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2 Oct, 2012

Life Is One Ling Drawn Out Suicide - DF* - Pharmaceutische Drogisterij

His smile disappeared, he stopped going to school and he lost weight, his friends said. Maria Sundvall, a Stockholm-based psychiatrist who studies mental health issues among migrants, said she knew of other unaccompanied young people who had yet to have a first interview after eight months in Sweden.

Some had not been able to start learning Swedish for six months after their arrival. Asylum-seekers under 18 are entitled by law to the same healthcare as Swedes.

But in rural Sweden, few health experts have experience of issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, and mental healthcare is further complicated by a shortage of competent interpreters. Ansari was put on medication; the documentation does not say what.

His father said the only thing his family knew from Mustafa was that he had a cold and a headache. Finally, on the morning of April 6, Ansari got a meeting with the Migration Agency. The Migration Agency said there had been a misunderstanding.

It said it called a new meeting for May 3. A few days later, the boys invited him to join them to watch a Champions League soccer match on TV at the centre.

As they watched, the boys said, staff called him away for his medication. Kullberg said that as far as she could remember, he went to his room himself and was visited there by staff offering him the medicine. That was the night he killed himself. The staff waited until the next afternoon to tell the other residents that Ansari was dead. It said a year-old asylum-seeker had died in a refugee centre in Karlshamn.

The family still owes around 1, euros to their cousins for his journey. They are paying in instalments. His name is on a card slotted into a plastic envelope glued onto the makeshift headstone. In its inquiry, Blekinge county found no signs of wrongdoing in the care for him.

Asked about the report, Valerius, the psychiatrist, said there was not much more the medics and centre staff could have done to support the mentally unstable youth through a difficult time.

Often singled out because of their religion, Hazaras were persecuted by the Sunni Taliban during its rule in Afghanistan. Many fled to Iran and Pakistan, where rights groups say they are still persecuted.

There are around , Afghan refugees in Iran, many of them Hazaras, and 1. The figures do not break down ethnic Afghan groups. He came to Sweden as an unaccompanied minor at age 15 in The Committee estimates that more than 70 percent of Afghan unaccompanied minors who arrive in Sweden - of whom there were more than 23, last year - are Hazaras.

In Iran, many Hazaras have no papers but their distinctive looks mean they live under threat of deportation and risk being hassled by police for bribes, Husseini said. Many work in places like brick factories in the suburbs of Tehran, where families are completely dependent on their bosses, he said. Human Rights Watch has documented forced labour, police abuses and severe restrictions on freedom of movement for Afghans in Iran.

It said in January that Iran had forcibly recruited thousands of undocumented Afghans in the country to fight in Syria. Some were under 18 and said they were told to fight or face deportation. For the vigorous, articulate Presbyterian scholar and his active wife, the setbacks were serious impediments to living the kind of useful, productive lives to which they had become accustomed. Derek Van Dusen, one of three surviving sons, and a vice president of the United States Trust Company, said he remembered a memorandum written by his father in which Dr.

Van Dusen advocated euthanisia. In discussions on the matter, friends and relatives often disagreed about suicide as a correct course and differences of opinion had arisen among family members. Friends said Dr. Van Dusen had resolved two years ago to live his life out naturally. Faced with his wife's declining strength and the continuing frustration of being virtually speechless, Dr.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, grant us Thy peace. The suicide pact was discussed openly at Mrs. Van Dusen's funeral. Friends who had seen the couple just days before reportedly said that the pact was being considered.

Van Dusen's death did not attract wide public attention. Those in attendance were said to have expected that the cause would receive public notice. The FDA said the 12 deaths it was reviewing included one suicide, four cases of sudden death and four cases of cardiac arrest. There also were single cases of pneumonia, asphyxiation and acute pancreatitis It seems the most alarming psychiatric events included two cases in which a year-old and a year-old jumped out of the second-floor windows of their homes after receiving two doses of Tamiflu.

Congressional committee dec And the suicide attempt rate of both amphetamines and methylphenidate has been ten percent in multiple studies. Ten percent of 4.

It is monstrous. And the pharmaceutical industry has turned the suicides into a campaign to test children for emotional disorders and put the children on antidepressant drugs.

It always comes back to how the monster can make more profits. All measurements were administrated in Cantonese. Socio-demographics characteristics investigated included marital status, educational status, ethnicity, living arrangement, employment status, and income. A culturally specific scale on healthy living styles was developed to measure five aspects of healthy living: healthy diet, physical activities, emotional expressions, interests and habits, and continual learning.

Social factors including social isolation and culturally specific adverse life events variables including relationship, family, work, physical health, and legal issues were investigated. The interviews of the suicide cases were carried out at an average of 7. After obtaining information on the decedents, the informants' responses to bereavement were also collected and reported elsewhere [ 21 ].

The interviews lasted from 1. Should grieving informants be uniquely anguished or angry, an emergency protocol was prepared for the safety of the informants or researchers. An emergency light switch at the interview room was installed in order to provide help and support for interviewers during emergency situation. When necessary, distressed informants would be referred for psychological and psychiatric support.

Nine informants required brief counselling and referral information. The interviews of the control cases lasted from 1 hours to 1. No subjects from the control group required any counselling services from the researchers. We also reviewed Coroner's files to supplement and validate the information provided by the informants.

The files contained demographic and background information; circumstances of the death; life situations; autopsy and toxicology reports; witness statements; police investigation records; medical and psychiatric reports; suicide notes; and insurance policies if any.

The demographic characteristics of the suicide samples and controls were also compared. A forward and backward stepwise elimination method was used in order to identify a stable model. The problem of multi-collinearity of the final model was also tested but was found to be insignificant: the minimum tolerance statistic for the independent variables in the final model was 0.

The male to female ratio in the sample was 1. However, the proportion of females who committed suicide by charcoal burning in the suicide subjects was lower than the suicide cases in The three most common methods of suicide used by the subjects were charcoal burning in 40 Thirteen According to the informants, 13 The informants of 23 Thirty-four Tables 1 and 2 show that the suicide group and control group differed significantly on a wide range of socio-demographic, and psychological and psychiatric factors, respectively.

Psychiatric illnesses were more frequent among the suicides than in the controls. Mood disorders were the most prevalent, presented one in two of the suicides Psychotic disorders were the second most prevalent psychiatric disorders among the suicide subjects In the control group, only 11 controls had a diagnosed psychiatric disorder Comorbidities of psychiatric disorders were found in 26 It is important to note that previous attempt was found in 43 All of the significant variables found from the binary logistic regression analyse were then further analysed by a multivariate logistic regression to find the most robust factors relating to suicide.

The multivariate analyses identified five independent significant risk factors for the middle-age suicides in Hong Kong. A surge in middle-aged suicides following the Asian economic recession has been observed in Hong Kong. This case-controlled psychological autopsy study examined a wide range of independent variables selected based on previous literature in both East and West.

The data of the present study is based on the psychological autopsy study on 15—year-old [ 9 ]. However, because of the wide age-ranged of the subjects in the previous study, a masking effect of the non-linear relationship of age with other factors may occur. Thus, we report here the findings on suicides among the 30—year-old in order to improve our understanding of risk and protective factors of suicides among the middle-aged, and consequently would assist the development of prevention strategies.

Our multivariate analysis findings once again confirm the fact that suicides occur due to a complex interaction of socioeconomic factors i. Nevertheless, taken into account of the multiple factors being examined in the study, the strong relationship between socioeconomic problems and middle-aged suicides is particularly relevant to Asian context.

The effect of adverse social-economic conditions on the middle-aged could be found to be serious or even fatal.

Previous studies have found relationships between unemployment, indebtedness, and suicides. However, the odd ratios for indebtedness and unemployment for our subjects were higher and at the higher end of other studies have reported. Previous controlled psychological studies conducted in Asian countries found that the ORs for unemployment for suicides ranged from 3. The considerable impacts of unemployment and indebtedness on suicides in the middle-aged Hong Kong Chinese could be understood from the traditional Chinese perspective and values on work and wealth among the Hong Kong Chinese.

Work has always been closely connected with one's sense of self-worth in Chinese societies [ 27 ]. Chinese tend to define "self" primarily based on their role in salient social identities i. Consequently, discrepancy between actual performance and self expectations might trigger off depressive symptoms [ 28 ].

These cultural definitions on work and wealth were mainly possessed by males. Female suicides, however, may also be explained by the same values because cosmopolitan Hong Kong Chinese females seem to carry equal value on the importance of work and wealth when more of them participated in the labour-force. Consistent with many but not all studies, lived alone [ 29 , 30 ] and never married [ 31 — 33 ] were found to be significant risk factors for the middle-aged suicides in our study.

Nov 13,  · Physician suicide: The facts. The fact is each year we lose over doctors to suicide — that’s like an entire medical school gone. I lost both men I dated in med school to suicide. In my town, in just over a year, we lost 3 doctors to suicide. One doc in town lost 7 colleagues to suicide!

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  1. A suicide note recovered from the spot read: "I hate the life of a prisoner. I want to be free. I want to get out of delusion." Mahapatra, a resident of Odisha, lived in the rented apartment with his flatmate and colleague in Old Rajener Nagar area.
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  4. After boxing me in, they threw me from my truck into the slushy street and tased me. After charging me with a felony and two misdemeanors, they nearly provided the perfect assist to my suicide. Through a series of miracles, I was brought back. I am missing four days of my life including three on life .
  5. Jaunimo Linija is the most well-known suicide hotline in Lithuania. Julija Staskovskaja is one of the volunteers behind the line who is ready to help others, but it is not without consequences for herself. With the suicide rate in Lithuania at per , habitants ( Lithuanians took their.
  6. I would think they have a pretty good life. level 2. I know 2 pharmacists that have already committed suicide. One in his 40s and one that was the staff is stressed and overwhelmed and constantly interrupted from the time they clock in until the time they clock out, mistakes are made. If there’s one thing you SHOULD do correctly.
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