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2 Oct, 2012

My Old Nasty Habit - Pseudzero - Aint Nuthin Like A Rehab Party

Heaving devotion but it? Its just about time, to dig a new grave the same old story's a little, too late to save I killed you with kindness, but you still walked away Heaven hid her face as we fell down Age old habits echoed in the ground One old sing and one would hold me down They might listen if I make no sound Oh I How long do you wanna hide In this closet full of old habits Surrounded by grey silhouettes break out It's time to release your fears let go Step Old habits lyrics Songs with old habits lyrics all the songs about old habits.

Hall Play Old Habits - Xbishopx Old Habits - Hank Williams, Jr. I actually dislike gold. Silence is boring I prefer speech. If yes, I'll come back to post.

I'd die for few secs even if I just see a roach. Nice one. Sounds like we have Chef in the house.. I have never voice chatted. That's how far my chat life goes haha! But yeah if we plan it we can make it.

I dun mean I dun want my family to be with me, but sometimes one gets to be the best they can be when they live alone I'd be lying if I say I dun fear Death even a lil bit. But yeah, when I have to die I wont be afraid, Im so sure of it. Cos I believe that death can be as beautiful as life is, and it's as inevitable as all other pleasures r.. Hows u South? When r u off to Delhi? LOL I finally have one genuine member whoaaaaaaa! Keshi is dancing yeyy yeyy yeyy I didnt know until u told me cos all this time I was thinking he must be French : Japs do have some great skill and style for very unique and elegant stuff.

Japan is in my list of great places to see. And then I'll come n meet u too Niki awwww. Will u greet me with 'KonnichiWa', let me sleep on a beautiful 'tatami' floor, lend me a'kimono' to dance in and offer me some yummy 'Sashimi'? I love the Jap culture! I really do! Laundry well, who cares - it goes in the washing machine and then all u've got to do is hang em out So damn true! How could I forget the fridge and darn car!!

Cool choice. I rem u saying that in one of ur prev posts. Im learning so much from all of ur quotes. But I dun see what it should be so sensitive if we know what we r talkin abt. Just that some ppl take it so personally. I really dunno wut a sonogram does What does it do? Thanks Dewdzzzy for taking the tag Ah well if u cant beat dem join dem Wife dont count number of times in hospital:kidney stone.

He loves me most Its cool sometimes but not all the time. Cos when I dream of a bad dream I fear so much that it might come true and they have come true. So there u go! Ur most WC at my place Nikkz mwahhhhhhhh! Wud be a pleasure! The only way I can do it is by touching em with my own hands duhhhhhhh! I am a New Yorker but lived in Cali my whole life but since my mom and grandparents and such all still have thick accents I still say "cawwfee" cawfee?

For hard I like mojitos hmm dun even know that Laundry sucks too omg how did I forget scrubbin.. I loathe it to high heavens! I can see u r definitely that. I was too when I was little then I grew out of it. LOL hahahaha ur so funny girl! I have had it all : what kind of dancing d u do? I am very very good at baking so cakes and sweets : Im impressed that apart from being all that u r, u can cook too Thanks for playin Taggy Rach, u r too good! Cacheral perfumes r sooo divine. OMG didnt u find it at all?

I mean u do have a GF na? Malaria comes from mossies na I like ur attitude. I really thought I was gonna die soon lol! Or we can both go listen to bullshitters and then we'll fall asleep anyways lol! Spot on! Goan is not normal to me I see a trend here Awwwwwww u lucky dude! I know duhh! Wife dont count lol wife DOES count helllo! I feel so sorry for em mate.

I wanna xray ur brain and see where u have a Keshi-tumor and remove it lol! Waves from Sydney to Mumbai I mutter in my sleep too If I come for a sleep-over at ur home, we will have 2 muttering dollies at nite. I rem Southy saying he has to report in delhi on the 21st??

Dog or cat: cat Essential electronics: none really, maybe my alarm clock Fav perfume: none Gold or silver: neither nor, but I think I would prefer silver Home: Actually Zurich, but I still spend a lot of time in the area where I grew up. Some tax stuff Living arrangements: just me and the dust Most admirable traits: a compassionate heart Number of sexual partners: They are no numbers! But never since I can remember Phobias: none, but I had a phobia of dogs for half of my life. I didnt get that question Sittingnut : no no i did not mean that kind of audience.

Its ok.. Other than that, just enjoying the summer and my vacation next week!! Now its okay cool! Thanks Murane for taking the tag.. I hope I didnt smother u too much with my curiosity : : duhh as if I didnt! Im not immortal na hehehe. Stay gold. Hey Keshi, Nice quote! Yeah same job title :! It's ok Post a Comment. Tuesday, June 20 You and Me. Current Music: Who Knew by Pink. Nicely done! Lukki B'dday gurl!!

Interesting keshi Lions suck blood? J said Another Okra fan.. The best veggie ever. Phobias: Tags!! No pls be precise, its an important issue. Not with all of them, they loved my presence, i loved their concept. Discover new things without hampering ur serious commitment. In the south we have a thing for fried okra. Sweet tag keshi. Thats a lot abt u Keep smiling dear Just an impression i got from your posts.

So do you like the job? ABC of Keshi's life kinda.. Creek - N. Dabuhhole - N. Dakota - N. Dakota St. Science - N. Diaz - N.

Dill - N. Duke Drunkards - N. Patriots - N. Patriots - Trice - N. Eastern - N. England - N. Farmgtn - N. Farmingtn - N. Farmington - N. Thomas - N. Field - N. Fort Myers Chiefs - N. Francis - N. Freling - N. Galliano - N. Garza - N. Geers - N. Griffin - N. Harford - N. Hein - N. Hickman - N. Hurd - N. Hyduk - N. Ill - N. Illinois - N. Illnois - N. Indiana - N. Indianapolis Academy - N. Ireland - N. Jedlicka - N. Jersey Sopranos - N. Joey Magoo - N. Joey Mcgoo - N.

Karwoski - N. Keane - N. Keating - N. Korean Commie Bastards - N. Krull - N. Kurland - N. Lake Mudcats - N. Laney - N. Larose - N. Lavoie - N. Leon - N. Levi - N. Levy - N. Lockport - N. London - N. Mann - N. Marrongelle - N. Mesquite - N. Mexico St. Miami - N. Mittal - N. GT: come on!! GG: Okay okay fine! GT: promise? GG: Promise. GT: awesome. GT: okay brb for like a minute to turn fuck around with my webcam until it decides to work. GT: aaaand back.

GT: here it is. GT: what?? GG: Let me just send you my picture. GG: I think that should. GG: Goodness, I just can not even begin to wrap my head around this. GT: oh. GG: Yeah.

GT: nanna??? GG: That seems to be the case. GG: And you would be my poppop. GT: but HOW! GG: I have NO idea and just trying to think about it is giving me a headache. GT: freaking out is probably what we should be doing right now.

GT: but now i just feel weird about making the comment about the maid outfit earlier. GT: i just. GT: gaaahh. GG: Hoo hoo hoo!! GG: Well. GG: Okay wow, the bizarreness of this is really starting to sink in. GG: I think I need to go take a nap. GT: okay goodbye jane. GG: Bye. GT: bye! Harley sent me a message and I had to deal with that first.

TT: What brings you to my humble corner of the internet today, Roxy? TT: Out of curiosity, why me? TT: Our TG is online.

TG: lmao TT: Dirk is online. TT: I think it just might be the complete normality of the name that makes it so conspicuous. TT: Which makes sense, considering that GT has what I believe could be the most questionable taste in movies I have ever seen.

TT: The more I learn about Jake, though, the more that title comes into question. TT: Actually, no, I retract my previous statement. TT: GT actually chooses to partake in a collection of unfathomably bad movies. TT: He practically avoids any decent cinematography like it carries the plague. TG: man u haev got jake pegged TG: that guy is l ike TG: hell just watc hanything TG: every movie ever madw is pefrect in the eyse of jake eonglish TG: i amlost wish i could expernce rhings from his perspective TG: imagine liking evything TT: Ah, to be unburdened by the curse of pessimism.

TT: How I miss those days. TT: Why me? TG: idk. TT: Interesting. TG: nahh witches and wisards are like TG: i dunno how to explain but theyr defs defferent TT: And being a wizard is a positive thing in your eyes? TT: You like wizards? TG: omg do you have the cotl series in ur universe pls tell me you do TT: Cotl? TG: complacency of the learned TG: th ebooks my mom wrote TG: i guess i never told u the name bc TG: its weird to think that some ppl dont kno w about them TG: theyre hella populr ove rhere yo TT: So your attraction to wizards.

TT: Say you had the chance to change things. TT: Perhaps in some fantastical narrative of our lives, we get to make choices like these. TT: Where would you even start? What did I know, what did I know of love's austere and lonely offices? Sorry these chapters are spaced so far apart. The outernet is a cruel mistress filled with education and depression.

TT: Hey. GG: hi dirk!!! TT: Yo Harley. GG: im hanging good :D GG: how are you today?? TT: Same as always.

TT: Just chillin here in my room, working on some projects. TT: Yep. GG: :O GG: howd that go!! Heavy encryption. GG: yeah. TT: Get grounded. Sneak out. TT: Not that I would really know. TT: This is merely a hypothesis based on observation. TT: Ask Roxy. Who the hell are you? TT: Yes, but who are you in terms of universal significance. TT: Yet still, you keep insisting that ripping the universe a new one was, A, something that actually happened, and B, of your own design.

TT: Fuck, it might even be easier to build an interstellar starcraft than to find a way to bridge the gaps between parallel realities. GG: well i think building a spaceship is probably easier but it takes a lot of parts and spaceships are really big and stuff and it would be hard to build one all alone!!! GG: youre not going to block me dirk GG: and theres really no way you could get jane and jake to stop talking to us either so im not really worried about that lol!

GG: ok so weve already establish that most locations and events are congruent to each other but. GG: the main difference is the people! GG: in my universe i am jade harley. GG: but in yours i am someone else. GG: you may know me as jade english! GT: And he wasnt a dead body for the entire movie ill have you know. GT: They made a sequel. TG: why GT: Because everyone loved the first one.

TG: no TG: no they didnt TG: listen that movie is just generally regarded as so beyond mediocre it might as well be the film equivalent of a glass of water TG: like nah it aint fancy aged wine or whatever like the titanic or something TG: or even a big honking glass of spoiled milk like mac and me TG: like a wanna be et or whatever like et is a classic nobodys denying that TG: but then youve got mac and me which is like TG: et left out in the desert sun for weeks TG: just sitting there TG: curdling TG: fuck thats not even milk anymore thats just some nasty ass cottage cheese TG: cant even drink it anymore you just have to scoop is up with a fucking spoon but TG: news flash TG: the spoon was also a piece of shit GT: Oh come on mac and me has its moments!

TG: if by moments you mean impromptu alien dance off then yes it does have its moments TG: thats without mentioning the damn bear costume TG: what was up with that GT: Alright that was a bit far fetched. TG: far fetched TG: is a movie about an alien of course its far fetched TG: like yeah a single completely benign alien manages to shuffle its ass to earth and start hanging out with some crippled kid GT: Oh bugger off!

TG: thats alternate me not me me TG: and im sure that alternate me still thinks that hes surrounded by hacks TG: alternate me would never honestly go into the movie biz TG: hed do it ironically TG: for the laughs and the social commentary GT: That does sound quite accurate i have to admit.

GT: From what i hear from dirk hes a bit of an enigma and its really impossible to tell what he means with anything he does. GT: But now all i can really think about is how the only part of hollywood that dirk would actually fancy would be the monstrous robo-puppets. GT: He really is quite fond of them. GT: At least i think thats one of the things that he actually likes and isnt just pretending to like. GT: Or liking because its funny? GT: Its really quite bothersome trying to jimmy some sort sincerity out of his convoluted claptrap.

GT: A bit exhausting really. TG: yeah hell do that TG: listen you havent told him anything have you GT: Well i tell him quite a lot of things youre going to have to be more specific. GT: A gentlemans word is his bond. TG: good good GT: This isnt going to last though you know. GT: Hes one sharp cookie and the only thing thats stopping him from figuring us out is himself. GT: As stubborn as a mule i swear. TG: yeah our ruse isnt much of a distaction at all is it GT: Afraid not.

GT: I think everything will work out for the best though! TG: of course you do GT: Is that some sort of sarcasm? GT: That sounds a bit like sarcasm to me.

GT: Whats the need for beating around the bush. GT: Jumping jehoshaphat just talk to him for christs sake! TG: you do realize were talking about dirk here TG: yeah great idea tarzan ill just pull up some pillows and make some tea and well have a good old heart to heart TG: talk about our feelings TG: and cute boys TG: im sure hed love a good conversation about cute boys TG: a plus TG: fuckin incredible plan GT: I really just dont understand.

GG: im jakes grandma! TT: This is sick. TT: And I am going to kill you. GG: woah wait a minute! GG: just two seconds ago you said you believed that i was 14! GG: but now you think im trying to hurt jake and jane??? GG: : GG: really i promise were just trying to be their friends! TT: You have one more chance. TT: Who are you?

TT: Who do you work for? GG: i dont work for anybody im just a kid!! TT: What are you planning. GG: sigh GG: listen mister pessimism pants!!

TT: Of course I trust Jane. TT: Are you trying to tell me that you somehow managed to get her to fall for all of this? GG: yes!!! GG: no. GG: im tired of arguing with mr no fun allowed strider! GG: witch? TT: Back to the point. TT: So, what have you got for me? GG: um. GG: give me just a second okay!!! TT: What. GG: its a picture of me and my dog bec!!

GG: and i wrote hi dirk on a little sign so you would know it was a recent picture. TT: One moment I have to go checking something out. GG: ok take your time! TT: Back. TT: I compared it to some pictures Jake sent a little while ago. TT: Not to mention even the foliage around you is exactly the same.

GG: yes because it is the same island now do you believe me dirk! TT: What does this mean, though? TT: What do you want from us. GG: i dont know you guys are just kind of fun to talk to and its nice to talk to jake again! TT: Wait a minute. TT: Who are your friends? GG: ; GG: lol youll know some day! TG: well yeah but you wouldnt be one of those people TG: youve got big jade im sure shes like the cuddliest grandma ever TG: heres a hug and a gun lil guy have fun out in the wilderness TG: when you get tired just come home and we can read bedtime stories TG: and drink hot chocolate out of the skulls of this horrible monster we just killed and skinned TG: remember proper skinning safety you gotta be careful if you want to be able to use the flesh of this fallen behemoth as a nice fluffy blanket to watch movies under TG: come on jr time for bed and tomorrow ill teach you how to build a nuclear fusion reactor out of toothpicks GT: Er, well.

GT: More or less. TG: jades a fucking lunatic TG: and i used to think that was just because alternate universe you was off his rockers or something TG: which he totally was dont get me wrong or anything TG: but obviously thats not the sole factor here obviously both of your are just fucking insane on your own time GT: Oh, whatever! TG: nothing man im just giving you shit TG: i cant imagine a world where harley and i dont form a friendship over her sending me preserved dead shit that she killed on hellmurder island over there TG: while she reads stories to her gigantic dog monster and plays mad scientist in her spare time while laying in a metric fuckton of stuffed squiddles TG: anything else would just be boring TG: i mean i bet shes the only girl alive to have stuffed her dead guardians corpse at age 10 TG: shes like someone put indiana jones and einstein in a blender with a dash of that one kid at school who kept on pretending to be a wolf long after it was normal GT: Well it is a family tradition!

GT: Im glad she did it i wouldnt have wanted it any other way im sure. GT: Grandma used to always tell me stories about how her grandfather died when she was little. GT: She and her little brother had his corpse stuffed and used to keep it in front of the fireplace in their big mansion!

GT: She never said much about the man though it always made her seem very sad. GT: Im not sure what went on between them. GT: She ran away from home you know. GT: She was very young. GT: Younger than we are now actually!

GT: Her grandmother was a wretch of a woman who treated her and her brother horribly. GT: One day she killed their beloved pet dog and that was it for my grandma. TG: holy shit i can imagine TG: jade would be absolutely devastated she loves dogs so much TG: man though alternate jade sounds like a total fucking badass GT: Oh i can assure you she very much was!

GT: Is. GT: I mean is! GT: She still is of course. GT: Even after a century of being alive. GT: You two are quite close actually. GT: I never would have gotten to know dirk if you and her didnt talk. TG: wait so does that mean youve met alternate me GT: I have but i was too young to remember sorry. GT: Jade seems to be trying to get in contact with me so ill go talk to her instead.

TG: cool. TT: Yo. TT: I just got done with an interesting conversation with Jade. TT: Jade English. TT: Like damn son, talk about a mobius tier plot twist. TT: Which brings me around to my question.

TT: The dried up remainder of my surprise has just been desperately scraped from the bottom of my reserve shock pool. TT: Nothing remains but the crusty, worn out flakes of begrudging acceptance.

TG: i already told you dude im the pimpmaster hustledaddy TG: the top tier sugar daddy of swag TG: basic bitches get the hell out of the way so we can roll out the red carpet TG: the prince of fresh beats is here to take his rightful place at the throne TG: lording over as the supreme mix master and keeping the snarky bookshrews and toothy glasses nerds where they can bask in my pure talent TG: what more even needs to be said TT: Listen bro I can respect that.

TT: I respect the fuck out of an a-bro-priately rad as fuck nickname like that. TT: Gotta make sure that everyone involved in this whole operation is kosher like an israeli deli on hanukkah. TT: Come on bro, just dish it out. GG: jake! GT: Hello jade!

GG: hey :D. GT: What brings you to my neck of the woods today miss? GG: ive got a super cool plan. GG: and i want you to get in on it. GT: By golly you must be planning some adventure to be able to speak so surely about it. GT: With an introduction like that I feel like this is going to be fun. TT: Hello Jake. TT: Merry Christmas. TT: I trust Jade is treating you to a nice breakfast of freshly caught wildebeest served and seasoned with wild vegetation and cooked in a nuclear reactor.

GT: Merry christmas rose! GT: No breakfast yet but im sure shell whip something up in a little while. GT: How has your christmas been then ms lalonde? GT: Despite your relationship with your mother being a little frigid im sure youve at least gotten a present or two that suits your fancy. GT: And hopefully not another pony eh? GT: From what ive heard that birthday must have been a fiasco. TT: Nearly a month later and mother is still vigilantly scrubbing at the burnt in hoofprints.

TT: The whole thing is going to need to be replastered and painted. Aint even tea, but you glad to "turn it up and give it up" aint ya?

This aint no tea? And you got all these people fooled like you know so much! This is the old tea from 25, 30 years ago, some of it true and some just the runors of that day.

Keep it up Walter, hell even I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane. Nuthin new maybe cause I grew up in Los Angeles as a member of West Angeles and Crouch Temple but I am amused at how people here seemed so schoked and responding as if this happened yesterday! Your "tea bags" is old and dry as hell and its a shame to speak of the dead that have passed many years ago. They got married in Pacoma, Ca She had a nice size wedding.

XVIDEOS Am I really this nasty Compilation free.

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  1. Apr 05,  · My dad is a lifetime smoker.. is 80 years old now. My brother was at one time a smoker himself. Motormouth bossy boots saw to it that nasty habit was dispensed with and quickly. she didn't have to get old. Do they have counselors there? It would probably help her to have one she can talk to like she did at the rehab. 04/25/ (5.
  2. and with g vinyl. The tracklist is a mixture of Nasty Habits songs and Mark 1 Deep Purple tracks. Titles are: Joke / Emmaretta / Cold / Please Don't Go / Why Didn't Rosemary / Help / Lalena/ Hush. Copies signed by Nick Simper for Euro (purple vinyl) or Euro (black vinyl) only avaible here!. Send a email to [email protected]
  3. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Nasty Habit by Pinto Bennett I Ain't In It For The Money by Pinto Bennett & The Famous Motel Cowboys - Topic.
  4. Scenes that last as long as your cigarette. Nasty Habits episode 1x01 - "A Couple of Fuck Ups" Charissa Hogeland and Hope Lauren - Duration: 6 minutes, 43 seconds.
  5. Nasty Habits was the name of a graffiti crew that Doc Scott used to be a part of as a kid. He later used it as the name for this project. The initials NHS was also used as the name of Doc Scott's tune.

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