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2 Oct, 2012

Ed Rush ✱ Optical* / Trace* ✱ Optical - Socom

But do these links hold up in other cultural and contextual arenas, such as in contemporary North American society? To find out, we conducted a set of two studies. Participants also completed a personality inventory, given the possibility that those with certain personality characteristics such as being extroverted might happen to engage in both more altruism and more sexual activity. We found that people who scored higher on altruism also reported they were more desirable to the opposite sex, had more sex partners, more casual sex partners, and had sex more often within relationships although this latter finding was not statistically-significant after controlling for personality variables.

Apple has acknowledged that its Icloud service is a weak link in its security model, because by design Apple can gain access to encrypted data stored in its customers' accounts, which means that the company can be hacked, coerced or tricked into revealing otherwise secure customer data to law enforcement, spies and criminals. After Automattic makers of Wordpress announced its control of the. He did so under the expectation that, as Automattic had promised, domains with multiple applicants would go to auction.

Eventually he was told someone else won the domain—no auction necessary! He got a refund, but wants to know why Automattic took money for an auction that wasn't going to happen. My interpretation is this: we yanked your domain and aren't going to let you have it or bid on it until we find a way to make more money from it. A few weeks back, before I had inquired about the auctions, I thought to check get. My guess is that the cheap ones already had applications, then Automattic panicked and raised the prices on the rest.

At Hacker News , at least two more people report similar stories of their. The implication seems to be that the auctions failed to attract the pre-bid interest Automattic expected, so it began proactively marketing short and trademarky domains to private parties on the sly. All domains are auctionable, but some are more auctionable than others. This is a huge warning to anyone thinking of registering under a newfangled, privately-operated TLD: what's to stop your landlord evicting you, or raising the rent?

Anyone who applies for a domain and is unsuccessful gets their application fees refunded. Domain registries are allowed to reserve a certain number of domains before putting the rest up for auction, and we have done that, reserving them for founders and other projects. There seemed to be some instances in which users were not able to see whether a domain was actually available before submitting their application fee.

Now that Boars, Gore, and Swords has switched to full coverage of HBO's Westworld, they've returned to their schedule of posting episodes following that night's airing. For this week's "Contrapasso," Ivan and Red are joined by comedian Allison Mick to discuss ever-expanding fan theories, dude robot full frontal, and Ed Harris's frontier medicine.

They've also concluded their Patreon-exclusive coverage of the Great British Bake Off finale , so kick in a buck for some high-class cake talk. You can find them on Twitter boarsgoreswords , like their Facebook fanpage , and email them.

If you want access to extra episodes and content, you can donate to the Patreon. Color slides were once the state of the art in family photography -- vibrant, immersive, ubiquitous.

So ubiquitous, in fact, that millions, maybe billions of them survive. A conversation with midcentury pop culture expert Charles Phoenix : What can we learn from the vast shadow world of abandoned slides about the way we used to live in our homes? And don't forget to subscribe:. Via a Freedom of Information Act request, Yellowstone National Park recently reported the tragic details of an accident last summer, where a 23 year old man dissolved after an illegal attempt to bathe in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

He had gone yards past the legal tourism area with his sister, who was recording on her cell phone when the incident happened. Luckily, that video has not been released.

Though search and rescue was attempted, Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress remarked, "in a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving" due to the churning, acidic water.

The man was reaching down to test the temperature, with the intent to "hot pot," aka bathe in the steaming water, when he slipped and fell in. Search and rescue rangers who arrived later did find the victim's body in the pool, along with his wallet, and flip flops. But, a lightning storm stopped the recovery efforts.

The next day, workers could not find any remains. Veress says the water was churning, and acidic. And a place like Yellowstone which is set aside because of the incredible geothermal resources that are here, all the more so.

Yellowstone is meant to be wild and preserved as such, so the park posts warning signs for this very reason. Despite the signs and the accident, a week later, a Chinese tourist also left the visitors boardwalk and illegally tried to collect water from the same spring to use for its "medicinal purposes.

Walking on the fragile crust of the thermal springs causes irreversible environmental damage. How the hot springs were formed, from the Yellowstone website:. At Yellowstone each year, the rain and melted snow seeps into the earth. Cold to begin with, the water is quickly warmed by heat radiating from a partially molten magma chamber deep underground, the remnant of a cataclysmic volcanic explosion that occurred , years ago.

After moving throughout this underwater "plumbing" system, the now hot water rises up through a system of small fissures. Here it also interacts with hot gases charged with carbon dioxide rising up from the magma chamber. As some of the carbon dioxide is dissolved in the hot water, a weak, carbonic acid solution is formed. In the Mammoth area, the hot, acidic solution dissolves large quantities of limestone on its way up through the rock layers to the hot springs on the surface.

It is not known why the FOIA report was requested. Samuraiguitarist Steve Onotera created this fantastic cover of the Super Mario World music including sound effects made on his guitar.

One of his favorite pieces? An original Hal faceplate! That is quite the wunderkammer , Mr. We're off to never never land. It runs Android 7. You could be on your way to owning one of the most high tech, next-gen smartphones on the market today. We've compiled a list of facts about The Netherlands to show you what humans can do when they're not fighting en masse on Twitter:. As far as opportunity goes, here is the tech business climate , including for foreign workers, as described by Holland High Tech :.

The Dutch high-tech systems and materials sector offers pragmatic solutions for these technological challenges. Solutions that, due to the complexity of the challenges, are primarily found in cross-overs in technology and collaboration. The Netherlands is recognized around the world for its products, knowledge and concepts.

Its high-tech systems and materials sector has high-end jobs for foreign knowledge workers, skilled workers and teachers. It is also a centre of excellence for research and development in the area of technology and innovation, and promotes collaboration and technology partnerships. The Netherlands offers excellent business conditions for domestic and foreign technology companies alike, and is an attractive place to live and work for entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

Disney just announced that Doc McStuffins , an animated show starring an African-American girl who fixes broken toys and wants to be a doctor, is renewed for its fifth season.

The social media campaign was led by W. Since the series debuted in , it has won much admiration, particularly because it is difficult to find a female African-American protagonist who aspires to be a doctor in many mainstream cartoons. A group of African-American female physicians, inspired by the program, formed the Artemis Medical Society , an organization which has a membership of over women physicians of color from around the world.

First Lady Michelle Obama guest-starred as herself in an episode. We interrupt your growing anxiety at America's emergent cyberpunk dystopia for a tense missive from this guy's house. In this video, a pigeon bears down a chimney in Romford or maybe Cheltenham or somewhere like that.

The perspective on the video makes it hard to tell especially when things get hairy but the pigeon is well-armored and only seconds from putting the defender in serious trouble. Wings flap menacingly; a feather sails past the lens. It is not long before he is quite alarmed at the bird's progress. What happens next, though, will probably not surprise you.

We interrupt your growing anxiety at America's emergent cyberpunk dystopia for a tense missive from the Syrian War. In this video, an explosive-laden suicide truck bears down on a position held reportedly by French special forces with the SDF near Raqqa. The perspective on the video makes it hard to tell, but the vehicle is well-armored and only seconds from putting the defenders in serious trouble. Bullets ricochet off; a missile sails past its target.

It is not long before everyone is becoming quite alarmed at the driver's progress. In a Subway eatery, a displeased customer. By the end, a nightmare of growls and weird echoing sound effects. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Digital Security Tips for Protesters builds on its indispensable Surveillance Self Defense guide for protesters with legal and technical suggestions to protect your rights, your data, and your identity when protesting.

The kicker is, this new Nook tablet will run plain-vanilla Android 6. Will this be enough to rescue the ailing Nook brand? Ford, then 33, was married to Mary Marquardt, with whom he had two children. Fisher writes that she and Ford spent their first night together after a birthday party for director George Lucas.

A hero's face -- a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow," she wrote. As Walt Disney said, "The cartoon is a good medium to stimulate interest. Even the extreme legal theories of the George W Bush administration were mild compared to some of the "compromise" positions Obama's DoJ argued for, and now Donald J Trump gets to use those positions to further its own terrifying agenda of mass deportations, reprisals against the press, torture and assassination, and surveillance based on religious affiliation or ethnic origin.

As an iPhone owner, I'm pretty much always in need of a Lightning cable. For a limited time, these 6. Drew Friedman is one of the best illustrators alive today. His work has appeared on the cover of MAD , Spy , and The New Yorker and his recent books about c omic book heroes and Jewish comedians will go down in history as masterpieces. I'm glad someone is making a documentary about Drew , called "Vermeer of the Borscht Belt. Mitch and I've known each other since we were both 16 years old at Boulder High School.

He was in marching band. Here's his photo. He was a terrific artist then and I hated him for it. Decades later, my hate has mellowed to mere jealously and bitterness. Book Two here. Sarah Gailey's demon-dog duo from " Bargain " in Mothership Zeta 's first issue return for another adventure in Mothership Zeta 5 October Malachai, Devourer of Miscreants and Usurper of Souls, has a lot to learn about dog parks, tiny pinstriped pajama tops, and the need to carry plastic bags everywhere.

Mothership Zeta is an Escape Artists ezine publishing fun science fiction, fantasy, and horror four times a year. In , lawyer and eminent Sherlockian Les Klinger comprehensively won the legal battle to establish that Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain and available for anyone to use, abuse, alter, celebrate or mock; now with a new anthology of completely unauthorized Sherlock tales, Echoes of Sherlock Holmes , Klinger and co-editor Laurie R.

King have shown just how much life there is in the old tales. Every now and then I meet people who seem to possess superhuman powers. How cool is that?! After speaking with Elliott for a few minutes, I asked if he was a performing magician to which he didn't answer. Instead, he began patting down his pockets for a deck of cards. One thing to know about this deck, is that you either own it because you're a genius with a deck of cards, or you're a poser.

And for the record, I am not a genius with a deck of cards. Elliott took my fancy cards and did the impossible. He showed me a King of Hearts and slowly flexed it back and forth as the card changed from king to an ace and then back again. His movements were slow and it was real magic to everyone that was with me. But the good news is that there are other effects and concepts on the website that are far more approachable and equally satisfying. Visit the website and begin developing superpowers of your own.

Besides having some of the best, current magical techniques and concepts, Art of Magic has hours and hours of free audio content to pour through. Below is Elliot's interview with Homer Liwag, who is known for creating magic with and for David Copperfield. Remember David Hahn, the " radioactive boy scout " who, as a teen in , tried to build a nuclear reactor in his garden shed? Sadly, he died this fall. So far, the cause of death is unknown. That article was later expanded into a book, The Radioactive Boy Scout.

At the age of 17, Hahn wrote to numerous nuclear industry entities, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC , posing as a high school science teacher.

The Harper's article goes into some detail on his efforts. In , Hahn was arrested for stealing smoke detectors which contain trace amounts of a radioactive element used to ionize smoke particles so they can be detected from his apartment complex. His mugshot above reveals that Hahn had a lot of sores on his face that look like radiation poisoning. No matter what apologists who would normalize the threat a Trump Administration represents may tell you, no one incidentally voted for the KKK's Presidential candidate because of his attractive economic policy.

That story sounds good and helps quiet the fears of Americans who are suddenly discovering that we live in a racist, sexist, fundamentalist Christian cesspool, but T.

Ramachandran washes the fiction away by simply showing us the data. This tweet storm is quite long, but one of the best analysis I've seen of how we got here. The following is an excerpt, I recommend starting at the beginning.

HP's little desktop isn't quite as small, at 8. With Xeon and Nvidia Quadra video card options on offer, it'll soar much higher if you load it. No detailed specs were announced, though Engadget reports you can get up to a 1. It lacks Thunderbolt and more game-friendly video card options. Is it weird that the natural point of comparison, the Mac Pro, doesn't even come to mind? The Z2 Mini may well overpower it in pricier configurations. What happened to that, anyway?

The details of the Yavneh Stone's discovery are related in an article by Y. According to Mr. Kaplan's account, this extraordinary artifact was rediscovered in , during the excavation of a railroad line along the southern coastal plain of Palestine.

The discovery was made near Yavneh, an historic city called Jabneel in the Hebrew Bible. The workmen who found it did not recognize its importance and either sold or gave it to a local Arab man of some means, who set the stone into the threshold of a room leading to his inner courtyard, with the inscription facing up.

Due to foot traffic, several words on the center left side of the tablet were blurred over time. In , thirty years after his father acquired it, the man's son sold the stone to Mr. Kaplan, who immediately recognized its importance as an extremely rare "Samaritan Decalogue," one of five such extant stone inscriptions dating to before the Muslim invasion of the seventh century CE By terms of the letter, the museum must receive permission from the IAA for any future sale of the artifact.

In subsequent contacts, the IAA has confirmed that the agency will approve sale to a third party, provided the Stone is placed on public display "where all can view it and enjoy. It felt like time to dust off our old podium.

With the iPhone 7's huge splash this year, Bluetooth headphones are definitely going to be an important gift this holiday season. These earbuds are designed to be sweat and water resistant, so they can hold up during any outdoor activity or sweaty workout.

All you have to do is pull the earbuds apart to automatically pair them to your phone, and snap them back together to turn them off. The battery lasts for up to 10 hours of playtime, and charges up in just 90 minutes. Unlike the commercial clubs that existed to make a profit, Mancuso and particularly his event Love Saves the Day, offered a space for its members, often an LGBTQ audience, to celebrate nightlife without police interference.

In New York City they changed the law [for entry into clubs, from] 18 to 21 years old; where can this age group go to dance? In my zone, you can be any age, a drinker or non-drinker, a smoker or a non-smoker. Check out this incredible spacecraft made by IMGURian revmuun for their beautiful one-year-old baby boy. What a fantastic wondrous thing to build for your kiddo! You can also see the hinges that help detach the control section from the body for easier transportation.

I would define them as disloyal. In the wake of the Trump election -- a triumph of fake news -- both Google and Facebook have announced that they will take countermeasures to exclude "fake news" from their services, downranking them in the case of Facebook and cutting them off from ad payments in Google's case.

Brazilian Army Captain Willian Pina Botelho posed as Baltazar "Balta" Nunes in a fake Tinder profile and set out to seduce members of left wing anti-government protest movements in order to infiltrate them. Andre was so impressed with the existential crisis of a butter-passing robot as depicted in the cartoon Rick and Morty that he created his own, and shows you how to make one for yourself.

The game is set to join the ranks as one of the most successful crowdfunded gaming campaigns in history. We have a new leader in America.

Known for his distinct regional accent and often seen wearing a baseball cap at rallies, he starred in a show on NBC, and holds strong opinions about guns and the NRA. He may not be the leader you saw coming, but you're going to see a lot more of him: Michael Moore. The documentary filmmaker shuns the activist label he is often given.

It's redundant to say I'm an activist. We all should be active. Unlike the Democrats. A week after Trump's election, Democrats and progressives are still raw with shock and grief. The agony is acute. The mood of over half the country? Political satirist Barry Crimmins nailed it in a tweet , saying "We're now kids trapped in the back of our blowhard, road-raging, shitty-driver, dad's car for a 4-yr trip and he's issued a "No Talking" edict.

Liberals feel aimless and powerless, falling all over each other trying to figure out what happened. Like teenagers at a party that went off the rails, some are locked in the bathroom crying, some are fighting amongst themselves, others are telling everyone it's going to be fine, and some are standing on the kitchen table yelling, trying to restore order in futility.

The left needs a designated driver, and Michael Moore is already in the driveway with the car warmed up, waiting for Democrats to pull themselves together and get in. They have failed us miserably.

It was statement of tough love telling us what was necessary to lay the groundwork for an effective movement against Trump. Two days later, in an interview with LA Times reporter Steven Zeitchik , he said he that he wanted to head that movement:.

Hillary Clinton won the widest margin of the popular vote in the history of presidential election defeats, but lost in electoral votes -- and her supporters are still losing their minds. Also, on the th anniversary of a woman's right to vote, electing the first female president seemed like it was meant to be. Now, Twitter reads like a manic-depressive's drunken journal, riddled with earnest hashtags desperately trying to unify the bloodied left, and gloating trolls on the right who were all absent from gym class the day the other kids learned what sportsmanship was.

Michael Moore: I am doing my part to help lead the opposition, and will work with others to do so. Less meetings, more action. I tried to warn people about Trump winning -- I now have a responsibility to stop him from doing any harm. At least now people are listening to me. He was right when he said Trump would win, but his article did not go particularly viral at the time, considering Moore's general popularity.

It didn't get re-posted, re-tweeted, or shared the way the left, myself included, spread around self-soothing articles on our preferred candidate or editorials painting Trump as an impossible joke. Maybe Moore's perspective was not taken seriously, or it was ignored out of fear of facing the reality we are in now. Maybe we thought that embracing the possibility of a Trump presidency would jinx the election.

Whatever the reason, we didn't listen, and we also didn't listen when he said back in that Trump was going to be the Republican Party's nominee. I never wanted to be more wrong," the outspoken liberal director said in an LA Times interview. Moore does not make his predictions based on algorithms, polls, and self-satisfied soothsaying.

He pays attention to the root causes, he sees how systemic problems play out in individual lives -- it's what he has always done in his films. Michael Moore is as woke as they get. He kept his eye on the ball while the rest of us looked away, assuming it would land in our glove. Well, it got dropped and we lost the game. There's no Red Cross for losing an election, but that's the kind of thing people are looking for. People want to do something. But they need to do something different.

Well, yesterday, Michael Moore posted a handy to do list on Twitter :. A massive nationwide opposition movement has exploded. It must continue. I am part of this. You are, too. Must quickly and decisively form an opposition movement, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the s. The core of this opposition force will be fueled by young people who, as with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, don't tolerate B. They have no interest in compromising with racists and misogynists.

Prepare for Trump's Impeachment now. Narcissism and greed and the fact he's a sociopath will lead to him breaking the law. Prepare to impeach Trump. Just as the Republicans were already planning to do with President Hillary from Day One, we must organize the apparatus that will bring charges against him when he violates his oath and breaks the law -- and then we must remove him from office. Plan now to join millions in civil disobedience when Trump nominates his first Supreme Court Justice.

Must commit right now to a vigorous fight including civil disobedience, if necessary which will block any and all Donald Trump Supreme Court nominees who do not meet our approval. We demand the Democrats in the Senate aggressively filibuster any nominees who support Citizens United or who oppose the rights of women, immigrants and the poor. This is non-negotiable. The DNC must apologize to Bernie Sanders for trying to rig the fight against him, for defaming him, for cheating.

Demand the DNC apologize to Bernie Sanders for trying to fix the primaries against him, for spinning the press to ignore his historic campaign, for giving Clinton the questions in advance at the Flint debate, for its latent ageism and anti-Semitism in trying to turn voters against him because of his age or religious beliefs, and for its anti-democracy system of "super-delegates" who are elected by no one.

We all know now had Bernie been given a fair shot, he probably would have been the nominee and he -- as the true outsider and "change" candidate -- would have inspired and fired up the base and soundly defeated Donald Trump. If no apology is soon forthcoming from the DNC, that's ok -- when we take over the Democratic Party see yesterday's To-Do List, 1 , we will issue the apology in person. Obama must appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the FBI Director's illegal interference in the election.

As well as his work with Optical, Rush has also released house music under the name Ben Dylan. Ed Rush is a play on the phrase "head rush", which was slang in the rave scene for a temporary whiteout caused by too many Es. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the basketball referee, see Ed T. London , England , United Kingdom. Electronic music old school jungle drum and bass breakbeat hardcore techstep neurofunk. Metalheadz Prototype Virus recordings.

Resident Advisor. Retrieved 30 September Their track Frontline was use in the soundtrack to the video game Wipeout HD. They had a long relationship with the London club Fabric having played at the opening weekend in [20] and appearing on the first drum and bass mix released by Fabric in FabricLive.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. London , England , United Kingdom. Electronic music old school jungle drum and bass breakbeat hardcore techstep neurofunk. Fabric club. Retrieved Matthew Sutton. MC Ryme Tyme". Retrieved 1 October White Lightning. Check-Out Time. Sick Note. The Nemesis. No Cure. Point Blank. Falling Down Stairs.

Alien Girl Mixed. Get Ill. The Original Doctor Shade. Grey Odyssey Album Version. Long Stay. Reach Out. Slip Thru. Move It. Travel the Galaxy. Skillz Remix. Side Effect. Artistes similaires.

Bad Company UK. High Contrast. Roni Size. Discographie Albums. Virus Recordings Blue Monday Optical Dub Mix.

May 22,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Ed Rush Optical* / Trace* Optical - Socom at Discogs. Complete your Ed Rush Optical* / Trace* Optical collection/5().

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  1. Ed Rush & Optical. 12K likes.. Ed Rush is one of the current leaders of the new school drum and bass. One of the originators to bring back the dark sounds of drum and bass and push it to new levels, Followers: 12K.
  2. Sep 02,  · MARIAH CAREY: HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A MANAGER SCORNED. Mariah Carey has been under the radar lately and her disgruntled former manager Stella Bulochnikov might have something to do with it. If you watched Carey’s lame reality TV series Mariah’s World, you are quite familiar Stella, who produced the show, and worked as Mariah’s manager and confidante for three years.
  3. Socom. by Ed Rush / Optical / Trace. MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. Or $ to buy MP3. Funktion / Naked Lunch. by Ed Rush / Optical. MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. Or $ to buy MP3. The Remixes, Vol. 2 (Remix) by Ed.
  4. Ed Rush & Optical – Socom () 2. Ed Rush & Optical – Crash () 3. Optical & Trace – Mercury Switch () 4. Optical & Trace – Kridian () Direct downloads for TMF users. JOIN NOW! techno.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo techno.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo techno.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo You Request - We Upload. .
  5. / Medicine Ed Rush, Optical Virus Recordings Crowd Control / Supernova Optiv, BTK Virus Recordings 20YearsOfOptical, Vol. 1 Optical Virus Recordings.
  6. ed rush & optical - wormhole ed rush & optical - socom ed rush & optical - fixation ed rush & optical - watermellon ed rush & optical - gasmask optical - millennium ed rush & optical - medicine (matrix rmx) ed rush & optical - crash optical - the shinning (ed rush & optical rmx) trace & optical - karidian ed rush & optical - slip thru.
  7. It is obviously unfair to dismiss the entire contents of a book for a single tin-eared statement, but the clunker that comes near the end of The Earth and I by Gaia-theory originator James Lovelock is a doozy. The inexplicable passage follows a dozen essays by journalists, a Nobel Prize winner, and several Ivy League professors, who make a pretty good case for both the insignificance of human.
  8. Ed Rush & Optical's The Creeps from has sci-fi themed artwork and is an album that for me is at least as consistent and enjoyable as this one. It's a very similar listening experience. For (haven't listened intensively outside of that period) I can think of the following artists and full-lengths.

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