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2 Oct, 2012

51st Street - The Deer - An Argument For Observation

I too enjoy the Study of deer. One constant I usually see is the first deer you see easing by , That's where the rest of them will ease by that morning or evening. They tend to follow each other even hours later.

Also on my Lease it's Golden t ride the Dim roads after a good rain. Drive 2 miles an hour and really check tracks crossing. That's where the majority of the deer in a given Block are right now. Might change next week but you start your hunt right there.. Possum Banned Jun 30, Good tip. I used to do a lot of that in the mountains in the late s. Around then deer numbers had been falling for a few straight years and it was getting hard to find any fresh deer sign up here. I also learned to look at the steep banks on the side of the road for worn out crossings.

I soon found out that those worn out trails were usually the trails a family group of does would use in the evenings as they left their bedding areas.

I rarely saw bucks use those trails and when deer fed in the mornings they always seemed to walk randomly through the woods and never saw them use the worn out trails. I to wish it was more like. I'd like to point out that hunting is not necessary ; We have more than enough ways to obtain vital nutrients and calories without meat. My opponent bore the Burden of Proof on this, and ignored it ; he must agree we are equal.

Voting PRO is continuing the abuse of biopower, justifying the killing of animals, and protecting outdated tradition ; just like many did during the s with slavery. However, a vote for CON is a vote to put an end to needless slaughter, and to respect both our place in this world and animals' right to life.

Pro First of all, I think biopower should be completely disregarded since we have two definitions that are equally accurate. I'd like to point out next that if you choose to keep biopower and go with my opponents's definition, you may want to ask my opponent were they got their definition for biopower because I checked ALL of the sites they offered, and not one refers to biopower even once, at least not in the way my opponent uses it.

As you can see, I have shown three flaws in my opponent's use of biopower, and I would recommend dismissing biopower all together. Granted, I can't tell you what do to, and this leads to something else I want to point out. My opponent, throughout the debate, tells the voters to dismiss certain arguments, I want to point out that whether or not an argument is dismissed is neither my nor my opponent's choice, it's the choice of each voter individually.

THAT is why bunnies aren't blasting away wolves and mountain lions. See how that works? I have already shown why biopower should be ignored. Finally, I did NOT say the excise tax keeps wolves and mountain lions out of our back yards, I said the excise tax went to education courses and land conservation. And while the money doesn't HAVE to come from excise taxes, it generally does.

My opponent would know that if they had taken a hunter trapper education course. I'd also like to point out that there is no rule that states I can't introduce new arguments in the middle of the debate, therefore, conduct point does NOT go to Con. My opponent states that we don't need meat.

This is not entirely true, while it's no longer a staple like it used to be, most people still eat meat, and taking it away would destroy their lives. Being a vegetarian not eating meat is a choice, but us being omnivorous we eat both meat and plants is scientific fact, therefore meat is still something we should be ingesting.

Visit this link. Next, my opponent states we have the technology to avoid meat. While this is true, it does NOT mean we have the money. Ex: We have the technology to send people to the moon every year, but we don't have the money. Next, I will drop the God given rights, and pick up natural rights. Next, my opponent states that they do NOT insure happiness. There is none, a miserable life is just as bad, if not worse then, death. I'll consent that my third argument is not really an argument there is also no bad conduct there.

This is because in order for my opponent to be forcing their views on me, they would have had to stick to the debate topic of why hunting should or shouldn't be illegal. They haven't been doing this, they have been arguing why killing is immoral, and that is not what the debate is about. My opponent also comments that taking life isn't fair. Guess what. I'd like to address genocide again. My opponent claims that hunters are wiping out deer in certain areas.

This is, once again, a fallacy. My opponent fails to realize that hunting has regulations to avoid deer being wiped out in any areas, and if they are wiped out in an area, it is because of poaching an activity done by a poacher. Visit this link for the definition of a poacher.

Since poaching is illegal to begin with, outlawing hunting would NOT eliminate that problem. Next, my opponent states that death is emotional for some and not others. A fallacy. The emotions can range everywhere between depression and apathy. Because of this, my argument still stands. My opponent has admitted there have been no traditions around as long as hunting, so the other short traditions listed cannot be used in this area. If my opponent agrees, I propose we drop tradition entirely since it is getting neither of us anywhere, and just wasting characters.

I've shown how emotional appeals hold strong, so keep my response to my opponents third contention. I'd also like to point out that the point of a debate is to persuade the reader to your views, therefore, arguments do NOT have to be based solely on logic.

Where you live DOES have something to do with debate. Now, since you have kindly asked me not to quote comments, I won't. I will, however, use the idea from a comment since it is a better way of getting my point across. My point was on how you comment about land usage. Where you live matters because you must use things that used up land, and this is not the fault of hunters.

The rest of what my opponent says is just recap that I've already addressed. Finally, I'd like to thank my opponent for not bringing up safety as a reason for why hunting should be illegal not that they really gave any solid reasons for hunting to be illegal, just reasons for why killing is wrong which doesn't address the debate topic. Soccer is eight times as dangerous and cheerleading seven times.

Go to this link for exact details. They will only contain recap. A vote for Con is a vote for ignorance and intolerance. Report this Argument Con Alright. I'm going to begin by countering my opponent's attempt to destroy biopower. It doesn't matter where biopower comes from. It's a value ; the name doesn't matter, the idea does. He fails to argue against the value ; biopower flows through.

Next, I agree. I don't consent to breaking my arm, but that doesn't justify someone smashing my arm with a hammer. Nature is not a moral entity ; it does not contain a conscious. If you are going to claim a moral high ground as you do in R1 , then you need to justify it ; you have failed to do so.

The value of biopower is obvious ; It holds strong because my opponent attacks the definition, not the ideal, thus practically ignoring it.

My opponent asserts rabbits are meant to be eaten ; this is incorrect. This point should be ignored ; it makes an incredibly extraordinary claim with absolutely no evidence. My opponent talks about the excise tax ; he fails to defend against the attack, merely clarifying where the money comes from.

Again my opponent is asserting an extraordinary claim ; " He also says we SHOULD be ingesting meat ; If you are going to assert the claim, justify it ; my evidence trumps this as it is not necessity, and not doing so upholds biopower. My opponent says we do not have the cost to not eat meat ; however, the opposite is actually true.

My opponent goes on to assert a theory of natural rights ; When I refer to natural rights, I'm referring to the innate rights all creatures have. The definition of natural is, 'in accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature. My opponent voices his own personal views ; That a miserable life is worse than death.

This is untrue ; if you are alive, but miserable, there is still a chance your life could improve ; if you are dead, you have destroyed any potential of feeling happiness. My opponent says i'm not sticking to the debate topic because i'm talking about killing ; Isn't hunting killing an animal?? He asserts life isn't fair ; This I can agree with.

However, this doesn't justify NOT trying to make things more fair, especially if it's in our power to do so. I'll concede that genocide is a bad word ; the idea behind it, however, stands. That hunters are killing with little to no discretion for their own gains. Hunters are wiping deer out ; not entirely, but they are still reducing their numbers. Emotional appeals are a logical fallacy.

Tradition doesn't have to exist for a set period ; A tradition is defined as, "an inherited pattern of thought or action". I've shown how emotional fallacies are fallacious.

Debate is about persuasion ; however, without logic, we are establishing nothing and harming academia ; Debate is also intended to increase discourse of ideas ; without logic and reasoning and evidence, all we are left with is how we feel. Where I live has nothing to do with this debate. I never claimed that hunters are to blame ; merely that hunting isn't justified because of our society, as a whole, has taken action to put animals in the situation they are in as far as land goes.

My opponent attempts to sneak an argument in here ; that hunting is safe. Hunting is NOT safe ; it's not safe for the animal you are robbing of life. That is the goal of hunting. The debate has gone into atopic arguments, merely because it is necessary in order to address arguments asserted by my opponent ; otherwise, the argument would be considered dropped.

My rebuttals accurately destroy my opponent's arguments, whilst ensuring my own are still stable. Pro I'd like to start out my closing statements by saying that this has been a very fun debate, and I look forward to my next debate with losedotexe. Also, I'd like to remind everyone that this debate was over whether or not hunting should remain legal, not the justification of killing.

I said yes, hunting should remain legal and losedotexe said no, hunting should NOT be legal. Now, without further ado, it's time for my closing statements. I have used many examples to prove that hunting should remain legal.

These include the fact that hunting is morally correct, necessary for survival, ethical, and, since my opponent insists it was an argument, safe. First of all, I have proved that hunting is morally correct. I have proven that it is morally correct because it saves animals from a slow, possibly painful, death.

Animals are at risk of this type of death because they are vulnerable to disease and starvation. They become vulnerable to these through over population, and as humans the dominant race it is our responsibility to save them from a death like this. We can save them from this death by leaving hunting legal. Leaving hunting legal helps because if animals are hunted, then they have a predator, and a predator will keep their numbers in check.

I have already shown how humans are predators because of our design. Now, my opponent correctly pointed out that it is the fault of humans that animals ever got the opportunity to become over populated.

This, however, does NOT mean that we should outlaw hunting seeing as hunting is the only means of population control. Philbo Shwaggins. Paul Deering. Chris Atkins. Larry Hysinger. John Riedie. Purchasable with gift card. All The Leaping Anne Marie Mary Sue Army Ants Paradise As Women Go Through Your Blood Food City Tour Bus program is also available for those who wish to take a tour around the park on a bus.

Paradise Walkerhill Casino Coupon. Roe Deer Observation Center is about m away from the bus stop. Select the overall score for service, location, price, hospitality, and hygene.

Jeolmul Oreum, the park's main mountain, is famous for its beautiful Japanese cedar forest. Jeolmul Oreum is about m high and created by volcanic activity. The peak boasts amazing views. On clea.

May 15,  · Grace Park & The Deer - An Argument For Observation (Grey Spark Records) Grace Park formed The Deer in early with lead guitarist Michael McLeod (Good Field, Richard Linklater film composer), Jesse Dalton (Green Mountain Grass) on upright bass, and Alan Eckert (Dimitri's Ascent) on drums and backup vocals.5/5(2).

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  1. Roe Deer Observation Center, opened in August , offers a place where you may observe and watch over roe deer romping around the field. Also, the park has a theatre in which you may learn about the life of a roe deer. Moreover, a wide variety of programs are offered to the visitors including eco-life experience program and feeding roe deer.
  2. An Argument For Observation by The Deer, released 25 March 1. All The Leaping 2. Anne Marie 3. Mary Sue 4. Army Ants 5. Paradise 6. As Women Go 7. Through Your Blood 8. Food 9. 51st Street No Code This is Grace Park & The Deer's debut album. Recorded with love by Michael McLeod in his home studio, it features about 20 musicians and took over year to make.
  3. Feb 11,  · John "Shrek" McPhee, The Sheriff of Baghdad, talks about his military career in the US Army - Duration: Trigger Time TV , views.
  4. A playlist featuring The Deer We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.
  5. Nov 05,  · Hunting should not be illegal because it is ethical, traditional, and morally correct. First of all, it is morally correct because the quick death from a bullet or cloud of shot is much less painful or cruel than the long miserable death of starvation or disease caused by overpopulation.
  6. deer populations by observing animals on a calculated number of acres. In other words, a census line is established by determining the number of acres which can be seen along a given route. Dividing the number of acres by the number of deer seen gives an estimate of the population expressed as acres per deer. This number, when based on.
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  8. An Argument for Observation, an Album by Grace Park & The Deer. Released 25 March Genres: Indie Folk.

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