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2 Oct, 2012

Hope - Galahad - Ladhivan

While an accomplished production, "Ladhiven" could have been improved by replacing of few of the less interesting cuts, such as "Warm Touch", "Mediis Tenebris" and "Step Beside" with a single longer track to vary the pacing and more firmly impose progressive credentials.

Yet for all that, this is mostly a fine collection of occasionally hard edged folk rock with a progressive soul, a bounty of flutes, electric guitar and even a few sensible keyboard and orchestral arrangements. I am especially heartened by their restraint, as they rarely grandstand for the sake of it.

Most of the highlights occur early on, with the best being the proggy and varied paced "Guilty"; the brilliant instrumental "Virtual Dance" with its dramatic harpsichord like flourishes and aggressive lead guitar solo; the Ulli-led "Be on the Right" with a smidgen of the oom pah pah in its sophisticated grooves; "Well Haired Golden Maiden" with its sublime melody again carried by Ulli, the choruses bolstering the tension building from the verses.

I will add one more - the nervous "Fred Friendly" with its tale of a fellow who can't turn down a request for help from his friends who are of course convinced that their need is a gift to the poor fella. Paul Alexander Jost continues to share vocal duties with the talented Ulli Koberg, but here Jost sings more leads, if you can call it that.

He actually has developed a talking on tune style that is paradoxically both warm and irreverent. It's a fascinating affectation that he barely hinted at on prior releases, and may have developed in keeping with the story telling aspect of this somewhat connected collection, though he plays a few roles including the titular one, more familiar to many of us as "Merlin the Magician" Koberg herself is more assured than ever, right out of the gate as the "Celtic Queen", a spirited and independent woman who chooses to devote herself to the cultural traditions rather than accepting a husband.

This creates a backlash to which Merlin himself refers in his narrative. In a way, it all seems a rehearsal for the "Girl from the Woods", about a suspected witch, and the "Two Witches" suite, based on a true tale of woe set in Germany in the s.

While there appears no direct relation between the witches and the Celtic Queen, women who defy the prevailing patriarchal system have tended to be outcast, and calling them witches is an effective tool of ostracism, with imprisonment as a further consequence.

The suite approaches 15 minutes in length and peaks on the "Where are You Now", when we discover that one witch is actually in love with another not in attendance, perhaps one from her prior life in a convent. Apart from 2 obvious retreads, "Gaudete" nothing really added to the legions of versions and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" a scintillating doodle fest that makes me so glad I didn't hit skip , the remainder is likely to please purists and heretics alike.

The center piece in every aspect is the astonishing title track that is indeed based on the 13th century German tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a "rat catcher" who is not properly compensated for turning the town's rats into proverbial lemmings so leads away the children of the village in lieu of payment.

Shrouded in the mists of the middle ages, the story invites myriad interpretations, but this is a magnificent musical arrangement with an extended mournful lead guitar intro, imaginative vocal arrangements in the verse, and a catchy chorus with a raunchy final bar. Wish you were the floating river within your silken blossom bed And Wicklow Mountain trees will shiver in the evening sun and let — —.

My love love grow like a red rose while moon and shade spin threads Like mystic buds enclosed like songs of life an love and death. Wish you were the Shannon River floating through the fields of love Come and kiss me and deliver our dreams and let them flow. Connemara Girl. From the waterfalls of Glencar, To the air so sweet and free, From the rustic celtic horsefarm, To the girl I want to see.

Under the Evenstar. Fairy fay at midnight a light in the dark so far Sooner or later I will fail under the evenstar. Glow in the midnight hour glow, my fairy star Love me when the time is right under the evenstar.

Mediis Tenebris. Peacful Slumber. Playing on the floors, guiding him to so much doors With much more rooms behind. The child becomes a king! He knew how to talk, how to sit and how to walk and what he had to do becoming strong. Like a light rose. Like a light rose in a dark sea, appearing at the door Moving gently she played with him He hoped there could be more.

But the piper he played his tune the maiden went to dance. When he noticed the dimming light of sunrise in his eyes And the piper still played the tune the prophecy came true.

Breavheart Story. On a dawning morning the mother felt in love when clouds were deep and tide was high And when nine months past away she laid down, her skin was wet.

She never felt the way like this had born a couple boys and girls but now she knew, he was the one the dreams had told her. And she called him. He stood there alone raising his hands, prayed until dawn, so he knew what had to be done and he was never seen again.

She asked the strangers crossed the way But noone heard about the boy. The very first time. Please come to me and love me Love me for a while I wanna feel your lips now I wanna see your smile. After Rising will be fall.

Just remember values which never change. Ships on the horizon then — stay out of range. Brave Malley-O, commanding bride and captain of a pirates-ship hunted for years all traiding ships and seldom one escaped her grip. She slept at night down by the sea a warning chain bound at her toe.

And the crew knew the orders well, bring in the prize, the sailing boat, take the gold and send the sailors to hell. Incredibile Galahad. The Princess and the frog. Back in my arms. A little bird sat in the rain. What is the purpose of my life. A wild big lion on the run. Rested sit down in the sun. Will you please be back in my arms. My heart wants more to give to you, my love. Be sure you are the one. My heart wants more to give to you my love. A snake long as a winding road. A man so mighty and so proud.

Sang the song of love, sang loud. Here we are to folk you. Let me hear you sing — we came to folk you. We had some fun — and also you. You may remember that we promised to come back, and here we are again — come and join in. Now it is you term — to entertain us. Hi, folks, come on, we wanna hear you sing.

Here we go again — come and join in. Go sit on a tack. You once may have thought that I need you, your deafness told you to ignore me. Ev'ry sin. Early in the morning, a nice maid by his side tender dreams of loving, wild side of the night The sweet sound of the heartbeat, the fragrance of her skin, the warm and tender feeling and a little trace of sin And when she leaves the knight, no sorrow on his skin he ever remember the night.

Early in the morning, that nice maid lies asleep oh my love, oh my sweetheart tears of love I weep. Early in the morning, the nice maid by his side, tender dreams of loving, wild side of the night. Next Step. Fighting for peace and for freedom, fighting for kings and democracy, fighting for Gods and the pope and for money, fighting at last for me.

Fighting for brothers and sisters, fighting the Russians and Iraqis. Fighting religions and Gods and pollution, fighting at last against me. No more fights forever, people stand together. Ages and ages of fighting, ages of deafness and bigotry, Now it is time for the next step of mankind, go on, Space Oddysse.

Tender Crazy. In the evening we were walking, through the fields of little lies, when the nightfall disappeared, see the darkness, lovely eyes. When the morning sun came shining,sweetheart gave me lemon ice, all my love I gave her, I gave her little lies Sweet like roses in the sun, sweet like heartbreak in the storm, gave her whispered word of love, tender, crazy and so warm. Sweet like candy in the sun, sweet like teardrops in the storm, gave her whispered words of love, tender, crazy and so warm.

Bringing dreams of hope and glory on a breeze of wild desire all my love I gave her and I gave her little lies. Stay alive. Hunger and thirst gave no other possibility, the highest of our village had to go.

A look in the eyes and the eyes of our children shows the last weeks privation, yes the last weeks privation for shure. An urgent message went ahead, a lot of strong man were wounded. The father of my children but the highest of the village had to go Stay alive my dear, whatever you may fear. Our love will never break. Stay alive my dear, there is no need to fear.

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Espers - Dead Queen. Espers - Widow's Weed. Eternal Rest - You Suck. Eureka - Heading South feat. Yogi Lang. Europeans - Arguments. Evanescense - Bring Me To Life. Evanescense - Going Under. Exkurs - Fakten.

Exuma - A Place Called Earth. Eyes Of Blue - Prodigal Son. Fairfield Parlour - Emily. Fairport Convention - Fotheringay. Faith No More - Epic.

Family - Anyway. Family - Strange Band Live. Family - The Weaver's Answer. Fantasyy Factoryy - Carnival Of Memories. Fantasyy Factoryy - Landing. Fantasyy Factoryy - Nova. Farin Urlaub - Sumisu. Connemara Girl Step Beside Hope This Day Is Not Today Ladhivan instrumental reprise Total Time The arrangements here are more progressive than ever, even if the songs themselves rarely eschew the folk idiom.

Other superlative offerings in this vein include the mystical opener, "Sparrow in the Midwinter Hall" and the frenetic "Fox at the Airport", both terse yet poignantly lyrical and infused with urgency. Several themes repeat, such as the main melodies in "Under the Evenstar" and "The Very First Time Part 1", both slow paced and deliberate.

Ladhivan - Tales Of Celtic Myths is a music studio album recording by GALAHAD (Prog Folk/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Ladhivan - Tales Of Celtic Myths's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by 3/5.

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  4. Hope may fade away, hope may even die. When you´re down and out, feeling sad, Hope may fade away, may even die some day. But this day – is not today, This day – may be far away. Remember all these days when things went wrong these days lie in the past, these days may lie ahead.
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  8. GALAHAD released LADHIVAN, in This page contains detailed performer credits and artist credits (line-up and band members), songs and tracks list, reviews, information and album cover graphic picture or DVD cover graphic or picture.
  9. CD, 17 Titel, GALAHAD , Bestellnr. GA Sparrow In The Midwinter Hall, Warm Touch, The Fox At The Airport, Under The Evening Star, Peaceful Slumber, Mediis Tenebris, Not A Moment, Very First Time - Part 1, Ladhivan, Wish You Were, Braveheartstory, Like A Light Rose, Connemara Girl, Step Beside, Hope, This Day Is Not Today, Ladhivan (instr.) Eine GALAHAD Produktion voller Mystik und.

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