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2 Oct, 2012

My Neighborhood - Mr. Bubble B. And The Coconuts - Nice To Have

She refolded the handkerchief and put in the light blue box. We smiled all the way. The good old days. I shoveled driveways in the winter for a few dollars to buy a gift for my parents. Sweet story I can relate to. Fingers are dusty and chocolatey brown from breaking up all those chocolate bars.

Momma says we must use them all to make it perfect. A pinch of salt and 2 spoons of vanilla We pour cup after cup of sparkly white sugar into the big pot on the stove, Shhhhhhhhhhhhh POP goes the can of evaporated milk.

Stirring Stirring with the whisk until all the sugar melts into the hot milk. Butter on a paper towel to coat the baking dish. Rrrrrip, lay down the wax paper. Now for the Magic… Momma pours the hot sweet milk into the bowl full of chocolate. Sloop Gloop. Slowly, stickily, all the chocolate melts and transforms into my very favorite Christmas treat.

Momma scrapes the confection into the baking dish. The freezer door shuts. We lick the strong red spatula, the wooden spoon and even the big shiny bowl. Egg drop center placed just so, Fork in hand, mix to dough Wrinkled palm press into place Roll, Roll, flour on your face. Rolling pin, rolling pin, make it thin Cut round, cut cross, cut cross again. Strips of lattice, strips of thin Pie pan glass, ready to begin. Place dough around inside the plate, Press here, press there.

Make it great. Squish up sides with finger and thumb Now filling to make, combine as one. Wash green apples, one, two, three Shed their skins, stem, seed. Thin cut, slice, pile. Almost done. Sprinkle top with cinnamon fun.

For an hour, put in oven hot. Clean-up time is it not? Fork in hand while you wait Pie is done. Must let it cool, too much heat. All her pies are a Christmas treat. I rolled my eyes. What if we baked them for her?

Ten minutes later, Freya had egg in her hair, and butter was smeared across my cheeks. After a mildly catastrophic milk incident and some confusion with the oven, I pulled out our slightly-burnt saffron buns. Mom and Gran usually lit candles on St.

Light shone across her hair and her clothes, spilling into all the places it could reach. Megan O. She had done it, landed THE job, and tonight was the night. Cookie had heard stories of others who had been chosen. But they were always gingerbread men or store-bought sugar cookies. Not this time.

Icing spread thick over her by Marian, Sprinkles added with a flourish by the tiny yet troublesome Peter.

Sure she was somewhat misshapen by tiny hands, And Peter may have nibbled on her a bit, But out of all the cookies the Mosleys made that morning, they chose her. Now she lay on the shiny plate perfectly still. And then… The smell of peppermint filled the room. He was here! Cookie held her breath. Cookie felt the plate spin, She heard jingle bells and the sounds of Christmas. He needs all the help he can get. I like where your imagination went with a special cookie becoming an elf!

Sure, Candy Cane and Gingerbread gave it a decent run, but they lack my nutritional-staying power. No parents willingly make them for dinner, but parents, grandparents, and everyone loves me.

My lush green coloring blends perfectly with holiday decorations. I can be adorned like a Christmas tree, given in a vase like a flower, or blanketed in cheese for an extra special treat. Once you name me the Number One Christmas Treat, everything will change. Kids will ask for me in their stockings instead of yucky sugary things like chocolate and cookies. This is so creative!

This was my favorite line — Candy Cane and Gingerbread gave it a decent run, but they lack my nutritional-staying power. Dragon number three gave a desperate sigh; his request was a test for the Big Red Guy. His topmost want, from his outside in, was to breathe real fire like his dragony kin. He scoffed the lot!

He licked the dish! That bad dragon babe and his Christmas wish. The big day dawned — had he reached his goal? And lo and behold, like a rumbling drum, came fearful sounds from his terrible tum.

It gruffed and it growled like a band of bears — it squirmed and wormed like a fat double-dare. Out of his snout shot a comet on the loose, fireballs flew — whatta way to cook the goose! Scary puppets from odd socks with holes in the toes. Made into woolly monsters with button eyes and nose. A rag doll of soft cloth for a special little person, Wrapped in brown paper tied with red ribbon.

A rocket made from cardboard for a friend at school. Who knew this space creation could look so cool? Twisted newspaper twirled into coaster and mat. Decorated with rainbow colours. Brightly painted treasures from rocks and stones, Treasures to hide in the park spreading wishes to unknowns.

An old ball cleaned and shiny, thrown for the dog next door. Roll on the next rainy day so we can make some more. Suzy Snootysaurus filled with Yule gloom — her wardrobe was a monstrous mess and party season loomed. She needed fashion CPR, a full-on festive treat. The item that she most desired?

A super-sassy hat! To keep her warm on Christmas morn and maybe get her papped. Her quest was long and full of woe, she roamed the world on foot. Milliners from every land rummaged through their stocks: berets, hats, tweedy caps, bonnets trimmed with fox. Style is upmost in my mind and grandeur, warmth and fit. And then a mini miracle, an insta-trend igniter — emerging from the cloisters came the bishop in his mitre.

Hank always knew he was a little different. While other dinosaurs ran naked through the forest, Hank sported an apron and whipped up muffins, cakes, and brownies faster than most dinosaurs could swallow a pterodactyl egg. But the neighborhood dinosaurs teased Hank and squashed slugs into his pies and squished swamp slime into his cookies. Hank fretted, but kept baking. He even entered the Christmas Baking Contest.

On the morning of the contest judging, he skipped along with a freshly baked cake in his wagon. Now our Christmas picnic party is ruined! Hank looked at the other dinosaurs, glanced at his cake, and stewed in a swirling stupor of thought.

He imagined winning the baking contest and feeling the blue ribbon being pinned to his apron. But he knew this picnic would be a disaster without a special treat. Maybe his Christmas cake could save the day. Then they all cheered. So sorry, Pam! Please resubmit! I filled out the chart with my link. Gnomes must have absconded with the info. I will post the story in comments. Do you use a secret ingredient? You guess what it is.

The next day, after Christmas Eve dinner, Greta brought out the dessert tray. Realizing then what the secret ingredient was, Greta selected a heart cookie from the dessert plate. She quietly made her way over to Oma, presenting it to her. I see it. But that is not the case. From the response load you must have quite a time getting caught up! Littlest Billy Goat trip-trapped over the bridge, after school.

By a riverside shack, he had a flashback when Troll bubbled out of a pool. Littlest Billy Goat tip-toed. Troll had no clue he was spied. The goat streaked up the hill, never stopping until he reached home, out of breath, petrified. He bore the bad tidings to Biggest, who was baking with Middle-Sized Goat. Time to attack!

The goats charged ahead to the river, then marched down the bank to face-off. They acted tough, but Troll looked so rough, they froze when they heard his deep cough. I was tired and hangry that day. Your trip-traps on top kept going nonstop. I bellowed to scare you away. The goats reconsidered their ambush. They huddled together to plan.

Our holiday treat is cooling at home in a pan. They raced back to pile up the wagon with presents and food for the Troll. It was filled to the brim and on top, just for him, a spectacular chocolate cake roll! Finally, that Christmas, the rivals found peace on the bridge—life was sweet. The goats understood even trolls could be good.

Their gift was an evergreen TREEt. Deborah, you captured the essence of holiday baking! Great job weaving in Night Before Christmas elements with the kitchen setting.

I love the awww ending. I have a soft spot in my heart for cranky troll characters! This is such a wonderful retelling, and very enjoyable! This was a fun read Jill. I love the idea of holiday-izing a classic tale!

Great job and good luck! Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the kitchen Mom was so flustered; I just had to pitch in. Church potlucks, class parties, and family dinners. This volume of baking was not for beginners! Treats for teachers and neighbors and coaches and sitters. The list kept on growing. It gave us the jitters! We Googled ideas for cookies and breads, While lists of ingredients danced in our heads.

We spoke not a word, but went straight to our work. Things started out fine, then they just went berserk! The counter dusted with flour like new-fallen snow; We were getting it ready to roll out the dough. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But our KitchenAid mixer, jammed in high gear! I looked on in horror as eggs splashed everywhere On the floor, on the walls, and of course in my hair! And then, in a twinkling, I thought I smelled smoke.

Oh no! Not burned cookies! This must be a joke. It was time for the icing, confetti, and such. Slather, squirt, sprinkle! Did I use too much? The best treat for me is just baking with you! How crazy is that? Buying their retirement home also meant taking up two homes and driving up the cost of buying when they really only needed one and leaving some young couple with children unable to afford any home for their family.

That is just plain selfish. Inventory has steadily increased, and the percentage of homes under contract has steadily decreased. Many of the same homes just sit there, week after week, month after month. Most of the homes in Pukalani that DO go under contract are upper-end homes, the ones I can just tell are being sold to haoles as second or retirement homes.

Those of us that have lived here for a while can remember when Pukalani was a pineapple field. And there are no high end homes there. Half acre and an ohana. While some of the homes are on the golf course high end? Pukalani is where many local people live and have lived since tha begining.

In fact Pukalani was one of the first subdivisions Upcountry. If you are looking for high end Upcountry start at Kula and head south. Pukalani is to Maui like Compton is to LA. I feel for the Hawaiian natives that are being built out. Your mention of what used to be a pineapple field reminds me of growing up in California when it used to be all orchards and agriculture. Just beautiful. All gone now.

It also uses census data. Take a look. I think you will be surprised and pleased at how much more detail there is. Kudos kudos kudos! Real data now! The inventory numbers on the new site have really spiked.

Not quite. While Pele builds more land on Hawaii every day we are an losing land due to erosion on all the other islands. One of the places I dive at has WW2 pillboxes in 10 ft of water. In they were ft back on the beach. Further out there are the remains of railroad tracks. Hawaii island may be getting bigger but all the others are shrinking. They have new technology to fill in the erosion areas now.

There is a guy in Dubai who actually makes buildable land out of the ocean. Perhaps, if it gets bad enough, the gov. For anyone who knows the islands well, which one is the least expensive and which one is the most kid friendly I homeschool so schools are of little interest as far as things to do for middleschoolers. Since we are going to be there for a while, we might just go to some other islands to check them out.

She wedged the door shut, jamming it, and pulled the girl to the sink so they could splash their faces and eyes. That worked in her favor right now, though. None of the girls had gotten a good look at her, and they were going to have far more immediate burning issues on their mind. The Bitch Squad was going to be tied up for, oh, at least a good while.

While the other girl moaned and tried fruitlessly to soothe her eyes with cold water, Taylor fished blindly around in her backpack. She squinted at the vials in her hands. The girl swallowed the contents, then blinked and sighed in relief as the potions began to work.

Even the red was fading from her eyes, Taylor noticed. She indulged in a moment of smugness: her first potion-making triumph.

Are your eyes okay? And did that matter? How many kids joined gangs just to feel like they were protected? Taylor and Adrian could take what they already had and force the school no, call it what it was, blackmail-- and blackmail the school to transfer them out. They could even get Sophia, Madison and Emma suspended or expelled, even. But what about all the other bullies, and the gangs, and everything else? What about all the other kids still stuck here?

Taylor felt sick. She could bail out like a rat abandoning a sinking ship, but what about this girl here? She was a Warcrafted. She was supposed to be a hero. How could she be a hero if she just saved herself and ran away? The girl looked around. Or to drag us off by the hair? She pulled the light chain, illuminating the cramped musty place with a fifty watt bulb. There was no judgment in his voice, just an honest question. Yes… Not Sure, we can get Sophia and Emma and Madison suspended or expelled.

I get to escape scot free, and the Three Bees go up the river-- but everyone else just gets to shuffle deck chairs What about Greg? I want to FIX this. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, her shoulder blades against his chest, and kissed her on the top of her head.

Too bad for her the kid I saved told the cops I rescued him. After he got all the Ti-D-Bowl out of his sinuses, anyway. Adrian huffed. First let me ask.

How do you feel about getting a GED? Where are you? That was nothing unusual, Piggy was always unamused. Shadow Stalker hesitated. Before she could muster the nerve to do something precipitous, Piggot spoke. Deciding to play it cool for the moment, or at least telling herself that was her decision, she sat. Before she knew what was what, Armsmaster stepped to her side.

There was a metallic clink, and Shadow Stalker was manacled by her wrist to her chair arm. She could see lights blinking on the cuffs; it was Tinkertech, and electrified. She shook her manacles and glared at the Director. Piggot said nothing. She simply scooted her office chair to the side and pulled out a remote, clicking it once. A flatscreen monitor descended from the ceiling behind her. Another button was pressed and the screen lit up. Piggot never took her eyes off her the entire time.

A familiar looking image faded into view: an aerial photo of Winslow High. The camera panned over the building as text began scrolling up the screen and a voiceover began.

The voice was female, but digitally altered to be unrecognizable beyond that. What you are about to see is un-altered footage of day to day activities inside Winslow High School, as recorded by ourselves At the time this was filmed these three girls had been engaged in a two year long bullying campaign against another student… the one you see here.

The girl was clearly retreating, trying to placate the other three somehow. Without warning the one marked as Sophia-- and it was recognizably her-- lashed out and punched the girl violently, rocking her head back on her shoulders. Piggot paused the video. Gladly, one of the school teachers, witnessing the incident and promptly walking the other way Gladly felt a drop of sweat trickle down the back of his shirt collar.

The Board of Directors for the Brockton Bay Board of Education looked distinctly unimpressed with either him, or the squirming Principal Blackwell sitting next to him. The recording was only fifteen minutes in, and had shown over a dozen fights, criminal incidents, and unambiguous incidents of physical and other abuse, many with nearby teachers or other staff acting as witnesses.

Once again no meaningful action was taken His staff were all seated around the polished oak meeting table, watching as well. The room was as silent as a tomb. For over a solid hour they had sat there and witnessed the disadvantaged children of Brockton Bay being forced to live in an environment so barbaric as to rival that of a maximum security prison. Everyone present knew that heads were going to roll, and Mayor Christner was going to be gleefully swinging the axe.

The dreadful video finally ended. The narrator delivered one last final speech. When we began compiling this, our original intent, as students and victims of this environment, was to try and persuade-- no, to coerce -- Principal Blackwell into expelling the perpetrators and into allowing us to transfer to a better, safer school somewhere else in the Brockton Bay educational system.

We could have used this for bribery or blackmail-- but we are not interested in blackmail. We already tried with Principal Blackwell. We already tried with the board of educators. This was greeted with censorious gavel-banging. So you will refrain from further outbursts or you will be removed from these proceedings forcibly. Bailiff, rewind and resume the recording. Only a fool wrestles a pig in its own wallow.

In the cafeteria at Arcadia High, and the dingy gymnasium of Winslow, the students there unknowingly aped each other as they gathered round laptops and cell phones and watched slackjawed as the manifesto unfolded. But no other school in Brockton Bay suffers problems like this. Though they certainly ought to be held accountable for how they let it fester. Hebert went on. The rest of the Warcrafted and the last two Undersiders had gathered in the Lost Workshop around the big screen to watch the video Lisa, Taylor and Adrian had spliced together.

Hebert said. She was sitting off to one side surrounded by her dogs, sharpening her hunting spear. He was ensconced in an overstuffed chair with a bag of doritos and a soda as big as himself, the Vulparen all but vanishing into the cushions. Most homeschooled families were perfectly normal, healthy and well-adjusted people; the Herren clan was one of the unpleasant exceptions.

Adrian sighed and sat back. At Mr. The only reason I went into that hellhole in the first place, Mr. Hebert, was to get your daughter out. Adrian looked at him, an oddly amused expression on his lupine face. Think about it, sir. To learn a vocation? A secure income? And how many of your dockworkers are sitting idle for lack of work? I can pick gemstones and precious metals out of the ground by feel.

An income or a vocation is not a problem. Hebert protested. You expand your horizons by going outside, finding the nearest horizon and walking towards it. I know that, after over a hundred years of self-promotion, the educational system here has become a cultural touchstone…a sort of symbolic rite-of-passage. It adds no more of substance to a person than a primitive tribe's ritual tattoos, or bungee jumping off a platform as a rite of manhood.

Heck, between us, with our knowledge of herbology, leatherworking, metallurgy, chemistry, animal domestication, medicine, clothmaking, weaponscrafting, mechanical design and construction, to say nothing of our arcane knowledge, we could literally rebuild civilization from ground up. Take it from the stone age to the modern age singlehanded within a few years.

Go to school? We could build a school, and serve as half the staff! The man ran his hand over his balding head wearily and looked at his daughter. If I study hard, I think I can pass. But right now I kind of think saving the world takes precedence over getting a good report card. Aisha looked over at Adrian expectantly. Lisa swatted him with a sofa pillow. There had been some quibbling over the rapidly vanishing store of arcana. But I have a few ideas on that.

But Lisa squinted at him, then gave him a knowing smile. If she knows how to use it. Threadmarks Chapter 20 New Threadmarks. He pulled one arrow out and held it up. It was a simple, almost crude-looking wooden arrow with plain brown fletching-- and a quartz tip.

You got about of these things. So long as you use some kind of quartz for the tip. Flint, chert, agate That'll make things a lot simpler. I'll set up the parts-o-matic to crank you out a few hundred more.

A hundred yard football-slash-soccer field Winslow High had, in better days, commissioned the thing. Before the decline of Brockton Bay had set in, the influx of refugees from other countries had finally boosted the popularity of the sport of Pele' to a level Americans had been actually willing to spend serious money on it surrounded by a clay running track, framed by bleachers on either side, gave them more than enough room to stretch their legs and test their abilities. The dead of night, and the twelve-foot hedge line and fence surrounding the whole facility, gave them plenty of privacy as well.

While the stadium lights were out, the lights from the parking lot were more than enough to keep the grassy field illuminated. Not that the three of them needed it much. Worgen, Vulperan and Orc had far better night vision than any human. As to practice-- Adrian had set up hunting targets-- various animal silhouettes, a handful of human ones-- at intervals down the field.

The farthest one was at the fence line; immediately beyond the fence was a six foot earthen rise out of which the concealing hedgerow grew, Bayleaf had judged it more than sufficient as an earth stop for a simple archery test. Fennek gave a half-nod, half-shrug, and shrugged his way out of his hoodie. Going out disguised had been less of a challenge than Bayleaf had expected.

It was Brockton Bay; most people had learned not to look too closely or stare too long, especially after dark. Rachel's green skin was easily covered with a can of spray-on tan. And while Fennek definitely looked odd in his oversized hoodie-- at less than three foot tall, it wore on him more like a floor-length monk's robe-- noone had taken notice of him, or them, or had at least pointedly ignored them.

Once again it was Brockton Bay after dark, and few people wanted to see why a leather jacketed thug, a giant bodybuilder lady with three rangy mutts, and a midget dressed as a Jawa were running around in the middle of the night. He stripped out of the hoodie and took the bow.

Bayleaf had a moment of eyebrow-raising surprise; even under the Azeroth tunic Alec still wore underneath the fox-boy was startlingly broad across the back and shoulders. His arms were corded and thick for his size, especially his hands and forearms. Small or not, this was a creature built for pulling a bowstring. Almost carelessly, Alec nocked an arrow, drew and fired. The split second before he released, Bayleaf saw a ghostly hunter's arrowhead form around the tip-- an Arcane Arrow, his memory supplied.

The arrow shot across the field in a nearly flat arc and hit the first target with a thwack, making it bounce briefly on its wire stand. Bayleaf whistled. He was clearly working with certain misconceptions about bowmanship. Even while he was squinting through binoculars to confirm the bullseye, Alec was nocking another arrow and sending it thwacking into the fake deer standing at the seventy five yard line. In short order he nailed the inner ring on the target at the hundred Then the one past the running track.

He sank a final arrow, the first that was NOT a bullseye, into the target leaning against the far fence. Bayleaf lowered his binoculars and whistled. Fennek's ears perked. I wasn't even trying Bayleaf tested the pull. He grunted in surprise.

Fennek grinned, the expression on a vulpine face looking very uncanny. This time he took a moment to aim, concentration on his face. The arrowhead glowed briefly golden. He fired. Every target in range was hit, some of them multiple times. Alec whooped. Which is a good thing, probably-- you don't want a few dozen stray shots sailing off for a mile, labeled 'to whom it may concern.

More of an area-denial thing, that one. Fennek thought for a minute. I've got a flare arrow A firework arrow-- sounds fun. A binding shot-- but without anyone to bind, not much point Bayleaf watched in slack jawed surprise as a whizzing, buzzing something zigzagged back and forth across the field, striking through target after target in a spurt of straw before finally embedding itself in the last one and sputtering away to nothing.

When Fennek lowered his bow, a half-dozen targets were now leaking stuffing onto the grass through nasty looking double punctures. Fennek shrugged. It's a whole different thing between picking what you want to hit-- and picking what you want to miss. He winced. Just because you had an arrow that could turn corners didn't mean you could make it turn all the right ones. He wouldn't have wanted to wager on the safety of anyone walking out into the middle of the field when that last trick shot flew.

Alec turned and glared at her. It was one of Bayleaf's handmade guns: a Huntmaster's rifle-- double barrel, underslung bayonet, scope, handcarved oak stock, brass and iron fittings, and all the gnomerigan steampunky goodness one would expect.

A gun aficionado who clapped eyes on its bastardized, neither-fish-nor-fowl design would have a conniption fit. A gun aficionado who actually fired one would have to have it pried out of his grasp with a crowbar. Combined with a full load of Azeroth ammunition, and powered with a Hunter's natural arcane affinities-- well, simply put Rachel could probably kill buildings with the thing. Just don't wanna use it much.

He'd been fixated on the school sports field because it would make it easier to measure all the physical abilities: how far, how fast, how high, how long. Naturally his tunnel vision had kicked in again and he'd completely forgotten that said while it was fairly distant from any houses, the sports field wasn't exactly located in the remote hinterlands either. Gunshots would bring people, namely cops, running. The more important point at the moment was that Rachel, aka Lok'Tara, had obviously dug her heels in.

She'd carry a gun, but as a Hunter she intended to be a hands-on girl, and that meant the spear. He held up his hands in surrender. We will be testing your marksmanship, though. I'll feel a lot more comfortable knowing everyone on my side can at least send all the bullets in one direction.

I ditched the pigsticker the Agents gave me. Let Sparky break it down for enchanting ingredients. The thing was as big as me! Besides, who do I look like, Scrappy Doo? Tiny person plus melee equals squashed tiny person. I'll stick to my ranged attacks, thank you! He rubbed his chin and grinned. Grinning, Bayleaf left him to his practice and went over to the bleachers where Rachel and her dogs were sitting.

She didn't even look up from her book at him as he fished through his haversack-- With a start he realized that she was reading. Just a few weeks ago she had been functionally illiterate and a bit hostile about it, for that matter. Now here she was nose down in reading material. She held up the book so he could see the cover.

Wanted to see if I remembered the story right. Once again, there were many compliments on the music. See y'all at Southern Range next time around. Summer solstice a few days ago, and a lovely evening for music. Magnolia was serving up some yummy Cajun grub at break time Mr. And yes, The Mr. Vague Trio supplied the Jambalya music jam; Etoufee, they were ready to play. And did someone say generator? No Problem. These three Mardi Gras minstrels 'generated' some cayenne noise that would make your beans and rice wiggle.

Gosh, there were new 'The Mr. Vague Trio' stickers for some lucky folks in the audience too. Along with great beer, all the folks at Southern Range are always fun and a pleasure to be around; the Trio always has a great time there. And again, there were many compliments on the music, which is icing on the King Cake. A nice warm evening at Vintner, on this leg of the Mr.

Vague Trio World Tour. This, in fact, was the 60th Vintner appearance for Mr. Vague in one form or another. This includes solo, duo, and trio gigs. With Tim laying down the bass lines, and Fingers Bill pounding the skins, there was magic in the air. There were many rounds of compliments from patrons, whose earbones were delighted by The Mr.

Vague Trio sound. After packing up the gear, it was some tasty pizza and an glorious draft IPA. It is with great sadness that we add this journal entry Jeffrey Howard, keyboard player in Mr. Vague Band, and long time friend, passed away this last week. I met Jeff back in the early 80s, through our guitar player Donnie at that time Donnie was in the DM band with me.

He hosted video nights at his apartment in Blue Bell every week, on a little 12 inch Commodore computer monitor. He loved movies, especially the older film noir stuff Later, in during the years, he played keyboards in the Mr. Vague Band. And he played keyboards in a Mr. Vague benefit show in too, along with playing on several Mr. Vague recordings over the years. He preferred life that way too. I liked Zappa and the Beatles, he liked Zappa.

I can still see him, with that long red hair and beard, this tall mad-scientist standing behind his wall of keyboards, with an entanglement of wires at his feet, cigarette smoke rising, his 'magic fingers' playing some of the most creative, melodic and, at times, dissonant, bending and twisting, keyboard lines.

You can watch his playing on many Mr. Vague youtube videos from years gone by; I always will. He had a quick wit, a great sense of humor, and he was well read.

Who episode, or the noise we made.. Those times were always filled with laughter and enlightenment Rest in peace Sir Jeffrey Tucked back in a lovely cove on the Western shores of Lake Norman, The Landing makes one feel like they are on a tropical island.

The beach had kids playing, dogs running around, corn ball. The dock had boatloads of people pulling in on pontoons and other craft. The restaurant was crowded with diners outside and in. The band had thought they saw Gilligan and MaryAnn in the audience, and maybe the Skipper too? Again, there were so many compliments. A glorious evening. Nice warm evening, and a nice outdoor seating area, with tables and umbrellas, and the band setup real close to the great crowd, so there was a lot of audience interaction, and a lot of fun, laughs, and footstompin music.

Inside, Southern range has tasty snacks Mr. Vague had a yummy soft pretzel, and there was a smoker outside smoking some good smellin stuff , and of course, marvelous beer, served up by friendly barkeeps, to wet your whistle. There were many words of praise from the crowd for the music and the players, and the trio really appreciates the wonderful feedback.

At one point, during the blues jams, warm drool began to run out the corner or Mr. Vague's smiling mouth, as the trio moon-walked on the edge of a churning lava volcano summit of music Nirvana.

In any case, a great evening of music. Back at Vintner Wine Market, and with the holiday weekend, it was a relatively quiet evening. Vague Trio hopped out of a basket for a 2 hour long set. It was good to see Walker working there again, back from his travels. Eggcellent evening. This was the Mr.

There was a beautiful stage setup, complete with QSC PA System, courtesy of Jason , and two sound engineers the aforementioned Jason, and Steve to keep a find sound mix and the decibels warm.

There were beer carts, boutique clothes trucks, stands selling various wares, food trucks, the live music, and of course, the pub and brewery inside, as well as a large crowd, with Josh keeping the entire event in line.

D9 hosted a great event. Fingers Bill, Tim, and Mr. A glorious evening of music and smiles. The boys arrived in a chauffeured Shamrock green limousine, sipping teal cocktails, wearing turquoise suede shoes Finding a parking spot is tough in the busy Arboretum, as was finding a seat in the packed Vintner Wine Market. This was the second time out for the Mr.

Vague Trio, and Fingers Bill made a fashion statement, donning a lime green had and shirt attire. It was good to be back at Vintner, family and friends in the crowd, Emily and Stacy the barkeeps, etc. The trio step-danced their way through many tunes, and by gosh their grove got everyone's Blarney Stones tingling with joy. What a marvelous evening.. A rather warm Saturday evening, and a night of firsts. First time for Mr. Vague with Tim on bass to perform at Vintner's Hill, and first time for these two minstrels to perform as a duo, and it was also the first time Mr.

Vague got to wear his way-cool cowboy boots. Vintner's Hill is tucked in a small shopping center. It is stocked with many great wines and there were beers both on tap and by bottle too, and some tasty grub and nibbles. It is comfortable and cozy, with a cool 'chunk of tree' table, and outdoor seating too. Manager Colleen was most gracious, and the entire staff welcoming. And, there was a marvelous crowd on hand to hear glorious sounds coming from this musical duo.

After packing up the equipment, there was a fine IPA beer and a cold Sprite for the thirsty pickers. A wonderful night of music. D9 is housed in a nice new large building with plenty of space, with food trucks waiting outside, tasty beer and cozy bar and seating areas inside and outside for when the weather gets warmer. The staff was welcoming and the patrons friendly. This was a 'first time here' for Mr. Vague, and a first time appearance of the Mr.

Vague on guitars harmonica, and vocals. Both Tim and Bill also add backup vocals and other exotic spices to this new cauldron of bouillabaisse music stew. Once this pot of sound magic got cooking, the audience got to tapping their feets and clapping their hands, as their happy earbones reverberated in the glorious harmony.

Applause filled the room, after song after song, and there were many compliments about the eclectic set of tunes, and great sound coming from these 3 minstrels. The combo soaked it all in like a chunk of bread dipped in steaming broth, and played on through the tonal feast, which lasted nearly 3 hours. Done Somebody Wrong Elmore James. A glorious evening of music.

Vague on board with a sack full of song gifts for all the kids. After parking on the roof and coasting down the chimney unscathed, lovely songs filled the room. There were many words of praise from the audience, which made the songsters warm and fuzzy on this chilly evening, better than milk and cookies. Vintner Wine Market, once again, was packed full of patrons enjoying the lovely beer, wine, and edibles offered there, not to mention, the glorious sounds coming from the might duo of music makers Fingers Bill and Mr.

Yes, Mr. Vague had moved to stadiums! A fun gig, with 'Fingers' Bill on El Cajun. The weather was a drizzly and chilly mid 40s, but the duo was in formation under a tent, with generator power.

The Panthers wound up losing the game in the final minutes of the 4th quarter, but the pre-game tailgate sounds were a musical touchdown victory of pigskin and earbone bliss.

Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans made for a tummy touchdown too. This was the first official appearance of Mr. Vague with Bill 'Fingers' on El Cajun, and what a glorious show it was.

Vintner was packed full of folks enjoying their Friday evening after a long week of work, and they thoroughly enjoyed the drumbeat and guitar sounds. In any case, with the new addition of Fingers banging the beat, and the Mr.

Vague voice and guitar stings ringing out, the evening was a mountain-top nirvana of earbone delight. See y'all next month at Vintner. After a few months break filled with fishing and sun, and very little guitaring, Mr. Vague got off the boat and cast himself into a Pintville gig in downtown Pineville. There was a gracious hello from owner Samuel during equipment setup. Then, the tide turned, and, the music began. First time at this new venue for Mr. On this lovely Saturday there were vendors in house selling such things as hiking canes and jewelry.

As the vendors packed up, Mr. Great to be back at Three Spirits. A crowded afternoon, with a a soccer club and many others present. Vague the pleasure of meeting owner Tabu, who runs a fine establishment that serves up great beer. Ahh yes, music..

There were several handshakes and words of praise for the songs heard and the song choices folks like those Mr. Vague sets. See y'all next month. Vague at new Three Spirits Brewery. A large converted warehouse type building, turned into a really nice brew-house facility, with large taproom area. There is also an outdoor area for seating and games like cornhole. And of course, a great selection of various Three Spirits tasty beers. Larry the Larrivee was the only guitar used tonight, and the mix was much easier in the larger room, where the sound carried well.

Vague thoroughly enjoyed the evening and can't wait to return again. Tonight it was just Mr. Vague and Larry the Larrivee guitar playing to a relatively quiet crowd. There were some technical difficulties at first with the mix, but once the music got rolling, the earbones were in heaven.

A crowded Vintner on a nice Friday night. For Mr. There were many warm praises for the music maker and the music. A glorious evening of music and good times. Snow Snow Snow.. Everything closed Vague on a Friday at Vintner. He arrived via sleigh towed by reindeer, with song-gifts for all patrons within earshot. Merry Xmas. Chilly evening, big crowd, tough to find a parking spot. Gosh, after a summer of fishing and salt air, its been several months since Mr. Vague has been here, and it was great to be back.

And the Panthers are 5 and 0. A warm October evening, a packed pub, and music. A splendid crowd, with a lot of 'Thank You for the Music' and 'You Sounded Great' compliments for the alien behind the microphone. Vague skated onto the ice and warmed the place up with some blues and some new tunes too. Some 21 tunes on this chilly evening of March madness basketball on the tele and a good crowd of folks. Barkeep Dan is off to Portland, Maine, and Andy is off to another job, so best of luck to both of them.

A Great Lakes Irish Ale completed the night. Vague, delirious with a head cold, voice wobbly, went on with the show, and had a glorious time nonetheless. Vague was ready to call it a wrap, but A few folks asked for more music. Vague's World Tour kicked off on this splendid evening at Vintner.

There were tangled cables, missing guitar straps, no parking spaces close to the pub, cut fingers, but its all good. And no deflated balls either. All that said, after the coin toss, Mr. Score 21 tunes.

There were a few hard to recognize folks with winter beards; Mr. Vague had just shaved his head and face. Also, a man was seen leaving the pub carrying some soup, in a souper bowl.

Glorious evening. Half decent crowd for a Saturday. Now it may be time for a break from performing to record a few tunes, but we'll see. Seems like Fridays are always busy at Vintner, and this one was no exception. There was a man with a big black cowboy hat on, so a country western cowboy vibe galloped into the room. Vague shook off the dust, dug into his corral of tunes, and lassoed A Two Hearted Ale on tap after the stampede quenched the thirst.

Vague spoke with a few loyal listeners and shook some hands. It was then beddie bye early, because its off to the airport again Saturday at 6am. A pleasant Friday evening, and every seat was taken, as Mr.

Vague began this end of summer musical journey into tonal nirvana. There were many words, like 'Sounds Good' heard. Tonight's set was kinda sorta similar to last night's set. Vague will return to Birdsong Brewery in September; now its time to go fishing. Another hot day as Mr. Vague swung into action setting up on the deck porch area at Birdsong. Fueled with Gatorade and water, the setup went well. Rainy early evening, umbrella time and then a cozy pub area on the other side. Vague played from abut 7pm to pm with no breaks.

It felt a bit like a library at first. As said before, the evening was relatively quiet. Vague joked: "Where did y'all come from? First time here, and my goodness it was hot. Vague setup outside on the porch deck of this old warehouse turned into a brewery venue. Brewery section on one side, and then a cozy pub area on the other side. Cool place, nice staff one of the brewmasters loaned Mr.

Vague an empty keg to use as a stand , eclectic crowd. The pub has of course the great beers, and all you can eat peanuts. The big all buildings of Charlotte are within view.

A relatively quiet night at Vintner. Vague eased into the the abiss with lovely guitar music. Can you say yummy? After a lot of up and down and icky weather lately, this day was sunny and about 80F.

Vague's thirst. What a really fun night. It seemed quiet at first, but many folks arrived just as Mr. Michelle TZ This is the most delightful place to stay in the Vero area. Ann TZ Nettie's space was great! Alex TZ We had a wonderful stay with Nettie. Susan TZ. Nettie's Cozy Canal Getaway. Beautiful waterfront condo on deep water canal that leads to the intracoastal waterway.

Completely remodeled with new cabinets, ceramic tile and granite counter tops. Watch the Manatees and Dolphin from your back porch or wet a line and catch Tarpon, Snook and Snapper from the dock.

A large heated pool is included for your enjoyment. The beach is 1 mile away. Many fine restaurants and shopping are located within walking distance. Thirty 30 day minimum stay required. Scott TZ Very pretty and clean. Jane TZ Clean, quiet, safe and compact unit with all essentials needed for a home away from home feel. De TZ. Waterfront Condo Vero Beach. Ground floor, ocean front condo. There is literally nothing that separates our unit from the ocean but sand.

Breathtaking Ocean views from every room. Swimming pool on property. Close to park, fishing, art and culture, shopping, restaurants and dining. Walk the beach or the boardwalk, private beach and lifeguard supervised beach. Playground for the kids next door.

Vero Beach is close to Melbourne and Orlando airports. Lauderdale and Miami. Our condo is unique in the fact that the views are Ocean.. Gorgeous sunrises, rolling ocean wave sounds. You can drive or walk most anywhere from restaurants, shoppes, the Village Market, a spa, ice cream shoppe, a weekly farmers market right on the island. Yet will all that you can enjoy privacy, quiet sunrises and sunsets, cook at home or out with friends Check it out We look forward to hosting you soon!

We are located in a very safe and quiet peaceful location. It is unique that it is direct location to the ocean. The beach is not crowded and most of the condo's are occupied by the owners. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Were on the river side just a few miles from the beach. Close to Miracle Mile and the Go line bus service too. Many restaurant's and store's and two blocks from the downtown art district also. Large living room, comfortable bedrooms, new kitchen and up- date bathroom, nice patio.

Also a laundry room. This place is incredible. Such a nice and cozy place. Perfect for a getaway! Andi TZ You will be pleasantly surprised as you open the door to Charles place. Brian TZ Great! Very clean and organized Nicolas TZ Great place! Micah TZ Squeaky clean, spacious, great location. Tiffany TZ Do you want a whole house to yourself?

Kyla TZ. Cool Breeze. My house is in the middle of Vero Beach on a very quiet dead-end street; 5 mile drive to the beach, miles to major shopping and restaurants.

I have a regular bicycle and a folding bicycle, a large yard, and two small very friendly pups. The house has only one bathroom, so we must share. I have a large swimspa with swimming jets; if the weather is warm enough for swimming you are welcome to use the swimspa.

Two blocks to Ume Grill, Nino's pizza, and the best thrift store in town. Our next door neighbors have 4 chickens and a duck that come over to visit in our yard sometimes! Nice and friendly but the house needs some attention David TZ Had a good stay.

Easy Check in. Was fun to play with the cute dogs. Finja TZ Cherie was very nice and full of energy. Yoko TZ We booked the room for 2 hours before cancelling when our friend was too sick to have his birthday party. Pauline TZ Cherie was an ultra-cordial host who unquestionably accepted and accommodated my physical disability. Larry TZ Cherie is one of the kindest hosts with which I have ever had the pleasure of staying. Mark TZ Cherie was an excellent host.

Federico TZ. My private one bedroom apartment is near downtown. The space is private and the entire apartment is yours.

The garage with washer and dryer is shared space. The rest of the unit is completely private and yours alone. With the exception of the laundry facilities, everything in this unit is private and is not shared with any other unit. This means that the kitchen the bedroom the bathroom and everything else pictured is yours and yours alone when you are staying here. The neighborhood is a quiet dead end street full of working class families.

Nothing extravagant but totally safe and very comfortable. Unfortunately, the house directly across the street is pretty rundown. Specifically: 26th avenue south of 8th street. Luke TZ Terrific place to stay close to the beaches and heart of Vero. Jonah TZ perfect place! Emily TZ Seth was a great host. Jon TZ Seth's apartment is actually part of a home located in a working class neighborhood in the heart of Vero Beach. Daneen TZ. Beautifully remodeled guesthouse sat on a fully private acre.

The space is extremely clean and set up to meet high expectations of comfort. A beautiful big yard to enjoy and relax out in the sun or go for a walk. You have your own private entrance. Brenda TZ Great value! Emma B TZ Perfect get away.. Close to everything.. Caryn TZ Exceptional condo in a very private and safe setting. Gigi TZ Cozy, convenient, private and reasonable. Jack TZ Great place! Clean and convenient and communication was fantastic!

Thanks for having us : Adrian TZ This was a great place to stay, affordable, convenient, comfortable, and private. Keith TZ. This private and immaculate home has 2 bedrooms, 1. At the end of the street is a beautiful hiking trail that opens up to the lagoon. Well behaved, non-aggressive dogs welcome. Large fenced in back yard. Two dog maximum. Neighborhood has horses and a beautiful lake at the end of the street.

It feels like you are far away even though you are minutes from town and the ocean. Great place , location was awesome right down the road from the beaches , very homey would stay again next year Patrick TZ Our experience with Kimberly was exceptional! Arthur TZ Great location if you want a short drive to the beaches or manitee watching. Ray TZ House was great!

Torre TZ Sweet, well-kept house in quiet neighborhood. Shops and restaurants nearby after short drives. Barbara TZ Relaxing. Claire TZ My kids and I had an amazing weekend. Gisela TZ. Charming Vero Beach House.

Show all. Popular experiences in Central Florida Atlantic Coast. Perfume Making with Published Pin Up. Popular homes. My place is close to the public transport, art and culture, parks, and the city center.

We are a beautiful 10 bedroom Victorian located in Downtown Vero Beach. We are within walking distance to great restaurants, shops, art galleries, and parks. You'll love my place because of the high ceilings, comfy bed, vintage decor and coziness. Relax on our sq. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers. Minutes from the beach. Becca TZ Laurens place is truly a hidden gem. Christian TZ Great communication! The porch was great!

Close to everything you want. Super easy to check in Ken TZ Great location and great value. Patrick TZ Lauren's place was just right for my needs. Wanette TZ Nice quiet space. Brenda TZ. Rosewood Inn. Welcome to my home in Vero Beach, Florida! The house is in the center of Vero - literally between the mall and the beach. Great host! Genii TZ Honestly just such a down to earth, kind and generous dude. Brian TZ Excellent hosts! I stay there often. Justin TZ Second stay. As great as before. Just choose here if you come to Vero!!

Hong TZ Great accommodations. Friendly hosts and family. Would recommend to anyone. Kalih TZ The place is very chic and relaxing. Hashim TZ. Cozy Chic Vero Bungalow.

This unit is so close to the ocean you can hear the surf from your couch like you are sitting on the beach! Located in the Breakers Building, this 1st floor direct oceanfront unit Unit sits right on the beach. This unit has recently been updated and has a Kitchen, a King sized bed, and a Queen sleeper sofa. There are 2 comfortable chairs provided on the patio to enjoy your coffee in the morning or beverage of choice in the evening overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The historic Driftwood Inn has 2 very nice heated outdoor pools onsite with lounge chairs provided for your enjoyment on those days you just want to relax and soak up the sun.

Vero Beach and the surrounding communities have a number of nice restaurants, some with outdoor seating overlooking the ocean. Also you can enjoy the many unique shops and boutiques in the Vero Beach area. An elegant city located along Florida's Atlantic Coast, Vero Beach is a haven for golf, water sports and fishing. Peaceful beaches, museums, nature tours and a range of hotels make Vero Beach a terrific vacation destination and an important part of the region known as the Treasure Coast.

Vero Beach also offers a fine selection of shops — oceanside, historic downtown and in large shopping malls — and delectable cuisine for all budgets. Also in Vero Beach are museums, art galleries and many parks, some of which offer access to an enticing network of rivers and inlets where manatees roam. Though classified as a city, Vero, with a strict policy that no building can exceed four stories, feels more like a seaside village.

Central Location, Vero Beach! Shopping, restaurants, and beaches all within minutes. Simple suite provides comfort and privacy in quiet neighborhood. The guest suite is off the garage and has private entry and full bathroom. Refrigerator, microwave and laundry can be used in the garage space. Bikes are also available and surf boards and paddle boards can be rented for minimal cost. Car rides can be negotiated. Great neighborhood, quiet and safe. Walk to local stores, and restaurants.

So much to do in the area, and only 4 minutes drive from the beach. Everything was wonderful! Easy check in, private space, very clean. Would stay again. Rosie TZ Paul and Sara were great hosts, easy to work with, had awesome communication, and were quick to respond.

Taryn TZ Loved this location. Myila TZ Great stay, very conveniently located to everything you need. Very clean, very friendly. Great stay Brian TZ. Casa Tortuga, simple suite. Laundry facilities in room. Linda TZ This is a small and cozy space that was perfect for two. Zhue TZ Perfect little place to rest your head at night If you intend to only require a bed space. Corey TZ Kari's accommodation is great. Anne TZ Very cute place in the perfect location. Lizzy TZ A perfect stay.

Doug TZ The host canceled this reservation 2 days before arrival. This is an automated posting. Jenny TZ. Seashell Beach Room 2 Miles to Beach. The house also includes a washer and dryer in the unit, fresh and clean linens, everyday toiletries, soap and shampoo, and everything you would need to cook a meal.

There are enough beds to sleep 9 people and also the ability to sleep a 10th on the couch if needed. This is a well maintained Vero Beach Pool house with new furniture added throughout! There are numerous restaurants within a min drive also. The house sits in a private HOA community on a cul de sac road with very little traffic.

It has a very private feel to it with large amounts of palm trees, and foliage surrounding it providing for a natural barrier around the house. Once inside the house you will immediately walk into the large open floor plan including a living room, kitchen, breakfast nook and dining area. A great place to entertain, relax, and catch up with the entire group of family or friends. Right outside the living room is access to screened in pool area. There are multiple doors that lead to this large outdoor area.

The outdoor area has enough seating for people and multiple seating options to enjoy the sun, relax around the pool, and drink a warm cup of coffee in the private screened in area. All the furniture outside is new and there are also lights that have been added to make it a great nighttime retreat also.

Once back in the house, you will come back to the living room area. You can watch TV while lounging on the new large and comfy sectional that can sit people comfortably. The Master Bedroom has it's own secluded area separate from the other rooms and bathroom which are on the other side of the house.

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  2. Summer Time stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available.
  3. Penny Candy and Nickel Bars What others are saying Nabisco first produced Animals Crackers in ~ A total of 37 different animals have been featured over the years. ~ Nabisco sells over 40 million boxes of animal crackers each year.
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