family house, a picture of the Besa Mafia website, or even a picture of the murderer or victim? It was difficult to imagine when a lack of detail was received. Perhaps this book could do with some gloss pages with images or even just printed in black and white amongst the words?

Even if it was a recreation of the website main page or emails that were sent between people. BUT, I understand this would be difficult to maintain when it came to the next section so maybe some gloss pages in the middle with some photos of Silk Road and such? I know the author got photos with some of the men. I feel like this was the most complete section of this book. The story of all of these people were over and nothing more could be added and I didn't end up with a whole heap of questions.

I enjoyed if that's the right word to use this section the most. The darkness on this side of the 'internet' is scary to think about and how quickly something created for the US military is turned into the hunting ground for paedophiles. It's disgusting and shows what kind of opportunists these creeps are.

Lux was definitely the best part of this chapter. To learn that he was from my country and doing such depraved things when he's only a couple years older than me is terrifying.

He was running an empire at such a young age - to the point where the police didn't even consider him! This was the juiciest part of the book - where we got into the real gritty sides of the dark web. I was severely disappointed in the size of this chapter. When writing about something as dark as paedophilia on the dark web, you can't shy away from the topic. The parts she did add made me angry though.

Reading about what they thought about children, the aiding in creating monstrous videos and hearing about 'Daisy's Destruction' had me furious. Then, of course, to hear Lux would still be young when he got out of jail had my blood boiling. It really makes me think our system is failing our children when I read things like this.

It also seemed to me like the author had purposely separated herself from what she was writing - as if it were all things she had heard of and was writing as if she'd only seen a secondary source. Obviously she would not look and watch the images and video on these sorts of websites that's completely understandable but she went so in-depth with a family halfway across the world in 'Darker' while she has people like Lux sitting on her doorstep seemed a tad of an oversight.

How did they catch Lux? Who were the detectives looking into it? What did they have to deal with? What do the lawyers working with him think? I ended up with more questions than answers, so if that's a hint at a sequel I am there!! I really enjoyed this book and I thought the author had guts to write about a topic that could be quite dangerous for her. Just revealing 'Besa Mafia' as a fraud had her hit with death and rape threats. Publishing a book on all of this? It seems very dangerous and I really think the author is amazing for doing that.

I found this book left me with too many questions, as if a lot of these stories were not even close to finished. Maybe the author will go back and write more about people like Lux and Scully as more is revealed? Maybe she'll interview Lux and write a novel about him? I would read that! I also would have liked to have heard more about the guy who was arrested for 'Besa Mafia' when he was catching predators online.

What happened to him?? View all 3 comments. Mar 14, Bri Lee rated it it was amazing. This book, in my humble opinion, is a triumph of narrative journalism.

Ormsby's first book, Silk Road, looked at the marketplaces on the dark web and the people who created and maintained their illegal trading. The Darkest Web goes further. Broken into three parts Dark, Darker, and Darkest I was both entertained and educated.

The first section is about the legacy of the Silk Road marketplace most famous for selling any and all drugs and what marketplaces now look like online. Darker is about This book, in my humble opinion, is a triumph of narrative journalism. Darker is about hitmen for hire.

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Aug 31,  · The Soul Shriven skin and the Stonefire Scamp Pet can rarely be obtained by defeating the elite Daedric forces and their master in the darkest depths of the Imperial Sewers. The Xivkyn Dreadguard, Xivkyn Tormentor, and Xivkyn Augur Polymorphs can very rarely be found in Imperial Reward containers.

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