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2 Oct, 2012

I Always Seem To Wind Up Loving You - Lena Zavaroni - Songs Are Such Good Things

The Kirkwood Inquiry reported in , was strongly critical of the management of Leicestershire Social Services during the s and s and of the conduct of several key managers as well as of the police. The Top Doctors were not criticised although it was known that mental health treatment of youngsters in care in Leicestershire had consisted of Top Docs having meetings with social workers not the children and advising the social workers on how to handle those terribly difficult children.

In the spring and summer of and winter and spring of there were a number of attempts by Dafydd and the gang in north Wales to imprison me on the basis of their perjury. Many colleagues recall how he had the knack of choosing the right Whitehall mandarin to approach. With his erudite and compelling manner always free of medical jargon he delivered his case which was listened to by ministers and their advisers. Kilpatrick knew that he was on to a winner with Baroness Jay then. In , she was elected Vice-President of Attend.

From she was Leader of the Lords. Among the numerous non-executive roles that she has taken on since retiring from politics, Jay was a non-executive Director of BT Group. The Jays divorced in and the Baroness lived for a while with the Cambridge economist Robert Neild. Kilpatrick became Lord Kilpatrick in Feb Somehow Marion has managed to adopt two learning disabled children, as well as give birth to that dog.

Kilpatrick retired to a house in Edinburgh from where he made occasional trips to London to speak in the Lords, principally arguing against euthanasia, although Kilpatrick knew that witnesses to the wrongdoing of Dafydd et al were being unlawfully denied NHS care for life-threatening conditions.

Kilpatrick was a keen golfer throughout his life. The Royal and Ancient had a male-only membership policy, this must have been one of the traditions which so endeared it to Kilpatrick. Louise Richardson was the first female VC of St Andrews, which caused a problem because the Royal and Ancient refused to let her cross their threshold what with her being in possession of ovaries, yet another tradition of the Royal and Ancient being that the VC of St Andrews should play a high profile role in the club.

The policy was changed, along with the name of the club. It was in that the police investigation into child abuse in Leicestershire was launched and that was the year in which dear old Kilpatrick, being so esteemed, left his job of running Leicester Medical School to take up the office of Chair of the GMC. Lord Robert Kilpatrick in ermines:. They included Princess Anne. Michael Bonallack was given a knighthood in Presumably for services to golf-playing protectors of sex traffickers and paedophiles.

Before working for Islington, Vaz was employed as a solicitor to Richmond-upon-Thames Borough Council, while there was a paedophile gang operating in Richmond-upon-Thames. Vaz was recently placed under investigation by Parliament as a result of his shenanigans involving rent boys and the attempted procuring of drugs while he passed himself off as a washing machine salesman. The investigation was suspended when Vaz produced medical evidence from a Top Doctor. Townsend was from Leicester, left school at 14 and worked in a series of casual poorly paid jobs.

She married young and had three children by the time that she was 23, at which point her marriage ended and she became a single parent, enduring the hardship which she later wrote about at every opportunity.

While employed as a supervisor at an adventure playground, Townsend went on a canoeing course and met her second husband Colin Broadway. During her time at the Phoenix, Shy Sue was mentored by several theatre directors including Ian Giles and principally Sue Pomeroy who commissioned and directed a number of her plays.

Bill Ash was a lifelong friend of Tony Benn and co-founded the Communist Party of Great Britain, which numbered among its members a great many people who knew about Dafydd and the gang in north Wales, as well as other organised sexual exploitation gangs, including the one in Leicestershire see previous posts.

Joe Orton used to comment that he was never allowed to forget that he came from the gutter. Joe Orton was gay and famously promiscuous from a very young age. He died at the age of 34 in when his partner Kenneth Halliwell bludgeoned Joe to death with a hammer at their home in Islington before killing himself with an overdose of Nembutal, or at least that is what the official story was.

Tydeman had introduced the theatrical agent Peggy Ramsay to Joe Orton. The publisher insisted on the change of name because of the similarity to Nigel Molesworth, the schoolboy character who was a s version of Adrian Mole, created by Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans.

Shy Sue really hit the big time while huge efforts were being made to conceal the crimes of Frank Beck and co as people began to come forward alleging terrible abuse in Leicestershire which stretched back decades but had become particularly bad from the s onwards…. It is quite extraordinary how frequently references to hearts are associated with those close to people who have concealed organised abuse:. Ashworth is the Shadow Health Spokesperson and bangs on endlessly about the marvellous Top Docs and Angels being in need of more dosh.

Ashworth was seconded to the Scottish Labour Party in to work on the Scottish Parliamentary election campaign where he worked closely with Gordon Brown. Ashworth was a busy campaigner in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election. Durham, where Jon went to university: on the patch of major paedophile ring linked to the gang in north Wales, which was concealed by Labour MPs in the North East, including Ernest and Hilary Armstrong and Mo Mowlam, for years. Scottish Labour Party, Jack McConnell, FM of Scotland, went to Stirling University with my best friend from school, who had her career destroyed and was targeted by gangsters at the same time as me, after I refused to shut up about Dafydd; McConnell knew about organised abuse in Scotland and I rather think that Lord Jack knew what was going on in north Wales as well and knew that someone whom he knew at Stirling was close friends with a witness.

Then Ashworth rocks up in Leicester, having had no previous links there, having been considering other seats. Leicester — site of a former paedophile gang which had close links to Westminster and was concealed by the NHS. Oh and Brown lives and works there as well, the Brown who, when Ashworth decided that Leicester was the place for him, had published with me on the abuses of the mental health services in north Wales and elsewhere. Jon Ashworth sought the nomination for Leicester when it became clear that Operation Pallial was going to re-open investigations into the abuse of kids in north Wales and that there was going to be a national inquiry into organised sexual abuse.

They are already among the most highly paid people in the country and the health outcomes for people in the UK are among some of the worst in Europe and it is nothing to do with Tory Cuts you big idiot. When I lived in Leicester in the autumn of , as well as Sue Townsend, there was another local person who had become famous whom I was told still had a house in Leicester and jetted back and forth between there and his place in the US — the old crooner Engelbert Humperdinck.

Humperdinck is not one of those who has been named and shamed in the recent spate of stories regarding ageing stars who stand accused of sexual misconduct, but when he was younger, Humperdinck was involved in a spat with the mother of his illegitimate child, who had to take Humperdinck to court to enforce maintenance payments.

Just months after I heard about Humperdinck owning a house nearby when I was living in Leicester, I was working at the University of Surrey at Guildford and one of the PhD students said that there had been an Engelbert Humperdinck concert in Guildford the previous night and because the students thought that the very notion of such a thing was such a laugh, some of them went.

Humperdinck was described to me in a highly negative way, as it was explained that during the concert he kept trying to grab hold of the young female students to drag them up on stage with him for a grope-lite fest, whilst he refused the many offers of women in their 50s who had paid good money to go and see him because they were actually fans of his, rather than because they wanted to experience the spectacle of a ridiculous old crooner with an equally ridiculous name. Humperdinck is a Roman Catholic who makes a point of trying to visit a cathedral when he is on tour wherever he is on the planet.

I am not someone who believes that all Catholic priests are molesters, but the combination of Englebert, Leicester and Catholicism is worrying. Sue Townsend was no doubt proud of him. Longmuir was by that time working as an Angel at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, having worked there since He was suspended from his job as an Angel but later returned to nursing. The Rollers came from Edinburgh. Edinburgh medics see themselves as far superior to the vulgarians in London.

They do get things badly wrong in Edinburgh though, even in circumstances where one would imagine that the Top Docs would be taking extra care. Over the next three months, Smith gave up smoking, lost three stone and began mountain walking. He returned to Parliament in Jan Regarding those rumours about the Rollers having been sexually used by their manager Tam Paton. In , Les McKeown said that Paton had raped him.

There was cocaine and cannabis. Chris Denning was always there. He would come up from London especially. He was just an animal. Les [singer McKeown] pulled Tam off me a couple of times when he tried to rape me or he spiked my drink. Paton always insisted that the boys at his parties — many of them runaways or children in care — were over 16 and willing participants.

He got you in a trap, he got you addicted to drugs. He was vile. The boys were anything from eight up to, well, after 17 or 18 they were too old for him. Pat McGlynn also suggested that drug addicts would willingly bring their children to Paton in exchange for a free high, while still more youngsters were flown in from abroad — sent to Scotland by their unwitting families with hopes of achieving pop stardom.

The boy had been drugged and repeatedly raped by a number of men, although the resulting Operation Planet investigation — which was rumoured to involve prominent legal figures — eventually led to just one man being jailed.

Dr Sarah Nelson stated that many survivors of the paedophile ring were afraid to speak out because they had become involved in drugs and petty crime and because they feared Paton and his associates. Pat McGlynn alleged that Paton was violent and kept guns at his house. Paton and the young men co-existed with a number of Dobermans and Staffies.

Paton died at his Edinburgh home in , after several years of serious health problems which, he boasted, were treated on the NHS, although he could have easily afforded private care.

Early last month — July — it was reported that Alan Longmuir, a founder member of the Rollers and the brother of the paedophile Angel Derek, had died. Alan was 70 and died in hospital after becoming ill in Mexico. Last week, it was reported in the Scottish press that another member of the original Rollers line-up had just died when his house caught fire. The success of the Bay City Rollers led to the formation of another Scottish band in with a similar image, Slik. One member of Slik subsequently became a big name in more serious music circles and spoke of his embarrassment at being packaged in the way that Slik was — Midge Ure.

Lynott was an alcoholic and heroin addict who collapsed at his home in Kew in Dec Lynott died in intensive care in Jan The song is the second highest selling single in UK chart history. St Bob has famously lost both his former wife, Paula Yates and Peaches, one of his daughters with Paula.

They both died of drug overdoses. Peaches died from a heroin overdose and no-one could understand why because she had given it up ages ago. Paula died after being in the care of Top Docs for serious depression after her partner Michael Hutchence hung himself. Paula maintained that Hutchence did not kill himself but she was denounced as a mad grieving woman.

Paula was found dead after a heroin overdose. Paula spent her early life in north Wales. She lived at Llandudno and went to the primary school in Rowen, the village where the family lived after moving from Llandudno, as well as to Ysgol Aberconwy and Penrhos College. For more information about the deaths of Michael Hutchence, Paula and Peaches and the numerous inconsistencies in the explanations for those deaths, see previous posts.

Ure himself lost a house that was destroyed in Montserrat. McLaren was callous and highly exploitative, as was demonstrated by his response to the disaster involving Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon. I am still waiting for Dame Viv to tell us all why some expensive Top Doctors went to the law to prevent Adam Ant aka Stuart Goddard from talking to the media and what happened to Stuart Goddard in an NHS secure unit after he had a breakdown that upset him and his friends so much.

In the late s, prior to the success that Steve Strange and Midge Ure had with the group Visage, Strange and Visage partner Rusty Egan began to make a name for themselves as a nightclub host and DJ respectively. During the mids, Strange promoted nights at the Emporium nightclub in Soho, London. Steve Strange was bisexual and for many years was addicted to heroin. In later years he moved back to Wales, to Porthcawl, suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised in south Wales.

In court, he was found guilty and given a three-month suspended sentence. Steve Strange had a very bad relationship with his dad, who killed himself in Rhyl.

By the late s, George had been struggling with heroin addiction for many years. Addictions to other drugs soon followed.

George won the court case against the Rudetskys and was not required to pay any damages. George denied that the drug was his. In court on 1 February , the cocaine possession charge was dropped and George pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a burglary.

On 17 June , a Manhattan judge issued a warrant for the arrest of Boy George after he failed to appear in court for a hearing on why George wanted to change his sentence for the false burglary report. He was given early release after four months on 11 May George was required to wear an ankle monitor and submit to a curfew for the remainder of his sentence. Hadley enjoys telling everyone that he has never claimed benefits. I rather suspect that if he was ever in need of money, Hadley would be capable of doing something far more unscrupulous than claiming benefits.

As well as Hadley, an actress from East Enders featured who was by far the most talented of anyone on the show and seemed a really nice, generous, fair player. Hadley behaved appallingly and used every dirty trick possible to put this young woman out of action. His behaviour was so bad that it would have warranted his removal from the show, but no, the big meathead won and was filmed gloating and banging on about his future as a Tory MP.

Perhaps Hadley would like to enlighten us about the drugs and trafficking scene of which he witnessed so much when he was singing those boring Spandau Ballet songs back in the 80s. Hadley grew up in the Islington area and his mother worked for the local District Health Authority. Lena came from the Isle of Bute, off the coast of West Scotland and had led a very quiet life until she was about nine. I presumed that her parents went with Lena to London, but it transpires that they just took her there and stayed a few days before coming home, leaving her in the care of her manager, Dorothy Solomon, who very obviously had no idea about looking after a little girl.

Dorothy Solomon was the wife of Phil Solomon, the music industry executive who was co-director of Radio Caroline. Lena then never really saw her parents or Scotland again, she was being taken off to places like Japan and America and had her nose to the grindstone. There are numerous clips of interviews with Lena and they are gob smacking.

I cannot find any information regarding who referred Lena for such a procedure or what their rationale was. Before the leucotomy, Lena had been an in-patient at a rather whacky therapy centre in the US, run by people who were obviously out of their depth.

After Lena died there were threats to take action against the therapy centre. No such threats were made towards UHW who had given a young woman a leucotomy, somehow killed her and had not told the truth about the circumstances of her death.

Lena died in Oct , four months before the Waterhouse Report was published. Paula Yates was distraught when, as an adult, she discovered that Hughie Green was her real father, not Jess Yates, the man whom Paula had always thought was her dad. Someone who knows the details of much of the wrongdoing detailed on this blog whom I have not blogged about yet is Clare Short, the Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood, Aston University is within the constituency which Clare held.

He was found dead in an hotel in Israel, allegedly after a heroin overdose. All universities are dysfunctional, but Aston under Crawford was very worrying indeed. She was supportive of peaceful Sinn Fein initiatives, although she was never a supporter of IRA violence. Short attended Keele University for a short time. At that time there were a number of people associated with Keele University who had concealed organised child abuse.

Alun Michael was a Councillor in Cardiff when that Council ignored the abuse of kids in care in south Wales. When she was eighteen Clare Short married a fellow Keele student, after she had a baby when she was seventeen. Both Short and Prezza and Pauline welcomed their children and it was good to see that everyone was so happy to be in touch.

Although I am sure that what Clare Short and Pauline Prescott went through when they felt obliged to give up their babies for adoption was bad, neither Prezza or Short have uttered one word about the many kids in care who were abused, trafficked and had their children forcibly removed in even more traumatic circumstances.

Short completed her degree at Leeds University and then worked as a civil servant in the Home Office. The screw at Risley were violent and the prison doctor was corrupt and in cahoots with Dafydd and the gang.

In Short was elected as MP for Ladywood, the area where she grew up. In , when he was in his final year at Aston, Brown received his first murder threat, which I have now been told was related to what was happening to me at Bangor, as I had come to the attention of the trafficking gang.

He had previously nearly killed the old man who lived next door to him and the West Midlands Police admitted to Brown that Paul Bates was considered to be very dangerous. Clark later admitted in his diaries that he had been drunk as accused. I was told in the mids that there was one woman MP who was well-known for getting regularly completely plastered in the Commons bars — a Clare Short. This is just what Clark himself admitted to. No MP, not even Clare, commented about it, although when Clark was doing all this, the press ran silly articles about him being attractive to the ladies.

It was all a rather posher version of Dafydd. A pain in the butt who committed sexual offences and who was constructed as being a source of desire for those unfortunate enough to be bothered by him. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones:. Those wimmin had no idea what Clare and the Windbag were keeping quiet about. The homes of my friends and I were bugged by the security services Clare, including our bedrooms, bathrooms and bogs.

Brown found himself with a series of mad girlfriends who caused havoc whom we have now been told were working for the security services. All because, unlike you and the fucking Windbag, we would not keep quiet about the abuse of vulnerable people. Furthermore I was told a few weeks ago that at some point in the past, photos were taken of me and other young women of which we were unaware, I was told by hidden cameras and that those photos were passed on.

I presume that the photos were taken in somewhere like the North Wales Hospital. Connie Francis My Child. Sarah Brightman Unexpected Song. Jimmy Makulis Born Free. David Arnold feat. Colin Thackery Love Changes Everything. Meat Loaf feat. Tom Jones Thunderball.

Adriano Celentano Il mio amico James Bond. Matt Monro Without You. Nick Palmer Born Free. Matt Monro One Day Soon. The Bachelors Follow Me Follow. Matt Monro Diana. Kevin Anderson Let's Have Lunch. Frequencia Mod Happy Everything. Tony Bennett Walkabout.

Boyzone Ben. Katie Melua Diamonds Are Forever. Petula Clark With One Look. Henry Mancini The Party. Floyd Cramer Born Free. Sarah Brightman Chanson d'enfance. Joe Dolan Walk Away. Marti Webb Sheldon Bloom. James Last Amigos para siempre. Donny Osmond Ben. Marti Webb Traffic Jam. Roger Whittaker Where's Jack. The Company Innocent Soldier. Tom Jones Come To Me. Craig Scott Ben. Scott Walker This Way Mary.

Lulu Best Of Both Worlds. Val Doonican Now. Her grandfather immigrated from Italy. She was discovered in the summer of by record producer Tommy Scott, who was on holiday in Rothesay and heard her singing with her father and uncle in a band. In Lena appeared on Opp… read more. Lena was born in Greenock and grew up in the small town of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute with musical parents, who owned a fish and chip shop.

Father Victor Zavaroni played the guitar, mothe… read more. Father Victor Zavaroni played the guitar, mother Hilda sang, and Lena herself sang from the a… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Roy Etzel Drive Safely Darlin'. The Paper Dolls Boy. Axelle Renoir Qu'est-ce que tu deviens? Mal Treno che corri. Jo Vally De koudste Kerstmis. Cilla Black Dear Madame. Eddy Mitchell Dans une autre vie, un autre temps. Miki Anthony Sally Sunshine.

Gene Pitney Summertime Dreamin'. Billie Davis V. Paola So wie du. Dave Berry The Crying Game. Siw Malmkvist Gullegries. Herman van Keeken Daddy, geh doch nicht so schnell. New Vaudeville Band Sadie Moonshine.

Dana The Crying Game. Patricia Lavila Encore amoureuse. Giorgio Sorry Suzanne. Gene Pitney Playing Games of Love. Vince Hill That Wonderful Sound. The Nolans Love Bandit. Tony Christie Nobody Cried. Juke Boxes The Crying Game. The Brothers Doctor's Order. Petula Clark Winchester Cathedral. Elvis Presley Heart Of Rome.

Hank Marvin The Crying Game. Frank Sinatra Winchester Cathedral. Sunny Doctor's Orders. Maggie Moone Happy Everything. Dave Berry Huma-Lama. Willy Sommers Ik voel me goed vandaag. Floyd Cramer Winchester Cathedral. Sagittarius My World Fell Down. John Barrowman. Sunset Boulevard. John Barry.

Follow Me! Theme From "Born Free". Johnny Mathis. Walking Tall. Bond Below Disco Volante. Man With The Golden Gun. Jonathan Antoine. Amigos para siempre Friends For Life. Joy Marshall. Walk Away. Kanye West. Diamonds From Sierra Leone. Kanye West feat. Karel Gott. Kate Ceberano. Changing With The Years. Kate Smith. Katherine Jenkins mit Laszlo Maleczky. Katie Melua. Katie Melua feat. Gori Women's Choir.

Dreams On Fire. Plane Song. Katja Ebstein. Kelly Marie. Tell Me On Sunday. Kerry Ellis. I Can't Be Your Friend. Kevin Anderson. Let's Have Lunch. The House On Sunset.

Girl Meets Boy. This Time Next Year. The Lady's Paying. The First Man You Remember. Laura Henderson. Whatever Time I Have. Anything But Young. Mrs Henderson Presents. Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat. Lena Zavaroni. Crazy Little Lover Boy. Drowning In Magic. I Should've Listened To Mama. I Wanna Boogie Wid Ya. Keep Your Mind On Love. My Boyfriend's Back. Songs Are Such Good Things. The Air That I Breeze. Linda Lewis. Sleeping Like A Baby. Lord Chamberlain's Song. Lorna Want. Where Rivers Keep Flowing.

Los Manolos. Best Of Both Worlds. Lyn Paul. Sail The Summer Winds. Madeline Bell. Maggie Moone. Where Did Our Summers Go. Mantovani And His Orchestra. Marti Webb. Capped Teeth And Ceasar Salad. Dear Janet Reger. Getting It Right. I Won't Change Places. Let Me Finish. Let's Talk About You. No Problem. Nothing Like You've Ever Know. Ready For Roses Now. Seven Outside Mr.

Shampoo And A Miracle Please.

Full list of Lena Zavaroni songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - .

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