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2 Oct, 2012

Id Like To Hurt You - Clearlake - Cedars

Controlling cedar trees is an important part of land management for many farmers and land owners. Cedar trees can grow rapidly and quickly overtake a pasture or crop land.

Fortunately, removing cedar trees is a straightforward process. Like many other jobs, it is much easier to remove the trees while they are small, but it is possible to kill cedar trees without herbicide in most situations.

Cut the top of the cedar tree. If you remove the greenery from the top of the cedar tree, it will not regrow. This will deprive the tree of nutrients, and it will eventually die.

If the cedar trees are very young, drive over the area with a brush hog attachment on a tractor to chop the tops of the cedar trees off. Hi Chris- Very interesting post. You and Scott may well be correct here, but you might still keep an eye out for pathogens.

Pretty often what kills trees is a combination of interacting factors. Bugs will stress trees, which then may succumb to droughts they would otherwise survive.

Or vice versa. As you say, very few things in nature can be linked to a single cause! We have been seeing this is Kansas as well. Drought is definately a major factor. Often the dead trees are in a tree row or shelterbelt and they are spaced close enough together that they are competing for moisture. Those that are spaced out in rangeland are experiencing less competition and they are surviving. At least in our part of the state, this has been a three year drought which has been intensified by very high temperatures.

It was odd how one would survive right next to another that died. It also seems from the pictures that the dying trees showed more stunted growth than their healthy neighbors, suggesting that they were not growing in optimal locations. I believe this would further support the hypothesis that the soil conditions dictated whether the drought pushed them over the edge.

The to drought killed a row of old cedar trees at our ranch near Gordon. No spread to trees in the yard or newer trees. This drought has killed a number of trees in windbreaks. The s drought was remarkable in its duration at least five years of significantly low rain…it was actually three droughts in close succession. But the drought in Texas actually saw far less rain than any one year of the s drought, and far less than in any year ever previously recorded.

It also appears from tree ring records to have been a remarkably dry year compared to any in the past five centuries.

So the fact that millions of junipers and oaks died in the drought of is not surprising. The previous owner did not make a great choice in planting 4 atlas cedars close together within a small 20 ft run. If they survive, I'll eventually have to remove a couple so they have room enough to grow. As a landscaper myself, and a continuously growing arborist, I tend to agree with Arktrees the most.

From a home owner perspective, it's really difficult to diagnose a tree that is dying or suffering. Especially if you weren't there for the installation to see the typically unseen, or control the quality and care taken during some planting steps. Not to mention, from a commercial landscape environment perspective, most Cedars of any kind, planted in Oklahoma, were done for the homeowner, by a landscaper and is integrated into an existing landscape system which may or may not include, landscape beds and irrigation.

There are many factors that are easily overlooked when diagnosing a tree. Pest, most typically being bag worms on Atlas Cedars in my area. Just my thoughts and experience. Also, take note of how often you see truly mature Atlas Cedars of any kind through out most of Oklahoma. It's a spectacle when you do, and it doesn't happen that often. I'm very choosy about when and where I plant Atlas Cedars. Here in California we have major problems with different type of Borers.

Once your tree is girdled, no nutrients can flow up and down from the roots to the canopy and the tree quickly dies. The worse part is that the hidden beetle larvae 'galleries' serpentine tunnels of eaten away sapwood under the bark.. The picture of the insect could very well be a 'click beetle' in the Elateridae family, but it may also very well be a flathead borer in the Buprestidae family. I thought cedars were actually pretty resistant to bark beetles, actually.

I hadn't known they attacked white pine. That's worrying. My parents lost a lot of pines to bark beetles, but the neighborhood white pines seemed immune. As did the Eastern Red Cedar When you say make cuts "perpendicular to the trunk" do you mean cuts going straight outward, like a star?

Someone else advised something similar, and it's interesting to see corroboration. Or in a circle? Might be useful for my "Lowes bargain bin" purchases. Just to clear up any possible confusion in this thread, we have not identified the insect.

There are LOTS of potential tree pests out there, not a handful. This book is heavy! And every specie of tree has numerous potential pests. Very generally speaking, all conifers are pretty good at repelling such creatures. It is only when the tree is stressed-usually by drought, that many of these borers are able to gain entry. This relationship holds true throughout the conifers.

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In all areas Cedars offers a great environment to work for with benefits and everyday learning opportunities. I don't like that we have to pay for parking. I have been here almost 2 years and it seems that everyone is miserable that works here.

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  1. Jul 09,  · As I travel across Nebraska this year, I keep seeing dead and dying eastern red cedar trees. Some are big, some are small, but they're definitely dead. Since cedar trees are a major invader of grasslands across the state, I'm not complaining about all the dead ones, but I do wonder what's killing them. Interestingly,.
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