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2 Oct, 2012

Ironside - Squarking Jazz - Imagine Plus (File)

I think the consensus here when we discussed this back then, was that such a concept won't fly in the States. The closest to that we have in the States are these stupid teen-wear stores in malls that employ joker DJs "spinning" on ipod DJ kit while a Technics deck is just spinning around for show. That's a shame.

In other parts of the world, these places are thriving. Can you just imagine scores of young people wanting to hang out at some hip place like Taschen , getting hooked on jazz unknowingly?

How can you NOT fall in love with what you're hearing, in that space, with your friends or loved ones? Seems like there is a resurgence of such places in Asia right now, and I really feel bad for our kids here who don't have such options so that they go on dates to the Loews Multiplex instead to watch yet another remake of some 80's cartoon show.

Jazz is an American art form. Other countries are cultivating it far better than we should be doing. This is a damn shame. Jazz does seems to have survived fusion but the real question is whether or not jazz will be able to survive Wynton Marsalis!! Poor Wynton, he is the Larry Holmes of jazz While Miles was a contemporary of Coltrane, etc Wynton is stuck in a world with Kenny G and Yanni passing for 'jazz music. Well, Branford is quite terrific, so hopefully some sort of balance is maintained.

I do admit to liking Wynton, too - he is great at doing what's already been done, so he is at least keeping alive a tradition, as it were. Yes, I know that Wynton does lots and lots of things to help save jazz but all too often it's only Wynton's idea of what constitutes jazz that gets help.

So much out-of-the-mainstream jazz, both past and present, gets left with no one to champion their cause. Great artists, such as Lennie Tristano past or Ken Vandermark present , get regulated to the hinterlands and their incredible music is never heard by many so called jazz fans.

Lots of really wonderful music goes largely unheard because these jazz fans are being spoon fed a diet of jazz that's sorely lacking in one of it's most essential amino acids: free improvisation.

So it's not that Wynton doesn't support great music, heck just about all the music Wynton "saves" deserves being saved, but rather that his scope is too narrow.

The funny thing is that Wynton is not really hostile to free jazz yet he just comes off as being afraid of expanding the boundaries of jazz to encompass some slightly outside playing. What can I say, I know I always seem to beating the same old dead horse but hey, just read my signature.

It is very entertaining having Johnny Cash's little miniature head saying all these funny things on the forum. Speaking of Taschen and Jazz, check out their book Jazz Covers they let you 'leaf through' all pages online! Jazz is in trouble because it's too good - think of what's happened with jazz as being like the Stephen Jay Gould argument about the spread of excellence in baseball explaining why there are no longer.

We don't get masterpieces and heroes because everyone pretty much knows everything - so jazz becomes a music of small gestures and differences. The recording industry has gone through several cycles of this sort of thing, I believe. What usually happens is that somebody finds a new thing or a new way to play something, and the cycle starts over.

I'm fairly sure that this will happen again and again, and again as both technology and humanity rolls along. If you think about it, in the French Romantic period the "rock and roll" instrument was the pipe organ. Then it was the guitar, then the whole guitar-fuzzbox-etc, thing, then the synth. Jazz has gone through cycles too, and has enough different genre material that I expect somebody will do the new version of "fusion" or whatever, create another cycle of popularity.

Meanwhile, in the modern world, we don't have to lose any of the good older stuff, either. For the forseeable future, we'll be able to play Herbie Mann to Frank Zappa, etc. All I've heard here so far is about "tight assed-can't swing-ass squeaks when they walk-white boy-jazz lite crap".

Anyway, it ain't dead. I must be misunderstanding your point Ken since the post you replied to contained Archie Shepp and Bill Dixon who are both "jazz players" irony noted if you read the interviews , the antithesis of "tight assed-can't swing-ass squeaks when they walk-white boy-jazz lite crap" and they both also happen to be alive.

This is very true. Guys like Norman Mailer, etc. How convenient. Played a rendition of Monk's Ugly Beauty that had one section with five sax players riffing together. They also did Epistrophy with a gorgeous simultaneous sax solo by two of the sax players, each soloing at the same time, yet weaving their sound around each other.

Before the show, Wynton was hanging around outside in the early evening and chatting people up. If I had my iPhone, I could have gotten a pic with him!

No after party that I could find. Chico closes down early off campus! But, the local wine bar and the sushi bar both had jazz trios playing - some Bordeaux, some cheese, some nigiri - I'm stuffed on food, but wish I could have taken in more tunes.

Wynton isn't as big as I imagined, and he is shaped like a trumpet player. Kind of barrel chested - I wonder if it affects someone's general physiology. Anyway, Miles was the least trumpet player looking trumpet player I ever saw. I say to save Jazz, we should ban it from the United States and all the airwaves. I did record the Bad Plus several times, though.. Search form Search. Log in or register to post comments.

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