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2 Oct, 2012

Πες Μπαλαλάικα - Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου - .....Τραγούδα Νάντια

I can t tell where we are because all I can see is the blue ocean. I am swimming with my friends, when all of a sudden we see a big monster! What is this massive creature? I quickly go to my mother and I tell her what I saw. She explains to me that this monster is an orca and that I have to keep away from it. I want to tell my friends but I can only see Caphne! Oh, NO! Ciliana has been captured by an orca!

Caphne and I start swimming to help our best friend. We can t let her die! We hit the orca with our tail and, thankfully, we manage to get Ciliana out of this mess! Now, we are free to continue our journey. As we are travelling, we hear a strange noise. This loud noise comes from above and makes my mother s ears bleed. I am so afraid that my mum will not survive!!! I have to help her swim away because these painful noises drive us crazy too, so Caphne, Ciliana and I carry her until we get to Alaska.

We are all so happy and relieved that my beloved mother made it! So here we are; Bering Sea, Alaska! Thankfully, the entire pod managed to survive and now, finally it is time to eat!

My brother was right. This trip was really challenging, but I still had a wonderful time on this adventure and I can t wait for next year! It shows how one family runs a pet rescue centre to help these animals.

It s an interesting and very nice book. In this story, the family who runs the pet rescue centre helps a dog which needs care because it has a bad leg. They also help some kittens and an old dog that wants a home.

I liked my book very much, because it makes us realize that a lot of animals need help and a home and we have to help these animals. My favorite part of the book is when the old dog found a home, because I love animals and I want them to be happy!!!

Lenika Sapountzi, 1st 7. Then, she does chores around the house. At five o clock, she goes to her practice and works there until 8 o clock. There she talks to her patients and cures them, too. After that, in the afternoon, she goes home and cooks dinner. Last, she goes to sleep. She is my mum and a skilled dermatologist, too. You need to be perceptive because you have to look at the problem from all the different angles and avoid red herrings.

You need to be open-minded because you have to look beyond the obvious and combine clues. You need to be logical because you have to find evidence, collect clues and understand them. These are three important qualities that you must have if you want to be a good detective. Stella Doumanoglou, 5d Konstantina Tarantili, 2d A Good Detective If you want to be a good detective, you must have some important qualities. You must be focused so you won t miss any important clues as you are trying to solve the mystery.

You must be perceptive because you must understand if someone is telling the truth or not. A good detective must be determined because you can t quit until the mystery is solved. Do you know that everyone needs friends who stand by them? That s a great secret of life. Good friends make you laugh if you are sad; and if you are hurt, they take care of you.

One day, I was very sad because I got a bad mark on a test. My friends told me that the next time I would study more. Then, I was confident and I was happier. Also, they help you solve your problems and give you good advice. For example, one day I had an argument with my mum and I was very upset.

When I went to school, my friends asked me what was wrong. I told them that I was cross with my mum, so they helped me by talking to me, telling me jokes and inviting me to play. That s why you need friends who stand by you!

We met at school four years ago. First, she s honest. For example, we were having a sleepover and I went to the bathroom for a few minutes while we were playing a board game. But she didn t move any of the pawns! She s also considerate. She always helps me. For instance, one day I fell and I had to do stitches. She asked her mum to take her to the hospital to see me. She brought me presents to get well soon! Finally, she has a good sense of humor. She always makes me laugh. One time we were laughing so hard that my tummy started hurting from laughter.

I love spending time with her! I hope she will be my best friend forever. Ellie Kostika, 4b Fenia Gialouri, 4e A great secret of life is that a good friend makes your life better. A good friend will always be by your side whenever you need help. It s important to never be alone. If you are alone and don t have a good friend in your life, you will be sad. That s why you need a good friend by your side. She s nine and a half. We met when we were babies because our parents and sisters were best friends!

She has a good sense of humour. For example, she always makes me laugh when I m sad or when I cry because I m hurt or in pain. Marina is considerate. For instance, when we were both running in a race with some other children, my leg started to hurt. She stopped to help me and she didn t continue running! She s very honest with me. For example, when she does something wrong, she tells me the truth! She is really special and I hope we can stay best friends forever!

Joanna Staikou, 4b Melita is always there when I need her. For example, when I was in Grade 2, I scratched my leg and she came to the nurse with me.

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Η τραγουδίστρια της ελαφράς μουσικής και στιχουργός Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου άφησε την τελευταία της πνοή στα 83 της χρόνια, νικημένη από τη νόσο του «Είδωλό μου», «Πες μπαλαλάικα», «Μια.

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  1. με την Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου από την ομώνυμη ταινία με τους Ελένη Χατζηαργύρη, τον Γιώργο Φούντα και την Μπεάτα Ασημακοπούλου.
  2. Επιτυχίες: Τι ειν΄αυτό που το λένε αγάπη (Σοφία Λόρεν & Τ ώνης Μαρούδας), Αδύνατον να κοιμηθώ (Τώνης Μαρούδας), Χθες ακόμα, Δεν είμαι τίποτα, Πες μπαλαλάικα Αγόρι μου (Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου Author: Thrasys.
  3. chartbuster essentials karaoke scdg e6. songs, cavs super cd+g($) this is a super cdg and will not play in a regular karaoke player. look below.
  4. Σαν σήμερα το πέθανε η τραγουδίστρια Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου. «Ίσως» και «Πες μπαλαλάικα», ενώ εντύπωση θα προξενήσει η άποψή της για .
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of 50 Χρόνια Ελληνικό Ελαφρό Τραγούδι on Discogs.
  6. Oct 07,  · Гледай “Πες μπαλαλάικα“ – Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου, видео качено от mikropor_kon, във techno.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo - видео споделяне за всички българи!
  7. Σε ηλικία 83 ετών έχασε τη μάχη που έδινε για να κρατηθεί στη ζωή, η σπουδαία ερμηνεύτρια του ελαφρού τραγουδιού Νάντια Κωνσταντοπούλου, η οποία τα τελευταία χρόνια ταλαιπωρούνταν από τη νόσο Αλτσχάιμερ.
  8. Απο την Τυνησία και την Αλγερία,ως την Ελλάδα και την Αλβανία το λεξιλόγιο της εξουσίας ειναι σχεδόν πανομοιότυπο απέναντι σε οσους αντιδρούν,διαμαρτύρονται,επαναστατούν΄΄Ειστε κατευθυνόμενοι[παλιότερα πράκτορες.

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