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2 Oct, 2012

Poverty - Bouddha Sticks & Jah Pearl - Motherland

Been held in the dark, but Rastafari has lead all his children to light. Never give in, til the wicked give up and the poor man a cup. Whenever you feel fi rob and rape and kill and whenever you waan cheat. The final frontier, the real battlefield is within our consciousness.

The prize to be won, the victory to be gained is within our heart! Forgiveness from wrong and salvation are granted by The Grace. Through she nuh look like the model inna di fashion magazine and she nuh play no role. Loronix Brazil Music Blog. If you're familiar only with the English-language travesty of that tune from the 'Mambo Kings' soundtrack, you better get this essential album. Includes the famous Puerto Rican plena Elena Elena.

For nearly thirty years, the "Wanyika" bands dominated Nairobi's nightclubs and recording industry. Their music was propelled by light percussion and made sweet with a delicate interplay between rhythm and solo guitars.

The sound was sparse, but a rich bass filled the gaps and on top were catchy melodies sung in a Swahili that could be understood across East Africa. This was the defining sound of Kenyan Swahili rumba in the late 70s and early 80s, and Issa Juma was a pivotal figure in both its creation and development.

His powerful baritone voice was indisputably the best of the Wanyika clan and, constantly experimenting, his style would change with each producer and session. Carefully re-mastered, full-length recordings that include bona fide hits alongside rare, never-before-released tracks, this album is a long-overdue homage to a brilliant vocalist and band-leader, an innovative and accomplished musician who today is sadly missed.

A terrific son-guaracha release - with a couple of fine boleros thrown in for good measure - from some very special Cuban musicians.

Guest vocalist Raul Planas transforms the atmosphere into something ethereal and timeless. Co-lead vocalist Ray Saba does a fine job. Highly recommended. John Child. The lesser known of the two Harlow brothers, Andy never received the attention lavished on Larry, but his style was unique and highly listenable. Yomo Toro, Eddie Martinez and Jose Madrid are some of the excellent musicians on this mid-seventies date, which features a soulful version of 'Tin Tin Deo' and the irresistible dance groove of 'La Mujer Cocinera.

It included such monsters as "Congo Yambumba" and, of course, "La Verdad. Yes Virginia, even Louie Ramirez went through a disco phase. Here it is, in all its gold-chained, blow-dryed spendor.

There's even a disco version of the jazz standard "Laura," the signature tune from the Otto Preminger movie. Recommended, if just as a snapshot of a place and time.

Ventures into Latin soul, as in the pretty darn cool "Barrio Nuevo. Original Release date: Compiled by Al Santiago. A child musical prodigy who could faultlessly copy a piece on the piano by ear, he began piano lessons at the age of six and later studied at the Juilliard School of Music.

Also in the Latin jazz vein During his teens he ran with gangs and was sentenced to five years in Coxsackie State Prison for driving a stolen car. Music proved to be his salvation when he rounded-up a group of young One of my favorite bands is Aceituna Sin Hueso.

Led by Miriela Moreno, a Cuban singer-songwriter. It's exceedingly smart pop with lyrics about consumerism and identity, and she can really sing, too. The band can rock, often adding violin to the mix, allowing Moreno's poignant thoughts and poetry to slip in the back door, seemingly unnoticed, while you groove. The band's videos often have subtitles just so do don't miss what's being said.

I recommend that you get both titles Marginales. Future Beats Vol. La entrada es libre. Desde el condado de la salsa en la ciudad de rascacielos, Elson Negron trae un plato diferente a esta mesa musical. We invite you to be even more involved This week we have some terrific material, beginning with a batch of classic reissues from Cotique, Tico, West Side and Mardi Gras Look out, also, for that first Ocho release and, of course, as our lead photo suggests, some primo Joe Cuba titles. We also welcome more Richport catalog including totally satisfying titles by Judy Deleon and Henry Brun.

Being this I could be nothing else, if I wished; for, as everyone knows, had I been even a princess of the royal blood before, once that my oath of allegiance was pronounced, I forfeited every claim to titles of nobility. Page 41 Apart from this notorious fact, my experience of things in general, and peacocks feathers in particular, has led me to acquire a positive contempt for titles, since it appears that outside the boundaries of their own Fatherlands, Russian princes, Polish counts, Italian marquises, and German barons are far more plentiful inside than outside the police precincts.

Permit me further to stateif only for the edification of the Times of India and a brood of snarling little papers, searching around after the garbage of journalism that I have never styled myself aught but what I can prove myself to benamely, an honest woman, now a citizen of America, my adopted country, and the only land of true freedom in the whole world. Bombay, May Copied from H. III, pp. Harichandra Chintamon, then President of the rya Samaj of Bombay, has acknowledged the receipt of Rs.

Moreover, as you will find in the copies herewith enclosed from his original accounts, when called by me to either deliver the said sum to the Samaj or return it to myself, who, as Secretary of the Theosophical Society and Treasurer, since my departure from America, of the funds of the Society, was the responsible party in all such accounts. Page 42 Mr. Harichandra Chintamon deducted from the said sum of Rs. As to the list of things, that were given by the New York Theosophists to Mr.

Harichandra Chintamon as President of the Samaj, they desired to join, I can only satisfy you as to those things that I handed to him personally. There were photographic portraits of fellows both of America and England who had sent their likeness to their brothers of the rya Samaj and had all written on the back of the cards to that effect, professing their faith and signing their names.

If I mistake not, there were five or six of these, namely D. Billing, Mrs. Billing, C. Massey, President of the London Branch, Rev. Ayton, Palmer Thomas, W. Judge and a few others which were sent from America. Also, a large gold and turquoise cover with five musical pieces, to place therein the photographic cards of all the fellows of the rya Samaj was brought by one from America and presented to Mr.

Harichandra Chintamon for the Samaj. But, as I had the imprudence never dreaming that his name would be struck off so soon, as president and then member of our Samajto have engraved upon the plate of the Album not the name of the rya Samaj but that of its president as follows: Harichandra Chintamon from H.

Legally he has the right to keep it, notwithstanding that when delivering it to him on the first day of our arrival, in the presence of Colonel Olcott and others I distinctly stated that the Album was for the Samaj to place in it the likenesses of its Western Members, some of whom had already forwarded with me their portraits and greetings to their Eastern Brothers. Page 43 I have no doubt thought, that if called upon to deliver the Album to those for whom it was originally intended, Mr.

Harichandra Chintamon will give it up, unless he desires to furnish an additional proof to the world how right was the Samaj to expel him from the midst of its members. I cannot yet believe, that for the sake of getting final possession of an object hardly worth 75 dollars, anyone calling himself a gentleman would ever condescend to do such a thing legally.

I repeat it againhe has a right to it; but, if he avails himself of this right, then it will remain with us American Theosophists to regret the more, that we should ever have placed our confidence and given our brotherly affection to one so little worthy of it. Believe in the meanwhile, Yours respectfully, H. It was aroused in me upon reading in your influential paper of May 2nd the notice of our President Olcotts recent address in Framjee Cowasjee Hall, Bombay, upon the Theosophical Society and its Rules.

Will you then kindly help me out of my present difficulty, and, unlike your Anglo-Indian police, which would perversely see in this great thirst for learning only a coming search after forbidden information in the interests of Russiarelieve my perplexity by explaining what follows?

Page 44 The writer of the learned noticeor shall I rather say criticism? Sumangala and the Rev. Mohottiwatte Gunananda. They look queer, he remarks, to say the least, when decked in Christian prefixes the italics are mine.

He wants to know what his right reverendship, the Bishop of Lincoln, would say to the yellow-robed, shaven-headed, and bare-shouldered priests of Gautama Buddha being so described. I do sincerely hope that his Right Reverendship, unless he has quite forgotten his Johnson, and never consulted Webster, would have very little, if anything, to say about it. Unless the world at large, and the two great lexicographers in particular, have all this time been labouring under a delusion, the title of Reverend is derived from the Latin reverere, to regard one with fear mingled with respect and affection Webster ; or, perhaps Coleridge comes nearer to the mark in saying that reverence is the synthesis of love and fear.

The Jewsto quote the immortal rejoinder of a Californian John Chinamankilled the joss of the Christians, and yet no bigoted newspaper, clergyman or layman has ever questioned the right of Jewish rabbis to the title of Reverend. The etymological side of the question being thus disposed of, it then appears to me that the priest of any religion, whether Buddhist, Hindoo, Mussulman or any other, may, with equal propriety be given this prefix, provided, always, he inspires and deserves the synthetic feeling of reverential awe and affection.

Paris, ; 2 vols. Hazlitt, Page 45 Vice versa no cassocked or white-cravated priest or padri can be made reverend by simply affixing the title, if his secret life is one that shames morality and outrages common decency.

Therefore, as we have yet to learn that our Brothers in Theosophy, Messrs. Sumangala and M. Gunananda, are less worthily styled reverend than the highest among the Christian clergy, we beg leave to protest against this insult. Let our critic, if he can, prove by the statistics of Ceylon, that that spicy isle has ever been the theatre of such disgraceful clerical crimes among the heathen and such shameful trials as have of late years rung throughout Christian America, not to say all Christendom.

I need not go outside the law courts for statistics. Liar, embezzler, adulterer, poisoner, forger, seducer, incendiary, hypocritethese are the affixes which the law has branded upon foreheads of many Christian clergymen. I have made a collection of newspaper cuttings, the last three years, and speak by the book. I would like to know, therefore, if you will kindly ask the Bishop of Lincoln, whose feelings you seem so afraid of hurting, whether by the test of any morality whatever, New Testament included, our two Sinhalese exemplars of the noble ethics of akya Muni, are, in the opinion of his right reverendship, less worthy of reverence than, for instancethe American Rev.

Beecher, who was proved adulterer and perjurer, and only saved from prison by a disagreement of the jury, under the pressure of the cleverest counsel in America. Or than the right reverend Samuel MacCroskey, Episcopal Bishop of Michigan, who last year seduced his thirteen-year old adopted daughter.

Or, again, the reverend Mr. Hayden, who tried to conceal his crime of seduction and adultery, by cutting the throat of his paramour and disembowelling her. Or, as perhaps the noble Bishop takes exception to methodist and other nonconformist clergymen being called reverend, I had better submit for his decision the most recent case of the Very Right Reverend Roman Catholic Archbishop Purcell, who, in league with his brother Edward, also a reverendhas just stolen six million dollars Rs.

Page 46 Last weeks mail, also, brings us word that the reverend T. But enough; the Bishop ought not to ask for more excerpts from my scrapbooks. So, gently, if you please, our critic. Come outside your own crystal palace before throwing the hard rocks of your wit at yellow-robed, shaven-headed, bareshouldered reverends, or even heathen Theosophists. Corresponding Secretary of the Theosophical Society. The year is mentioned somewhat later in this fragment.

Although H. Olcotts Diaries also in the Adyar Archives. Between May 25 and June 4, , some work was done on preparing a Preface to the new work which, at the time, was to be a recasting of Isis Unveiled. For these reasons, the following fragment has been placed in this particular chronological sequence. If my first work Isis appeared half a century too early according to a benevolent critic, everything warrants the belief that this one will prove timely. Ours is no century of impregnable religious strongholds, of immovable idols, or of infallibility beyond appeal.

Page 47 Hardly born, it witnessed the downfall of that celestial slaughter housethe Holy Inquisition, abolished in , and which had terrorised Christendom for nearly seven hundred years; and now, in its 79th period, the authority of the hitherto infallible Word of God undermined at its very foundation, and by the hand of its own Anglican Sanhedrin, is tottering toward annihilation.

To readers. Most earnestly would we urge them to remember, that the questions answered by the Commentary in a sense which is obnoxious to them, lie entirely within the boundaries of the Christian faith, and touch not an article of the Creed, nor a doctrine of Christianity, nor a formulary of our Church.

Decide them whichever way we will, the whole fabric of divine truth remains exactly as it was, unimpaired and complete. Quarterly Review, supra, p.

So we are asked to believe, that after destroying the miraculous character of the Egyptian works of Moses; the verbatim accuracy of his pretended commands from God; the predictive significance of the utterances of the prophets as concerns the coming of Christ, all which have for centuries been paraded as the very foundations upon which Christian theology rests, still remains unimpaired and complete.

It will go hard with these apologists of a supernumerary faith to satisfy the unbiased critic that when so much hitherto declared divine revelation is tossed to the winds a shred of infallibility or divinity is left. All can see, that with them as with Hamlet To be or not to bethat is the question.

Fancy the upper portion of a house sustaining itself in mid-air, after the lower story and foundation have been taken away! Page 48 [In H. VIII, p. In the last portion of it he gives information concerning Harichand Chintaman Harichandra Chintamon , who received large sums of money and disappeared. Ran away to England secretly after thus carrying away Rs.

The Indian Christian Herald, in the number of April 4th which unhappily has just now reached my eye , with a generosity peculiar to religious papers, filled two pages with pious abuse of our Society as a body. I gather from it, moreover, that the Friend of India had previously gone out of its way to vilify the Society, since the former paper observes that the Theosophical Society has merited the epithets employed about it by the Friend of India.

To my everlasting confusion be it said, that I am guilty of the crime of not only never reading, but even so much as laying my eyes upon that last named veteran organ. Nor can any of our Theosophists be charged with abusing the precious privilege of reading the missionary journals, a considerable time having elapsed since each of us was weaned, and relinquished milk and water pap. Not that we shirk the somniferous task under the spur of necessity.

Were not the proof of our present writing itself sufficient, I need only cite the case of the Bombay missionary organ, the Dnyanodaya, which, on the 17th ultimo, infamously libelled us, and on the 25th was forced by Col.

Olcotts solicitor, Mr. Turner, to write an ample apology in order to avoid a criminal prosecution for defamation of character. Page 49 We regret now to see that while the truly good and pious writer of the Herald was able to rise to the level of Billingsgate, he would not or dared not?

Truly prudence is a great virtue! Confronted, as we all have so often been, with the intolerant bigotryreligious zeal they call itand puerile anathemas of the clerical followers of the meek and lowly Jesus, no Theosophist is surprised to find the peas from the Herald shooter rattling against his armour.

It adds to the clatter, but no one is mortally hurt. And, after all, how natural, that the poor fellows who try to administer spiritual food to the benighted heathen much after the fashion of the Strassburg goose-fatteners, who thrust balls of meal down the throats of the captive birds, unmasticated, to swell their livers, should shake at the intrusion of Europeans who are ready to analyse for the heathen these scripture-balls they are asked to grease with blind faith and swallow without chewing!

People like us, who would have the effrontery to claim for the heathen the same right to analyse the Bible, as the Christian clergy claim to analyse and even revile the sacred scriptures of other people, must of course be put down. And the very Christian Herald tries his hand. Let us, it says without any bias or prejudice reflect. To profess such a mortal hatred[? The Theosophists stultify and disgrace themselves by their unnatural pretentions and blasphemous statements.

No one can undertake to describe the moral degradation of persons [the Buddhist, ryan, Jain, Prs, Hebrew and Mussulman Theosophists, included? The latter piece of presumptuous conceit cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed.

Before I answer the preceding invectives I mean to demand a clear definition of this last sentence, our Book. Page 50 Whose Book? The Heralds? So numerous and glaring have been the mistakes and mistranslations detected by the forty divines of the Anglican Church, during their seven years revision of the Old Testament, that the London Quarterly Review No.

So we see beyond question that if it is anybodys Book it must be the Indian Christian Heralds; for, in fact, its editors add: We feel it to be no more a collection of books, but the book. But here is another bitter pill for your contemporary. The words, it says in a pious gush, which had come from the prophets of the despised Israel have been the life-blood of the worlds devotion; but the inexorable Quarterly reviewer, after reluctantly abandoning to the analytical scalpels of Canon Cook and Bishop Harold Browne the Mosaic miracles whose supernatural character is no longer affirmed, but allowed to be natural phenomena, turns to the pretended Old Testament prophecies of Christ, and sadly says: in the poetical Psalms and Songs and the prophetical books especially the number of corrections is enormous; and shows how the commentators upon Isaiah and the other so-called prophets have reluctantly admitted that the timeworn verses which have been made to serve as predictive of Christ have in truth no such meaning!

Edited by F. Cook, M. The Old Testament. London, Page 51 It requires, he says, an effort to break the association, and to realize how much less they the prophecies must have meant at first, to the writers themselves. But it is just this that the critical expositor is bound to do. Such souls as the Herald editors? What wonder, then, that the explosion of these seven theological torpedoesas the seven volumes of the Speakers Commentary may truly be calledshould force the reviewer into saying: To us, we confess, every attempt to place the older Scriptures on the same supreme pinnacle on which the New Testament stands, leads inevitably to a disparagement of the later Revelation?

The Herald is welcome to what is left of its Book. How childishly absurd it was then of the Herald to make a whole Society the scapegoat for the sins of one individual! It is now universally known that the Society comprises fellows of many nationalities and many different religious faiths; and that its Council is made up of the representatives of these faiths.

Yet the Herald endorses the falsehood that the Societys principles are a strange compound of Paganism and Atheism, and its creed, a creed as comprehensive as it is incomprehensible.

What other answer does this calumny require than the fact that our president has publicly declared that it had no creed to offer for the worlds acceptance, and that in the VIIIth Article of the Societys Rulesappended to the printed Addressin an enumeration of the plans of the Society, the first paragraph says that it aims to keep alive in man his belief that he has a soul, and the Universe a God.

If this is a compound of Paganism and Atheism, then let the Herald make the most of it. But the Society is not the real offender; the clerical stones are thrown into my garden. I may have lost my senses outright, as the Indian Christian Herald politely remarks, but I think I have enough left to see through the inane sophistries which they make do duty for arguments.

We have only to say to the Herald the following: 1 It is just because we do live in an age of enlightenment and progress, in which there is or should be room for every form of belief, that such Augustinian tirades as the Heralds are out of place. And besides sundry American clergymen and Bishops, we have among our Fellows a vicar of the Church of England, who is one of its most learned antiquarians. Degraded humanity that we are, there must be indeed something radically wrong and corrupt in our moral nature, for, we confess to a joy at seeing our Society constantly growing from accessions of some of the most influential laymen of different countries.

Page 53 And it moreover delights us to think that when we reach the bottom of the ditch we will have as bed-fellows half the Christian clergy, if the Speakers Commentary makes as sad havoc with the divinity of the New Testament as it has with that of the Old. How exclaims our Indian Christian Pecksniff in righteous indignation, how they managed to sink so low in the scale of moral and spiritual being must be a sadly interesting study for metaphysicians?

Sad indeed; but sadder still to reflect that unless the editors of the Indian Christian Herald are protected by post-mortem fire insurance policies, they are in danger themselves of eternal torment. Whosoever shall say to his brother, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire, says Lord Jesus, the Desire of nations, in Matthew, v, 22, unlessdreadful thought!

We insert the above letter with great reluctance. The subject matter of the letter is not fit for our columns and we have no sympathy with those who attack the religious creed of other men.

The matter of fact is, a Calcutta paper attacks a body of men, and the latter are thrown at a great disadvantage if they are not allowed an opportunity by another paper of replying to the attack. It is from that feeling alone that we have given place to the above letter.

Amrita Bazaar Patrika. BLAVATSKY writes as follows to the editor of the Indu Prakash: Ever since my arrival here, in February, with an hospitality and persistence worthy of a better cause, I have been hailed by every class of society as a secret emissary of the Russian governmenta spy, to call things by their proper names.

And yet, so poorly informed am I by the authorities of my native country of the ways and doings of the Russian police, that, in my ardent curiosity, I have now to apply to you for help. Will you kindly put your head together with mine to try and guess who may possibly be a certain mysterious individual who has recently appeared in Russia? He calls himself a prince of India, and provoking the greatest curiosity in the general public is, at the same time, received as an honoured guest by the St.

Petersburg court though, as I am informed, secretly. This is what one of the numerous papers I received says of him, mentioning his arrival. I translate verbatim:. Colonel and Aide-de-Camp on the general staff the Count N.

Rostovtzeff has been placed at the orders of the prince, and now forms a part of his numerous suite. Who is this prince? He evidently belongs to the native place, if he is not actually of kin to the famous Nana Sahib, of course.

Though news for your readers, this piece of information will be stale for the omniscient police of India, who, for instance, have discovered in a twinkling of the eye that I was a dangerous Russian spy. They must certainly know all about this mirific prince. How provoking, then, that they will not tell! Speaking of me in your leading article of May 23rd, and entitled Theosophic Thaumaturgy, I am mentioned as the Countess Blavatsky.

Allow me to state, once for ever, that such is not my title, nor can I concede the right to include in the long list of vices I may be possibly endowed with that of a parvenus vanity. My family, on both sides, is quite ancient enough and noble enough to have transmitted to me too much pride to leave room for any petty feeling of vanity.

I had to protest against this title while I was in America; have protested against it at another time in La Revue Spirite of Paris; and have just published in the Bombay Gazette of May 13th a third protest, stating that, for reasons sufficiently specified, and not wholly disconnected with American citizenship, my name is simply H.

Bombay, June 12th. Secrtaire correspondant de la Socit Thosophique, il est de mon devoir, pour les raisons ci-dessous mentionnes, de relever le gant jet notre Socit; surtout, lorsque lune de nos doctrines est qualifie derreur grave, triste et funeste dans ses consquences. Notre Socit sest fait connatre dun bout du monde lautre, mais ses statuts et articles de foi sont totalement inconnus au public.

Jen cite deux, que je traduis peu prs verbatim. Toute personne dsirant de se faire accepter comme membre, doit, avant son initiation, signer un document a pledge of secrecy , par lequel elle soblige, sur sa parole dhonneur, de garder le silence sur les expriences scientifiques de conseil, quelles soient du domaine physique ou psychologique, de ne les rvler personne en dehors de la Socit, moins que la permission ne lui en soit donne par le conseil suprme.

Tout membre jurera de dfendre lhonneur de la Fraternit, ainsi que celui du plus pauvre et insignifiant de ses membres, aussi longtemps que ce dernier le mritera, et-cela, en cas de ncessit, au risque de la fortune et mme de la vie du dfenseur.

Cest au nom de notre Socit entire que je rponds aux rflexions de M. Page 57 Envisageant la Socit Thosophique son point de vue, il juge notre philosophie, celle des Vdas, par les renseignements quil a pu obtenir de loccultisme traditionnel et oriental des Mages et des Derviches de son pays islamis depuis des sicles; je ne mtonne pas de voir M. Celui qui na pas dans le cur lamour de lhumanit entire, amour qui na pas considrer les diffrences de religions et de races, ne sympathisera jamais avec nous; sil fait partie dun corps social religieux, ou philosophique, et ne soccupe que des seuls intrts de la propagation de ses doctrines lui; sil les place au-dessus de toutes les autres et cherche toujours convertir lunivers entier ses croyances spciales, il ne peut rendre justice aux croyances dautrui; tel est le Christianisme qui, se figeant dans le dogme, arrta tout progrs scientifique pendant de longs sicles; ainsi encore, procda lIslamisme.

Si le Spiritisme avait, parmi ses dfenseurs, une majorit qui penst comme lauteur des Dernires Rflexionsil pourrait agir de mme. Articles Articles about reggae music, reviews, interviews, reports and more Jah Pearl and Bouddha Sticks - Motherland. I'm sorry; your browser doesn't support HTML5 video. Share it! Send to Kindle. Browse by categories All articles. Wow this is truly awesome for The Great Naptali.

I concur!!! His sweet voice sounds, conscious lyrics and the great effect his music has will touch the masses! I am blessed to meet George Naptali Rose Sixth Son of Jacob and experience greatness!

Lady BB Naptali - Long Journey [Oneness Records - ] With the final word on still to be written, what we can most certainly do is to analyze who had a great year, a poor year and who.

Blavatsky COLLECTED WRITINGS. VOLUME II Page xxiii FOREWORD TO VOLUME TWO Most of the material in the present Volume appeared in print in collected form for the first time in , when it was published by Rider & Co. in London, under the title of The Complete Works of H.P. Blavastky.5/5(1).

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  6. Collected Writings VOLUME II TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword Chronological Survey Idées Incorrectes sur les Doctrines des Théosophes Erroneous Ideas concerning the Doctrines of the Theosophists.
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